Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Did you know Canada.. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends!!

Thank you so much for your support and friendship this past year, look forward to bring you more great Canadian content, giveaways and fun events in the new year!!

Will be taking a few days off for Christmas but will back at it again late next week.

All the best and have a very Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lancome Luxebox

Did you know Canada.. if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you may know I was one of many bloggers in a contest on the Loose Button website to win a Lancôme Special Edition Luxebox. Well - I won!! And in doing so I have also won a box to giveaway to my readers!!

First, let me tell you what's in it..

Tresor Midnight Rose, a feminine scent, this comes in an absolutely gorgeous bottle and would look beautiful on your dresser in a generously sized tester.

Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, will have you seeing visibly younger skin in just 7 days! I'm only on day 3, hubby is not sure what to answer when I ask if I look younger..haha.. but regardless it makes your face feel amazing.

Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolour Base, this primer will give you long lasting shadow wear and vibrancy. Goes on smooth and easy to apply.

Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base, this base gives your lashes a big boost. I admit I was not aware a mascara base even existed, but glad I know now, what a difference!

That's the great thing about all Luxeboxes, they introduce you to products you may never have known about, or wouldn't know it works for you. I am so happy to have been able to check out these amazing Lancôme products, since its inception over 75 years ago, Lancôme has epitomized beauty and glamour with a quintessential French touch. And now one of our readers will experience a touch of glamour for themselves. Enter below for your chance to win a Lancôme Luxebox!



Did you know Canada.. Canadian company, WORLD of EYES, is an ecommerce retailer of optical eyewear products that carries a vast selection of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and all major brands of contact lenses.

Something that I love, they are not just located in Canada, but eyeglasses are sourced from industry suppliers and distributors and all lenses are processed, installed and inspected right here in Canada before being shipped out! This is a TRUE Canadian company, and one to be proud of!

In the spirit of the holidays, WORLD of EYES would like to give all Facebook fans a FREE pair of GLASSES!! This promotion is open to Canadian residents 18 years of age and older. You can redeem one pair of glasses during this promotion, you just have to cover the cost of shipping, how awesome is that!! Upgrades are also available at a reduced cost.

The FREE pair of GLASSES includes:

- Your choice of an eligible frame
- High Quality Single Vision Essilor Lenses
- Scratch protection coating
- UV protection coating
- Glasses Case
- Lens Cleaning Cloth

Just head on over to their Facebook Fan Page and become a fan of WORLD of EYES. Once a fan, you will get their exclusive coupon code to redeem for a free pair of glasses. I LOVE the Invogue I007 Eyeglasses, I would love to have an extra pair of glasses to be able to change up my look.

This giveaway is only going on from Dec 22 to Dec 28, 2011 midnight or while quantities last, so hurry today!  Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Made By Hand Show

Did you know Canada.. November 5th, 2011 saw the first Made by Hand Show. A huge success, they showcased over 150 quality handmade vendors, and welcomed over 1750 customers.

We are excited to announce we are a media sponsor for the Spring 2012 Made by Hand Show coming Saturday, April 21st, 2012 - held at the International Centre in Hall 4 in Mississauga, Ontario.

At Made by Hand, their goal is to promote handmade artists and artisans which we LOVE! Managed by Jacqueline Hunter, who started in 2007 as a handmade vendor showcasing her handmade crafts (paper crafts and scrapbooking) at local craft shows. Now running the show, we are so excited that she is showcasing the work of quality Canadian handmade artists, artisans and crafters. Jacqueline knows what it's like to be a vendor and strives to produce a show where the vendors are involved with great communication, well advertised and a great event for everyone involved.

If you are looking for be a vendor, be sure to check out their Vendor Inquires page for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, check out their awesome sponsor packages.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Proof Set - 100th Anniversary of Parks Canada

Did you know Canada.. for the first 18 years of my life, all my cousins as well, our Grampa gave us a coin set from the Royal Canadian Mint. It was always fun guessing which present under the tree was the coin set, it was something to look forward to every year. Beautiful keepsakes to look back on such a history and a great memory of my Grampa.

