Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recipe to Riches: Voting

Did you know Canada.. the time is here, it's time to vote for your favourites! Be sure to Click here and get a vote in for your favourite dish on Recipe to Riches!

Did you try them all?? I did!! Even those that I made myself. Which was your favourite?

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday as we find out the winner! Remember the grand prize is $250,000!!


  1. I didn't try them all - in fact I tried the Chicken Grenade for the first time last night. It was so yummy - a bit on the spicy side for my tolerance but they were so delish!!!

  2. I tried the Chicken Grenades, which were yummy but a bit too hot/spicy for me, and I like hot/spicy! I also tried the Luscious Lemon Pudding which was delish and the Karma Kulfi which is fantastic!!! If you like chai tea, you will like this! We are on our 3rd container! (They're small lol). I do want to try the pulled pork. What a great concept for a show!

  3. I haven't tried any yet. But will have to try some!

  4. I tried the pulled pork, the lemon pudding and the kulfi. The kulfi was my favourite and I kept trying to buy another carton but the stores in my neighborhood were completely out. I hope that means the Kulfi will win =D

  5. I have tried all the products and each one of them was good with my favourites being the lemon pudding, grenades and kulfi. I have gone back to the store many times to buy the grenades and kulfi. - P

  6. My faovurite is the Kulfi Karma - the stores in Ottawa also run out of it all the time, so I now buy 3 at a time! Please produce the Kulfi Karma in larger containers! I also love the lemon pudding, hated the chicken grenades. I buy the lemon pudding and Kulfi Karma every week!


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