Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Shirt Day

Did you know Canada.. the last Wednesday in February, which happens to be our Leap Day this year, is also an extremely important day - Pink Shirt Day.

Pink Shirt Day is about Anti-Bullying in Canada. Originally started as a protest against a bullying incident at a Nova Scotia high school, on this day everyone is asked to wear pink to symbolize a stand against bullying.

Psychologists define bullying as a power relationship carried on by one individual or a group of individuals towards another person. Bullying does not necessarily need to be brutal or physical violence, rumours, threats and hurtful words also lead to feelings of rejection.

I hope everyone talks to their children today, let them know we are here for them if they are being bullied, and let them know it is NEVER okay to bully another person - no matter what their peers are doing. Bullying Stops Here.

Do you have a Pink Shirt Day article we can share with our readers? Let us know in the comments or email and let's get this very important message out.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Being Elmo" Family Event in Support of #zacksdreamroom March 18th

Did you know Canada.. I'm sure many of you know Heather Hamilton, otherwise known as @tjzmommy. I met Heather at the ShesConnected Conference, but knew her long before that from Twitter.

Heather lost her beautiful son Zack on March 10, 2011. Zack was born in September 2007 with a congenital heart defect known as Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage (TAPVD). At two and a half weeks old, Zack underwent a procedure at Sick Kids to repair his heart. Zack’s survival at that time, was the first of many miracles in his life. Zack also had several other anomalies, including hearing loss, global developmental delay, feeding issues, a G-Tube, seizures, and fluid in the brain. Though he had no official overall diagnosis, the genetics team discovered Zack had a deletion of the 12th chromosome. This deletion is the first recorded case in the world, making Zack a very special and unique little guy.

Through donations to Zack’s Dream Room they were able to create an Elmo Room (Zack's best bud) at York Central Hospital in honour of Zack. They are now working on a second room featuring the favourite animals of Zack's family: elephant, lion, hippo, cheetah and Zack’s favourite, the giraffe. The five animals will represent the Hamilton family and allow them to all be together again on the walls at York Central.

On Sunday, March 18, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM at the Bloor Street Hot Docs Cinema (506 Bloor St. West) Zack's Dream Room will be Screening of the Award-Winning Documentary "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey" by Constance Marks. $20 Ticket includes; small popcorn and drink, silent auction, kids crafts, face painting, Hasbro Sesame Street Play Area, sponsors swag bag (one per family), and more events for your family!

Tickets will not be sold at the door, head to to buy tickets today and support Zack's Dream Room! (Film starts at 12pm sharp. 80min, PG. Film is appropriate for kids, but activities will be in the foyer for children who don't attend the screening.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

FitLips - Passion Fruit

Did you know Canada.. we've mentioned before how much we love Canadian company FitLips. They make amazing lip balm that is so good for your lips. Perfect for the crazy Canadian winter we've been having - one day you need the heat blasting in your face, the next day you're in the sun, it's hard to take care of yourself!

FitLips also has a new screw on lid (instead of a pop lid) that makes sure it's secure in your pocket, purse, diaper bag, gym bag, BEACH BAG and more! :-)

FitLips has us covered with using supreme products that promote healthy lips:

Beeswax locks in moisture, fosters cells and protects skin from damaging environmental factors.

Hemp oil is non-greasy, moisturizing and an excellent anti-aging emollient.

Mango butter softens and smooths lips, while providing anti-oxidants, which help lips stay young.

Cupuacu butter has a high water absorption capacity, thus is highly beneficial for dry and damaged lips.

Their new flavour Passion Fruit is awesome! Smells amazing, fun, not overwhelming - scented with natural passion fruit oil this is a great product.  Passion Fruit would be a great treat for the coming Spring I think!

Visit FitLips on the web today!!

Celtic Woman

Did you know Canada.. over the past couple weeks I've been listening to the Celtic Woman CD in the car, and watched their DVD BELIEVE at home MANY times. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much I love these women.

They aren't just singing, and like angels I might add, they are telling a story. Depending on your background I'm sure you've heard some stories from your Grandparents or Great-Grandparents that would relate perfectly to some of their songs. They are truly magical.

I've heard of friends using their music at weddings, celebrations and more. Their music speaks to everyone and something for the whole family to enjoy. Even my young boys enjoyed watching the DVD.  The ladies are not just singing - there's truly a show to watch with dancers, children, movement and amazing music, so well done.