The Mint produces limited-mintage numismatic coins honouring major national achievements and themes. Though they bear a denomination, they are not meant for circulation, and their actual worth is usually significantly greater than their face value.

Crafted of gold, silver or platinum, the Mint's collector coins are individually handled as they enter the presses. A single coin may be struck up to three times to achieve a crisp, flawless impression. Certain coins feature the Mint's proprietary technologies: double holograms, selective plating, colouring or laser enhancement.

One of the gorgeous sets introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint this year is the 100th Anniversary of Parks Canada. July 16th of this year was Parks Canada Centennial Celebration, with events nation wide. After 100 years of existence, Parks Canada has become the largest provider of historical and natural heritage tourism in Canada.

This gorgeous commemorative coin design includes four endangered ecological treasures cradled in the hands of a young Canadian; a Whooping Crane, the Southern Maidenhair Fern, the Western Prairie- Fringed Orchid and a Kentucky Coffee Tree. The set also includes circulation type coins but set in silver, bronze and copper and a 50 cent piece I really like, the boys thought that was really cool too.

Perfect for nature lovers and those proud of our Park's history, this elegant book-style packaging, with removable lens is a set to be proud of and part of our heritage. I'll be sharing this set with my boys and as they grow we'll be purchasing more sets so I can start the tradition my Grampa began with my own family.

These sets would make beautiful gifts for anyone in your life, perfect for celebrating occasions. I remember one family New Years Eve party where my uncle gave all the children a special coin to celebrate the New Year. I kept it with me and on my dresser for a long time and always thought of my uncle whenever I saw it. The Royal Canadian Mint offers something for absolutely everyone. With the sets having a limited number of mintage, you know you are giving a unique and special gift that is to be treasured.

We are so excited to share one of these sets with our readers as well!!! Please enter our giveaway below for a chance to win the 100th Anniversary of Parks Canada Proof Set.

Be sure to check out another great Royal Canadian Mint promotion happening now on Maple Leaf Mommy - she is giving away a really cool Year of the Dragon Coin coin!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Santa in Canada

Did you know Canada.. after yesterday's dangerous cities, let's lighten it up and find out what cities have the best resources for Santa!!

Check out this study from MPI. A top 10 list of places that would best suit Santa and his needs. They looked at five variables important to his lifestyle: (1) the number of cookie factories per capita; (2) the number of milk producers per capita; (3) the number of doll, toy and game manufacturing establishments per capita; (4) the number of postal service workers/couriers per capita (to receive and reply to wish lists); and (5) department stores per capita.

Did your city make the list??

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Most Dangerous Cities

Did you know Canada.. Macleans has released a new study listing the most dangerous cities in Canada.

With 2010 annual crime data from Stats Canada for municipal police services serving the country's 100 largest populations. These 2010 rates per 100,000 people studied six categories: crimes—homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, robbery plus breaking and entering—Maclean’s then calculated the percentage difference from the national rate.

Click here to use their interactive maps and lists to see where your city ranks!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snowmobile in Ontario

Did you know Canada.. Armand Bombardier, of Valcourt, Quebec, developed this unique snow machine in 1926. His vehicles were used wherever heavy loads were carried over difficult terrain. In the 1950s, he pioneered the development of small, light snow vehicles for winter sports.

In this day and age snowmobiles are often used for sport and weekend activities.

Check out sites like Ontario Trails to find available trails. Over 43,000 km available in Ontario alone!

In Ontario you must have a valid driver's licence to use a snowmobile. For those without or 12+ there is a driver training course you can take to gain a valid snowmobile licence, for more information visit the OFSC site.

Now all we need is some snow eh?!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ShesConnected - Checking out Toshiba Tablets

Did you know Canada.. Saturday after hockey we headed to the big city for some Christmas shopping. We hit up the local Future Shop and had a look at the awesome Toshiba Tablets!  At the ShesConnected conference I learned a bit about their new tablets, since the conference by my husband and I have gotten smart phones with the Android system so I was really excited to check out a tablet using Android!

First, even though it was so early we had to park pretty far away..

Good thing I brought a helper to help me find the tablets!

Looks like a good price for the 8GB Wi-FI version of the tablet..

I loved that they had an extra information sheet you could review..

And what I reeeeally love is that you can change the back colour on the tablets as well, Toshiba Canada thinks of everything..

Looks like they even have a couple left!!  I hope Santa gets shopping soon  :-)

We discussed with a Future Shop employee - the great thing about the Toshiba Tablet is how customizable it is - I LOVE the home screen.  Powered by Android 3.1 Honeycomb, you can browse the web, read e-books, play tons of games, listen to music, use the TWO cameras, and more.  The Future Shop employee let us know the colours on the tablet were fantastic and everything looks so great on it, the touch screen responds quickly, it charges lightening fast, everyone appreciated that it includes Adobe Flash and it does, well, everything!  They find many people are replacing their laptop with this tablet as it truly does everything they need.

I've been researching it more since we got home and every review you read is glowing, just fantastic and no problems at all (which doesn't always happen with new technology).  This would make a fantastic gift for ANYONE - students, younger children as a learning tool, on the go 20 year olds, Moms & Dads, everyone!

Be sure to stay up to date with Toshiba Canada by following them on Facebook and Twitter!

I am participating in the Toshiba Brand Ambassador program by I received a Toshiba Camileo in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Christmas Gift Basket Classic

Did you know Canada.. We've mentioned before that we love the baskets from They ship quickly and always arrive in pristine condition.

We recently tried their Christmas Gift Basket Classic - a great gift idea for anyone! Gramma & Grampa, out of town family, parents, students, absolutely everyone and anyone would enjoy a gift basket.

With delicious treats like chocolate covered cherries, dark chocolate bar, chocolate chip cookies, and almond clustered popcorn it's perfect to share with friends! The basket is also beautiful and great quality, can be used for storing toys, books and bobbles, and more.

Picking out a gift basket with care to fit the personality of the recipient is a great gesture. I love the great descriptions offers, makes it easy to discuss the gift and ask how the cherries were, or the dip. I know just who I would send the Christmas Care Package to, and know quite a few that would love the Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket. I would looooove to have the Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift Basket to show up at my door.

Great ideas for this Holiday Season and a one stop shop for many people in your life.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Did you know Canada.. offers plus size clothing for women at fantastic prices.

Tops, Cardigans, Dresses and Jeans, there is every look and style imaginable.

I recently received one of their shorts and it fit so well. Was comfortable, light and airy. Something I personally don't like about clothing is when it's clingy! I find so many materials to be so clingy lately, it's not only NOT comfortable but doesn't look that great either. With their beautiful styles, colours and fits you will feel fantastic every time you put something on.

Check out their Sale section for even more amazing deals.

Now is the time to be thinking about New Years Eve outfits and you won't miss with a gorgeous dress from Alight.

We are so excited to offer our readers a chance to win a fabulous top from Alight!!!


Hallmark Canada

Did you know Canada.. I wanted to tell you some of the beautiful Hallmark Canada products we've been checking out for this Holiday Season.
Jingle the Husky Pup is my son's absolute favourite new friend. He sleeps with him every single night. Every night before bed we read Jingle's story and Jingle barks and sings and the smile on my sons face just melts my heart.

As I've mentioned, my boys start hockey this year, and the Wayne Gretzky ornament as been a treasured item on our tree this year. The boys are checking out our hockey player every day. Ornaments can be such a special gift. I think it's a great idea to select one special ornament for your family that can tell a story of what life's been like this last year. Then as you look back on past ornaments you can think about all those special moments.