I highly recommend picking up one of their products both for yourself and get one for a friend, your sister, your Mom, Aunt or Gramma. They will really appreciate it and it would make a memorable gift. I think their music would be enjoyed by all Canadians, from the west coast and especially to the east.  Though Irish, I think many of these song speak well to Eastern Canada as well.

Named Celtic Woman in order to represent the essence of a Celtic female performer, the group is comprised of vivacious, sublimely gifted young Irish women. The lineup of performers has rotated since the group began, but the signature sound of Celtic Woman has never changed.

They've just started on a new North American tour - BELIEVE. Unfortunately there is no Canadian dates, but we have a treat for our readers, you can bring the Celtic Woman home with you! We're giving away one signed copy of the CD and one signed copy of the DVD - that's two lucky winners! Enter below for your chance to enjoy this beautiful music at home.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow: the double life of a world war II spy

Did you know Canada.. the book "Snow: the double life of a world war II spy", written by Nigel West and Madoc Roberts is about the life of Canadian citizen Arthur Owens.

Living in British Columbia after immigrating from Liverpool in 1921, Arthur worked as a teacher and a public utility engineer. They then moved to Ontario where Arthur started Owens Battery Company - where he registered Canadian patents for his improvement to dry cell battery accumulators he developed. These dry cell and portable batteries where not only perfect for flashlights but Owens hoped they would be used for military purposes as well and headed to Britain and then Europe hoping to make it big.

This isn't the only thing Arthur was up to though, during the early years of world war two Arthur Owens was the most important double agent working for MI5 (British intelligence agency)!! Given the codename Snow, he sent false information to the Germans, as they believed he was working for their intelligence agency, Abwehr.

Arthur Owens was mostly in it for the money and the ladies (though he was married and had a daughter). In fact, the MI5 suspected Owens was helping the Germans as well!

Not only did Arthur Owens have this shocking lifestyle, his daughter, born while they were living in British Columbia, was Patricia Owens - an actress best known for her work in the movie The Fly!

Arthur was imprisoned by the British by 1941, he was eventually released, he then passed away in 1957. Learn more about Arthur Owens is the book "Snow: the double life of a world war II spy" written by Nigel West and Madoc Roberts.

Images courtesy Graham White and Adam Nathanson

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove at the JLC

Did you know Canada.. if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you'll know we went to see Disney On Ice at the JLC in London ON today!

It was AMAZING! We had so much fun, from buying yummy cotton candy that came with Mickey Ears, popcorn in a fun bucket (with free refill!!), at intermission we also got sno cones in light up glasses - I love that the snacks came with awesome things to bring home and keep the magic alive. Those light up glasses are going to be the boys favourite glasses, they've already been washed and refilled.

More importantly the show - THE SHOW, soooo good!! There was a warm up act with The Incredibles, it was perfect for getting everyone in the Disney spirit. Then came out our fav friends - Micky, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

They presented a fantastic series of scenes from our favourite Disney movies. There was Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Tangled, Ariel, Lion King and more!

My favourite was Peter Pan, it was SO well done, I was so impressed with the skating, the story, the songs, the effects - everything!

One of my guys favourite was Tangled, we do love that movie around here. :) My other guys favourite was the whole show, I'm with him there, it was fantastic.

I really appreciated the quality of the set design, the constant changes in costume, set, props and people as they told the stories. Some stories had pyrotechnics, while the Ariel story had black lighting, it was great.

The staff at the JLC was friendly as always, and when you have a building full of children this is extra nice and appreciated. It was a great afternoon and we have memories for a life time.

There's still another performance tonight at 7pm and 2 shows tomorrow the 26th all at the John Labatt Centre in London Ontario. I highly recommend seeing Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove as it travels across Canada!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Study: Factors associated with voting

Did you know Canada.. Stats Canada released an interesting article today examining the factors associated with voting in the May 2, 2011, federal election.

Some of the highlights include..

* Home owners had significantly higher voting rates than renters

* Employed people were more likely to vote than the unemployed or those not in the labour force after controls were in place for factors like age and education

* Single parents with children under 5 were much less likely to vote than those couples with children under 5

* Those 65- to 74-year-olds were most likely to vote

You can read the full article by Stats Canada here.