A keepsake, recordable storybooks are a big hit this year. I've recorded Santa Claus Is Coming to Town from Hallmark and it's so sweet to see my boys enjoy it. They can also follow along to work on their letter and reading, it's a thoughtful and fun gift for the whole family to be a part of. The book also includes fun music to make the experience even better. Gramma will also be recording a book for the boys this year, again, it's just such a keepsake and something to cherish forever.

Hallmark offers so many beautiful products for the Holiday Season, their cool cards can't be beat. We already have a really cool one picked out for the boys teacher. I really suggest visiting Hallmark this Holiday Season!!

Puss in Boots

Did you know Canada.. we've been trying a fun new game on the XBox 360 - Puss in Boots!

Using the new Kinect system we've been having tons of fun playing this new game. The boys really enjoyed seeing this movie in theatres and to play it ourselves at home has been great fun for the whole family.

Master the style and charm of Puss in Boots in an engaging swashbuckling experience. Duel banditos with style and flair, use cat-like sneaking skills to fool your foes, and team with characters from the film to catch the Golden Goose ... Plus, strum your guitar to serenade the señoritas along the way!

The legendary hero - Puss in Boots is really fun to play on the Kinect as opposed to games with the controller. It keeps the boys more engaged and it's more fun for the family to watch. A fantastic family activity and a great one to pick up for this Holiday Season!!

This might be a fun one to open early on Christmas Eve and have a fun night while everyone waits for Santa's big arrival. Check it out at any number of stores near you!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine

Did you know Canada.. we've mentioned before how much our boys looooove Thomas. We ride Thomas when he comes to town every year and the boys know the names of every single train it seems.

This Holiday Season bring Thomas to your children with the new products from HIT Entertainment.

One of our favourites it the Thomas Recordable Story Book - Goodnight, Little Engine. A great one for the boys to enjoy at bedtime after we've read a story together. A beautiful keepsake as well. We really enjoy that the book includes music and all the boys favourite trains are featured.

We've also been enjoying Merry Christmas, Thomas! Featuring episodes "Let It Snow", "Surprise, Surprise", "Percy and the Snowman", and "Tree Trouble" - we've been watching it non-stop while we enjoy other Christmas activities. We love that they release new movie sets every year, and the boys love the fun features between episodes.

Thomas is such a family activity and memories for a lifetime. HIT Entertainment provides some fantastic gifts for this Holiday Season!!

Costume Super Center

Did you know Canada.. we've mentioned before that we love Costume Super Center. They provide fun costumes for children and adults. Costumes aren't just for Halloween!! There's themed Holiday Parties, school concerts, playing dress-up and more.

We were so excited to try their elf costumes for kids - they have a fantastic selection for the Holidays.

Not only are the costumes fun but they are great quality, fit well and will last for years!

My little Christmas elf has had a lot of fun showing off to friends, Gramma, and playing games. We can't wrap presents without our elf dressing up first! Featuring a red/green felt tunic, collar, pants, hat, shoes and tie belt we've really been enjoying this costume.

Check out their selection for everyone in the family. Wouldn't it be fun to go around the neighbourhood singing Christmas carols or delivering treats all dressed up??

Start planning a themed New Years Even party and get shopping today!!

BISSELL PROHeat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner

Did you know Canada.. I have TWO dogs and kids and I admit, our carpet can get a little gross. We were very excited about the opportunity to review the new BISSELL PROHeat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner!

We've borrowed carpet cleaners in the past but they have been so bulky, akward to carry, hard to fill, hard to dump, reeeeeally hard to clean, we've only used them for the most desperate of stains.

But with the new BISSELL PROHeat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner it was SO EASY TO USE, even my four year helped with every step of the way...

First lay it open and take out the solution tank..

Then take out the water reservoir..

 and open the lid..

Once you have it filled with water and cleaning solution, reassemble and plug it in.  Turn it on..

Using the very easy buttons in the front, the PROHeat 2X heats tap water up to 25 degrees hotter..

and start cleaning!  you can see the dirty water being sucked back in..

use the tools for stubborn spots..

even my other guy joined in, we've made cleaning fun!

No matter how much you vacuum, a vacuum simply can't reach ground in dirt. Deep cleaning is a carpet-cleaning process that loosens and removes most harmful dirt and ground-in grit, which may be deep down in your rugs and carpets. I won't show you a picture of the gross water we picked up but it was yucky! With dirty dog feet running around all day, crumbs from snacks, running across the carpet with your shoes on just that once, etc.. you just can't imagine what is down in your carpet. With small children rolling around on the floor all day you absolutely want your carpet as clean as it can be.

I am SO impressed with this easy to use tool that worked wonders on my carpet and I will be using this one OFTEN. Don't forget about BISSELL's Dirty Little Secret Contest where you can win your own PROHeat 2X or the grand prize - a trip to Las Vegas!! Be sure to Like them on Facebook to keep up to date on BISSELL's latest products and enter the Dirty Little Secret Contest through the contest tab!!


Did you know Canada.. a fun gift idea for new couples is the new game: Syncrohearts!

Created by Canada's Dr. Bobby Love, Syncrohearts was featured and voted into the top ten on the Canadian reality show Dragon's Den. Dr. Love is an international speaker and author on the topic of love. He has been featured in national print, radio and television media.

The objective of the game is to help couples reconnect and spend more quality time together. In the trials of juggling careers, parenting, life in general; couples tend to forget to take time out together just for themselves. Syncrohearts is like a relationship tune-up and it helps couples get more mileage out of their relationship by opening up the lines of communication with love, laughter and romance.

While you might feel a bit silly at first, it really is a fun game on a cold winter night to reconnect with your mate or learn about each other in a new relationship. Did not take too long to play either, just right for a fun night.

A fun, new and different gift idea for both new and experienced couples in your life!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Did you know Canada.. KIOKKO Bebe Couture is THE store to visit for chic baby accessories. Their products come in gorgeous prints and vibrant colours, something you just can't find in large retail stores, and the quality is amazing.
We recently tried their large eco-washclothes - made with premium designer cotton and backed with absorbent terry cloth these are perfect for not only babies skin but the big boys and girls too. Not for only in the tub these have been great for sticky fingers at meal time and a quick face clean up before we go out the door. They are SO cool looking, I just can't get over the comparison to other wash cloths that we've had that are dingy and stringy within days of using them.
They also have beautiful blankets, the sweetest bibs, mitten clips, nursing covers and more.

With all of their products designed and handmade in Canada, this would be a great gift for any little one in your family, or for ones on the way! With only $5 flat rate shipping on all orders within Canada & USA you absolutely can not go wrong. Not sure what to get? They also have easy to get E-Gift Certificates!

We are SO EXCITED to share with our readers a limited time 30% discount code, enter didyouknowcanada when checking out to receive 30% off your ENTIRE order, how awesome is that???

Go, shop, right now!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recipe to Riches: Voting

Did you know Canada.. the time is here, it's time to vote for your favourites! Be sure to Click here and get a vote in for your favourite dish on Recipe to Riches!

Did you try them all?? I did!! Even those that I made myself. Which was your favourite?

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday as we find out the winner! Remember the grand prize is $250,000!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Did you know Canada.. many people are surprised when I tell them they should be wearing sunscreen even in the winter!

Well it is absolutely true. In fact, I've read that snow reflects about 80 percent of the ultraviolet light that hits it. AND for every 1,000 feet of elevation, ultraviolet exposure increases about 2 percent (snow hills, mountain climbing).

And for most Canadians, it's Coppertone that is synonymous with suncare. As the most trusted suncare brand, Coppertone offers an extensive line of suncare products that meet the needs of every member of the family, every day. In fact, Coppertone's Canadian head office has been located in Montréal, Quebec, since 1926!