Juicy Fruit Desserts Gum

Did you know Canada.. Juicy Fruit has introduced an awesome new treat in Canada - Juicy Fruit Desserts Gum!

In three unique flavours: Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Crème Pop and Apple Pie - these sugar-free treats hoenstly taste like the real thing!

Strawberry Shortcake is my boys fav, they haven't been allowed gum up until now, I was excited to find a sugar-version gum they would enjoy, they love it!  I found it light, nice and "airy" (if a flavour can be thought of as airy).  Often strawberry flavour can have that fake taste to it, but not this, it tastes so real!!

Orange Crème Pop is MY fav, a great lasting flavour that reminds me of summer.  Very strong taste when you first pop it in, it's like that first bite of a creamsicle or the first drink of an orange pop, I love it!!

Apple Pie is one I was scared to try, I admit. I usually turn away apple flavoured treats as anything apple seem to have that sour green apple taste, but not this! This honest and truly taste like a piece of pie, it's amazing!

Whether you’re a fan of pie, cake or frozen treats, Canadian dessert AND gum lovers now have the chance to experience a new delicious-tasting product!

I admit to being a snacker, which is not a good thing.  I use things like gum and hard candy to keep me busy and away from looking for snacks.  Unfortunately all that gum and candy is full or sugar too!  I love that Juicy Fruit Desserts Gum is sugar-free, perfect for giving me the taste of a treat, keeping me busy AND it's sugar-free to boot!  Couldn't ask for anything better.  I also don't mind sharing a few pieces with my boys either.

Look for @JuicyFruitCAN on Twitter and join the conversation with hashtag #JFDesserts. Find them on Facebook and on the web as well!

Have you tried Juicy Fruit Desserts Gum yet? What's your favourite flavour?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Made By Hand Show - April 21st

Did you know Canada.. we are so excited about the upcoming Made By Hand Show! Be sure to look for a member of Did you know Canada while you are at the show, they may even have some free swag for you if you say Hello ;-)

The Spring Made By Hand Show is Saturday April 21, 2012 from 11:00am - 5:00pm at the International Centre, Hall 4 in Mississauga.

It will be a shopping experience not to be missed, with 150 handmade exhibitors there is something for everyone. You'll find everything from wood, glass, ceramics, fashion accessories, art, jewelry, original paintings, photography, knitting, pottery and gourmet goodies. Bring the children for free face-painting, balloon animals, crafts, and a special guest appearance from Cinderella.

I love that they offer so much for the kiddos too, this can be an all day family outing between the shopping, the yummy food, the activities for kids and more.

Are you a possible vendor? There is still a few days left to apply! Head to today!!

I love that by supporting the Made by Hand Show you will be supporting local handmade artists, artisans and designers and will be supporting our charity of choice - Crafting for a Cure, a not-for-profit registered charity that looks for opportunities to insure children are having a positive experience when a hospital visit is necessary. Door proceeds benefiting Crafting for a Cure.

Some things to look forward to include..

* Shop with over 150 Handmade Exhibitors
* Free Swag Bags for 1st 100 Shoppers
* Free face-painting, crafts and balloon animals
* Visit with Cinderella (2:00pm - 5:00pm)
* Door Prizes & raffles
* Thousands of one-of-a-kind gift ideas

You'll also be seeing a member of Did you know Canada at the Made by Hand - Networking/Create Night on March 15th - are you attending??

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Luxe Box - Flare

Did you know Canada.. I received a very special box from Loose Button this month - a hot red box, perfect for the month of Love and crafted in collaboration with Flare Magazine.

If you haven't heard, Luxe Boxes are a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe-sized beauty samples to your doorstep in a chic box. The samples range from skincare and makeup to fragrance, body, and haircare. What's awesome about a Luxe Box is that you get to try all these products that you may have never heard of, or are too expensive and it can completely take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to some amazing products. I have found hair oil I absolutely can not live without, quality nail polish that lasts so much longer and in amazing colours I get so many compliments on, I have found fun new colours of eyeshadow and more. Luxe Boxes are true luxury and a monthly treat.

This month I was lucky enough to try the Flare box, in an awesome red box with some fantastic products. Here's what was inside..

Microfoliant Dermalogica - one of InStyle's Best Beauty Buys, this is a rice-based enyme powder that helps exfoliate your skin - I have never used a product that has made my skin feel more clean and healthy, love it!

Sunbeam Benefit - a golden bronze highlighter to give your skin a natural sunkissed radiance - as always, I discover something new every month that I now can't live without and this is it!! My skin is more pink that anything else I'd say and the word bronze makes me think no way, but it truly is a touch of sun on your skin and really made my eyes look open and my face brighter, even hubby noticed!!!!

Beautiful Body Balm Mereadesso - I love Canadian company Mereadesso and this body balm is so nice! Non-greasy, soaks in quickly, it's a luxury cream.

Moroccanoil Treatment - nourishing and residue-free oil used for conditioning, styling and finishing. This is my favourite product ever received from Loose Button, I simply can't live without it. When I first tried this from a previous Luxe Box I thought oil, no way! My hair is way too thin, but no, this gives me the smoothest, shiniest hair I have ever had in my life!! The problem with thin hair is that you always get fly-aways, but adding this to my damp hair and blow-drying works wonders for me!!

We are so excited to share a Luxe Box giveaway with our readers as well, feel like a Queen with March's Luxe Box. Enter below for your chance to win!!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toronto Reviewer

Did you know Canada.. we are looking for a Toronto Reviewer!! Live in Toronto, want to join Did you know Canada? Please fill out the form below!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The best performance by a probiotic goes to….Bio-K+

Did you know Canada.. we've mentioned before how much we love Canadian product Bio-K+! Remember that Bio-K+ is probiotics and probiotics can help your intestinal bacteria perform tasks more efficiently.

Bio-K+ is also going to be a product of the stars! Prior to the Oscars, Bio-K+ will be offering its probiotics to celebrities, VIPs and the media at the Alive Expo Green Pavilion, and its representatives will be talking about how probiotics help boost the immune system and keep it in “peak performance.”

We think Bio-K+ is a winner in two categories, Best New Product AND Best Performance by a Probiotic!! Perfect for the Oscars and the stars and perfect for all Canadians as well.

Many studies now show how taking probiotics on a regular basis is good for our overall health and to celebrate these Oscar "wins" we are giving away 1 bottle of Bio-K+ probiotic capsules for each of those winning categories: Best New Product and Best Performance by a Probiotic. Enter below for your chance to win!!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Day

Did you know Canada.. this coming Monday February 20th is Family Day. This occurs on the 3rd Monday in February and corresponds with Presidents Day in the United States.

Not everyone gets the day off though, it's a regular working day in British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador (it is a school board holiday) and the territories. Also federal employees in ALL provinces still have to head to work - this includes Postal Workers.

Check with your local businesses about what events are available, some places like museums, movie theatres and skating rinks will be open so families can spend time together doing one of these great activities!

Do you get Family Day off? How are you celebrating?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Year Blog Anniversary!!

Did you know Canada.. it was one year ago today that we started bring you facts and information about Canada. We have evolved in so many ways this past year, helping to promote Canadian businesses big and small, attending a conference, going to (and co-hosting) tweet-ups and events.

It's been a fantastic year, and we look forward to bringing you more great Canadian information, giveaways, events and fun in this coming year.

If there's something you'd like to see from us in the coming year please let us know, would love to chat with you!! Email any time

Cheers Canada!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DK Canada First Aid Manual

Did you know Canada.. back in November I co-hosted the Red Cross CPR tweet-up event and it's really opened up my eyes to the fact that something could happen to a family member or friend in an instant and you should always be prepared.

Thankfully there are books like Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual from our favourite book publisher, DK Canada, that can give you the correct information on dealing with the most unexpected situations.

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians make over 14 million visits to emergency rooms each year with close to one out of every two emergency visits in Ontario being made for infants. The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual is a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to treating injuries quickly when they occur, making it easier to determine what can be safely treated at home and what needs a trip to emergency.

I was so impressed not only with the comprehensive information in this book, but the way it was presented made it so easy to understand and follow. I remember some really terrible diagrams in my old school books that really left you wondering how things were done. The photos used in Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual are SO HELPFUL, they make sense and they are real people doing the procedures.

Not only does the book give detailed information on the most important emergencies like CPR, heart attacks, seizures and a choking child, but there is also important information on lesser situations (though still scary!) like nose bleeds, insect stings, how to make an arm sling, sunburns, how to deal with a knocked out tooth and more.  Written specifically for Canadians, I am beyond impressed with this book and have been sharing it with my entire family.