For protecting your exposed face in the winter check out Coppertone's line made specially for the face. Their oil free line offers Broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays in 30 and 60 SPF. It's also hypoallergenic, paraben free and has a light formula can be used under makeup and won't clog pores.

Heading to the slopes or other winter sports be sure to use Coppertone SPORT. It's waterproof, won’t run into eyes and sting, sweatproof and hypoallergenic.

Think about adding Coppertone as a stocking stuffer this year, or adding it to a beauty gift bag you're making, this is an extremely thoughtful and well timed gift for this Holiday Season!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Booster Juice

Did you know Canada.. Booster Juice is Canada's largest chain of fresh juice and smoothie bars!!

It was in 1999 that the first Booster Juice location was opened in Edmonton AB.

While they have not only juices, shakers, and yogurt blendz our absolute favourite is the smoothies!!

I love that the smoothie is made right in front of you and you know exactly what is going in it. Our current favourite is Strawberry sunshine - VERY strawberry with a hint of banana, it also has passion fruit and guava - delish!! It's not only me that loves it either, the kids think it's the most special treat there is!! Just don't tell them how good it is for them ;)

This month their featured smooth is Eggnog!! Looks and sounds like the perfect Holiday treat doesn't it?!

Why not grab a gift card for a friend or a stocking stuffer for family, it would make a great treat and they would know how much you care about them for offering such a healthy AND tasty treat!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

BKH Jerky

Did you know Canada.. you have have seen them on Dragon's Den - BKH Jerky is a store out of Vancouver that makes the MOST delicious jerky you have ever had!
It's Singapore style beef and pork jerky that is sweet, juicy, and moist. Not at all dried out and tough to chew like any other jerky I've tried. I love that BKH jerky uses half the salt as other typical dry, chewy, salty, and leathery jerky out there. We do not use MSG, gluten, or wheat in our jerky.

The pork is my fav but beef is my hubbys fav, we love BOTH original and spicy, I say buy it all and fun a fun night of taste testing!!

A family owned business, they use only the finest cuts of Canadian grown beef and pork products, the meat is sliced not ground and is finished on the barbecue. This is not something you can pick up at the corner store!!

I'm sure you can think of AT LEAST 10 guys and gals in your life that would absolutely love to try this stuff, I know I can (including me!!!), this would make a fantastic Christmas gift. Introducing a friend or family member not only to a new style of jerky, but Canadian made at that!

A new, different and fun gift idea for this Holiday Season, treat your friends to something new and be the hero of the day - I promise, everyone will INHALE this stuff, so delicious!!! Order online today!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Did you know Canada.. Bio-K+ is PROBIOTICS!
I feel like Probiotics is a bit of a buzzword lately, according to the currently adopted definition by WHO, probiotics are: "Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host". Probiotics can help your intestinal bacteria perform tasks more efficiently. You see them marketed with yogurt, supplements, drinks and cereals.

I spoke about this with Isabele Chevalier of Bio-K+, she says “while yogurt is delicious, the only thing that yogurt and a probiotic fermented milk product have in common is the texture.”

Probiotic products like Bio-K+ have nothing to do with yogurt, Bio-K+ delivers huge amounts of Probiotics to your system, 50 BILLION active bacteria per bottle if you can believe it. That is because in order to be beneifical it's all about the ratio, you need more GOOD bacteria than bad for it to be working for you and this number is in the billions.

I was surprised to learn that 70% of your immune system starts in your intestine and that is where you want to keep your body healthy. Not only for those that have a condition, probiotics are for everyone to keep you healthy, feeling great and stronger against illnesses.

I have recently been trying Bio-K+'s Strawberry Flavour Probiotic. It's delicious! Not only great for my body but tastes great and great texture, like a milkshake. These products are perfect for anyone over 2, and with the foil lid it's easy to stick a straw in, great for giving it to the kids. They need all the help they can get against the yuckiness of school as we know.