This book should be in absolutely every home, and we are so excited to share one copy with one of our readers! Please enter below for your chance to win a copy of Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual!


National Flag of Canada Day

Did you know Canada.. today, February 15th, is National Flag Day!!

First declared in 1996, it marks the day in 1965 when our red and white maple leaf flag was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

You can read about the history of our flag here. Although I'm sure I knew it, I was still shocked to read our flag was debated on in Parliment from Oct-Dec 1964, and on January 28, 1965, the National Flag of Canada was proclaimed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to take effect on February 15, 1965 - which brings us, of course, to flag day on February 15th. Went I think back to history I would have though our flag was older than that.

Although the official flag did not come about until the mid sixty's, the red and white of our flag were designated as Canada's official colours in 1921 by His Majesty King George V and the maple leaf has actually been used as an emblem in Canada since the eighteenth century. It was often served to distinguish Canadians abroad, for example it was used to represent Canada at our first time in the Olympians in 1904.

Did you know our flags history?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Did you know Canada.. we are celebrating with SoGa Soap & Cupfakery today!!

Tweet this on Twitter once today before 9pm EST to be entered to win SoGa Soap Bubble Bath Truffles:
RT once #Canada ends 9pmEST-Enjoy a luxurious bath w/ @TheSoapGallery -enter to win BubbleBath Truffles! #HappyValentinesDay @diduknowcanada

Comment once on this Facebook post today for another giveaway!!

Good luck, have a great day and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Did you know Canada.. I have CBC on right now for #hockeyday - do you??

Tonight is the face off between the Habs and the Leafs, starting bar fights and breaking up family across the nation tonight ;-)

Thanks to PEI for hosting Hockey Day in Canada!!!

Hockey Day in Canada is an annual special broadcast to celebrate the game in Canada that includes features all afternoon, leading up to a tripleheader of NHL action featuring the seven Canadian teams (Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets).

Who are you cheering for tonight??

Update - really enjoyed the ceremony with Mats Sundin as they retired #13 - 13 great seasons with #13, Mats Sundin is a true hero of the sport with grace, confidence and someone to be proud of.

SoGa Soap & CupFakery

Did you know Canada.. SoGa Soap & CupFakery is a small business out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I recently purchased some wonderful treats from them, including lotion, lip balm and a full size Bubble Bath CupFake. The Bubble Bath CupFake is my absolutely favourite thing, I've never had such lushious bubbles in the tub before, it was heaven!

As you know, I LOVE it when things are packaged nice and SoGa Soap & CupFakery knows how to impress! The package was beautiful, it really felt like you received something very special and important, and we were so excited to see they sent Bubble Bath Truffles to share with our readers!!

These are mini versions of our full-sized CupFake and adds some fun bubbles and a wonderful scent to your bath.

SoGa Soap & CupFakery also has some exciting news - they are heading to the Oscars!! Ten of their Bubble Bath Truffles will be given to members of the press and celebrity publicists at the W Hotel in Hollywood during the 84th Academy Awards. So be sure to enter our Bubble Bath Truffle giveaways to feel like a star!!

Not only do we have the below giveaway on our blog, but watch us on Valentine's Day for giveaways on Twitter and Facebook for flash giveaways during the day!!


IronKids Flash Giveaway

Did you know Canada.. Canadian company IronKids is running an amazing flash giveaway and we are so excited to share it with you!

Please enter below for your chance to win a cash prize of $100 CAD paid through Paypal AND $100 worth of IronKids products!!!

My entire family takes IronKids Gummy Vitamins every morning and we know you will love it too. Good luck!!


Friday, February 10, 2012

femMED Libido

Did you know Canada.. approximately 50% of women suffer from libido issues!!

With Valentine's Day coming up it's the perfect time to talk about being happy, taking care of ourselves, enjoying life and that includes being happy with your sexual desire, satisfaction and sexual response.

Common causes of low libido in women are hormonal imbalance, stress, fatigue, medication side effects and relationship issues. But we need to enjoy life and be happy ladies!!

Canadian company femMED makes a wonderful product for woman called Libido that is specially formulated to enhance sexual desire, satisfaction and sexual response, and to improve lubrication.

I appreciate that there is nothing "uncomfortable" about this product, it's just taking a capsule three times daily for the first 3-4 weeks, then you can decrease as needed. There's nothing too sexy or x rated about the bottle either, so you can feel comfortable having it in your bathroom without feeling you have something to hide. All woman should be proud of taking care of themselves and that includes being happy in the bedroom.

We want to hear from you Canada. Tweet, Facebook post and Blog about ways to increase your sexual desire, including how femMED Libido may help, using hashtag #femMEDLibido - Every time you post enter the link in the Rafflecopter form below and be entered to win a bottle of femMED Libido. Do it soon, this giveaway is only open until February 17th!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dragon's Den Auditions

Did you know Canada.. I am a HUGE fan of Dragon's Den. We watch if every week and we have featured and even interviewed many small business owners that have appeared on the show.

Have you got a small business that needs an investment to explode in the marketplace? Well the Dragon's are on the hunt, auditions start this weekend starting in Toronto at CBC Toronto. They are travelling across the country between now and the end of March to find their next investments.

Visit the Dragon's Den website for the full list of audition cities. Let us know if you're applying and tell us about YOUR small business!! Maybe we can help promote you too, email us any time at

Good luck in the den!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove

Did you know Canada.. Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove is coming to the JLC in London Ontario!!

Disney On Ice sets the gold standard with its newest skating spectacular. Get tangled up in Disney’s 50th animated feature with Rapunzel and Flynn and enter the worlds of your other favorite Disney princesses –Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and of course, the one who started it all, Snow White. Ahoy, Mateys! Set sail with Peter Pan, the always sassy Tinker Bell and the cantankerous Captain Hook & his pirate pals on an adventure beyond Never Land! Trek the wilds of Africa with Simba, Nala, Pumbaa and Timon as they discover the true meaning of the ‘Circle of Life.’ Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock! Don’t be late to a very important date with Alice & the Mad Hatter as they march with the Queen of Hearts’ Army Of Cards.

We are so excited to see this show at the JLC, running February 23rd - 26th we will be there and hope you will be too!

In fact, we are giving away FOUR tickets to the Friday night show, enter below for your chance to win!! Please only enter if you can attend the show at the JLC in London ON on February 24th at 7pm.


Helping your child beat the winter blues

Did you know Canada.. we have a guest post today from Trudy Abood, on how to help your child beat the winter blues.

When we think of children in the wintertime, we usually conjure up images of kids tobogganing, snow ball fights, snow angels, and building snowmen. Warm fuzzy feeling things like sipping hot cocoa by the fire also come to mind.

But unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Oftentimes it's too cold or wet to play outside, and families are too busy too sit down and relax long enough to enjoy some rest and relaxation. The kids end up sitting around the house, watching TV, playing video games, complaining about how bored they are, even of all their fancy new Christmas presents. This, by the way, could be part of the reason the rest of the winter seems so dull. All those fantastic gifts and yummy food, the sights and sounds, and the getting together drops suddenly away to the cold, grey days and long, dark nights.

Watch out for Seasonal Affective Disorder

If any of this sounds familiar, your child could be developing symptoms of what is know in adults as Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's been shown to occur in about 1 in 20 adults who live in regions which experience major seasonal shifts. While not as serious, SAD is a form of depression, and if you have concerns they should be addressed. For more info on SAD, click here.

What is important is to not take a day of feeling bored and down in the dumps and slap a label on it. More often than not it could just be a lack of energy or inspiration. People of all ages tend to move around less in the winter, and by doing so we tend to shut down a little. The same thing happens in kids. They maybe aren't quite as creative as usual when it comes to inventing ways to keep occupied. There are a few ways you can help.

The two biggies that go hand in hand are diet and exercise. I'm not talking about protein shakes and a workout, here, just good old fashioned nutrition and some steady active play. Be sure to keep the fruits and veggies readily available for snacks, as well as adding them to meals. They're full of all kinds of nutrients to help boost energy and keep the brain buzzing along.

Finding things to do

As for staying active, outdoor play when possible is obviously the best. But when the weather won't permit, encourage active indoor games like charades, or hide and seek. Anything to keep them moving a little bit helps. Another good way to keep kids active, if they're old enough, is having them help out with chores. Offering a slightly larger than usual incentive on one hand can get them moving, but also by having something exciting to look forward too you're helping to keep the mind active.

If possible, contact parents of other children and organize a group activity of some kind. Social interaction has been shown to improve activity levels and spark interest in new things. Whether it's a bunch of kids tobogganing or simply inside playing a board game, being around others helps to stimulate the mind and pass the time.