Bio-K+® is the only product containing the patented formula L. acidophilus CL1285® + L. casei LBC80R®, 100% probiotic bacteria. Isabele told me today that it's not just hearing that a product has "probiotics" is enough, you need the right strain and delivery method. The Probiotics must be fresh, and if it's in capsule form it must have a coating so that it is not ruined by stomach acid as it must reach the intestine to work - exactly what Bio-K+ has.

If you are looking to improve your health I 100% recommend Bio-K+, they are a Canadian company that absolutely knows what they are talking about and is a company we can trust to deliver the best in probiotics.

We are so excited to share with our readers a chance to try Bio-K+ for themselves!! One reader will win a Bio-K+ Gift Basket containing..
* 1 Bio-K+ cushion/ blanket
* 1 Bio-K+ water bottle
* 1 Bio-K+ Coffee Mug
* 1 Bio-K+ recycle bag
* a coupon for a free 6-pack of any of the Bio-K+ fresh product

A $90 value!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

National Safe Driving Week

Did you know Canada.. National Safe Driving week starts today, December 1st, and runs until the 7th.

It's actually the 56th National Safe Driving Week!!

Canada Safety Council encourages all Canadian drivers to take added precautions on the road throughout the winter months. Being prepared is the best way to ensure for safe winter driving.

As part of National Safe Driving Week, Young Drivers of Canada is releasing a 24 Hour Challenge Video Series. Young Drivers of Canada Instructor Rachel Hesson-Bolton was stuck in her vehicle on a cold winter’s night. This is the scenario we all hope we will never get into. When you’re freezing cold and it’s dark, that’s not the time you want to be reading instructions. The 24 Hour Challenge Video Series shows Rachel testing the items in her kit with mixed results. Great you have water in your kit, but it’s -16°C and your water is frozen. How should you pack your water? Should you leave the mitts out of your kit and just depend on hand warmers? We’ll cover that. What is the #1 tool Rachel found you must have in your emergency kit?

When the 24 hours is all said and done, Rachel gives us 15 episodes on the real goods of what should go in the emergency kit and why. And it will all fit in your vehicle. Promise.

Young Drivers of Canada talks about the importance of being prepared for winter driving. Now we put our emergency kit to the ultimate test and we want to share our results with you.

Are you prepared for winter driving??

Win with Swiss Natural

Did you know Canada.. starting today, Swiss Natural is running a Facebook contest where you could win a $250 VISA card!

They are giving away one every week of the month to help pay off those holiday bills!

Visit their Facebook page (and be sure to Like it) today!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sophia Grace

Did you know Canada.. Sophia Grace is fun, flirty and fabulous aprons!! Started in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, these Canadian made beauties are 100% cotton and not only stylish but made to last. One size fits all with long straps that are really cute tied up, they are absolutely perfect for everyone. Aprons are a HOT new trend this Holiday Season!

With great names like Heidi, Sienna and Dryden (for the guys!) these are really FUN! They also have really cute ones for kids.

At Sophia Grace there are some simple rules to follow that you will find attached to every apron: Enjoy the simple things in life, compliment each other often, laugh easily, and when the days are long remember that the years are short. May you wear your apron when friends and family gather, may it be given as a gift to bring joy and smiles, and may it be handed down to other generations who will also find comfort in the company of friends and tradition.

I have a Sophia Grace apron and I love it!! These are not your Granny's aprons - they are fun, cute to wear, durable, fits great and they really do keep your clothes clean - perfect for baking with kids and messy, MESSY hands touching everything!

What a great gift this Holiday season for ANYONE in your life. How perfect would this be to bring for the hostess of your next Christmas party. Better still, every apron sold is shipped FREE - get shopping today. Make sure you are following them on Facebook for all the latest news, and maybe some discounts and giveaways too!!

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