There are all kinds of ways to keep your kids active both mentally and physically in the cold winter months. For more tips, check around the web and ask other parents what kinds of things they do to keep their children busy. There's a chance you may benefit from a little interaction yourself!

About the author; Trudy is the VP of, one of the top suppliers of quality gift baskets. She is a mom of 2 boys, one of which founded GGB and the other is also VP at the company. She formally owned Chalifour's Flowers in Manchester, NH; the largest flower shop in the state.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Attracts Canadians

Did you know Canada.. with Valentine's Day coming up Dentyne is exposing what attracts Canadians!

“Dentyne knows fresh breath can make or break chemistry, but we wanted to find out what other ‘Elements of Attraction’ spark a romantic reaction,” Pam Clarkson, Senior Brand Manager of Dentyne Canada is quoted as saying.

Here's some of the results..

When it comes to chemistry which of the following is the most essential trait or element of attraction in someone?
33% say Humorous! - next up was Marriage material at 12%, Successful came in way behind at 9% and I was really surprised to see Adventurous at 8% (thought there must be some pretty Adventurous folks in SK/MB, they put Adventurous at 13%!!)

Which of the following traits would you use to best describe yourself?
25% say Low Maintenance - hmmm.. I'm not so sure I agree with that! AND, only 10% named “Low Maintenance” as the most essential trait or element of attraction in someone else. Next up was Humorous at 21%, that one I can get behind.

When you feel an attraction to someone, do you act on it?
31% said YES and 32% said NO! Leaving the rest saying N/A - how close is that? However, that number jumps to a 43% YES for those aged 18 to 34, and 46% YES for those who speak French! Do you act on it??

This Valentine's Day Dentyne is ready for a chemistry debate. Just visit the Dentyne Canada Facebook site for discussions around the “Elements of Attraction” right up to February 14!

Everyone knows if you want to attract that special someone you better start with fresh breath first, so we're giving away 5 packs of Dentyne gum! That's the big packs holding 12 packs of gum each!! Enter below for your chance to win..


Moola Love Cash Giveaway

Did you know Canada.. we're joining a group of fabulous Canadian bloggers to present you with the Moola Love Valentine Sweeps cash giveaway today, February 7th, starting at 12:00 am EST, it runs until the 14th at midnight.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Splash'N Boots

Did you know Canada.. voted the Canadian Children's Music Group of the Year, Splash'N Boots was first created back in 2003 in Kingston, Ontario by Taes and Nick. After graduating from Queens University in 2005 they took Splash'N Boots on the road and have been a hit ever since!

My boys have been loving their new DVD "Splash'N Boots Act 2: A Whole Lot of Awesome". Described as Saturday Night Live meets Wayne's World for kids, the new full-length DVD is a mash-up of over 50 minutes of infectious melodies and hilarious music videos with a plethora of skits featuring dedicated Splash'N Boots fans.

The songs are catchy, as a parent I like the boys seeing real people playing instruments and singing, so the boys know that is something they could learn to do too. We've danced, laughed, talked about what we've seen - it's truly one of the more interactive DVD's we've ever had and enjoyed as a family.  The boys sure would love to meet Lily the dog in person too. :-)

I've got to say, as an adult I roll my eyes when adults are performing for children and how fake it all feels; but without a doubt, Splash'N Boots have genuine enthusiasm and it absolutely shines all the way through and makes their program enjoyable for the whole family.  We're looking forward to seeing them on Treehouse TV in their new "Roll Play" show as well!

Something I think is really fun - currently Splash'N Boots are working on their SIXTH album and they are looking for help from their Facebook fans!! They need help to determine song names, lyrics, and even the album name! Head over to their Facebook fan page today and join in the discussions. I absolutely love that a portion of all proceeds will be going to Sick Kids Hospital as well.

We love Splash'N Boots so much that we want to giveaway a copy of their new DVD to one lucky reader! Please enter below for your chance to win!!


Are you a Coupon Code Hunter?

Did you know Canada.. the first known coupon was conceived in 1886!!

John Pemberton was the first to come up with the coupon, you may know him as the pharmacist from Atlanta who created the recipe for the syrup used to make Coca-Cola. He distributed free drink cards to people on the street encouraging them to try the new drink at a specific pharmacy and the coupon was born.

These days you probably won't be finding too many coupons being handed out on the street, everything is on the Internet now! In fact, Internet distribution of coupons was up 92 per cent and consumer redemption of these coupons up over 360 per cent in 2009 in the U.S. - and Canadian Coupons are showing similar trends.

Perfect for busy families, CouponCodes and shopping on the web are the trend these days. Finding codes on the web through companies websites, advertisements, emails, forums and blogs and then making your purchase online and entering the code at check out. Most often these codes are for free shipping, something we all find to be a bit of a downer on the Internet!  Especially for us Canadians.

Sites like U.S. site CouponCodes4u have over 213,000 codes for online deals - unbelievable!

Are you a coupon code hunter on the Internet??

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Did you know Canada.. as the Superbowl is going to start in TEN minutes, I know some of you are mourning the fact that we don't get those special commercials. Well, there is one commercial that Budweiser has made that is only airing in Canada, even though it's gone viral across North America. Check it out here (and you may need to grab a Kleenex if you're a little emotional today)..

I am proud to be Canadian, proud of our rec hockey leagues and we could flash fan games across the nation!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A special Walmart run for #EqualCanada

Did you know Canada.. when my boys were very young I used to have a set shop day. Every Friday my Mom would come over and watch the boys while I ran to Walmart, grocery store and what ever else needed to be done. I swear it rained or snowed every. single. Friday.

Now that my boys are bigger I love to run to the store whenever we have time, the freedom is great, although I admit it doesn't always leave me time to prepare.

This Saturday after hockey felt like the perfect time to go to Walmart to grab a few things including Equal to make some sweet treats for the boys to take to school for Valentine's Day. In fact, be sure to check out Equal Canada on Facebook for some delicious recipes! We're going to be making their Chocolate Chip Cookies (and don't tell the kids, but these have 27% fewer calories than the traditional recipe!).

So we headed in and as usual, headed to the toys first..haha.. on our way back from the toys over to the food section what did we spy - the Equal in the Pharmacy section! Who knew!!

There was multiple ways to buy #EqualCanada, including the yellow canister that is on Rollback! That's right, we only paid $7.97 instead of the usual $9.97! I love this canister as it's big (equal to 5lbs of sugar) and easy to use. I find the canister much better, especially when cooking with the boys, bags always spill, rip and dump if you try to pour them.

I also had another reason to stop in the pharmacy section...

..that's right! In a few months we plan on TTC (trying to conceive) again! Very exciting news and fingers crossed it happens quickly and stress free.

SO, we had a great family adventure at Walmart, got our chocolate chip cookie supplies, and saved some money! Be sure to keep up with Equal on the web and Equal Canada on Twitter to stay in the know on their latest deals and recipes.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul - O Canada

Did you know Canada.. we've mentioned before how much we love Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Well, you can only imagine how much the O Canada book spoke to us.

With 101 heartwarming and inspiring stories by and for Canadians, I was just floored.

My favourite section is Wilderness and Wildlife, we have so much in Canada to be proud of, often we don't take the time to peek out the window or drive past the gorgeous look out point and really breathe it all in.

There was a line in the story, A Cave with a View, describing Canada as a mosaic of cultures. Which is SO TRUE. I wouldn't bat an eye at seeing a man walk by wearing a kilt or a woman dressed in full Native garb. We have so much to be proud of, and so much hertiage, it's just astounding when you think about it.

Another section I loved was Ice Time, with both my boys in hockey and Grampa as one of the coaches, we are well on our way to being a true Canadian hockey family. I loved the quote by Ken Wregget under the Once a Canadian... story, he said "Hockey is like a disease, you can't really shake it." That just makes me laugh, because it's so true and something to cherish I think. The story, What We'll Do for Hockey, under the Winter Wonderland section had me in sweet tears, it the story of my own life as we build an ice rink in the backyard every winter and there has been many middle of the night trips outside to work on the rink, these are true Canadian memories.

The places I want to visit after reading as well - Saskatchewan, Halifax, Quebec, someone get me a plane ticket! :-)

Oh my goodness, I could go on and on about everything I loved, but I'd love to give you a chance to read it for yourself as well! I think every Canadian should have a copy of this book and would love to give one away to a reader! Please enter below for a chance to win Chicken Soup for the Soul O Canada.

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