Sunday, December 4, 2011

BKH Jerky

Did you know Canada.. you have have seen them on Dragon's Den - BKH Jerky is a store out of Vancouver that makes the MOST delicious jerky you have ever had!
It's Singapore style beef and pork jerky that is sweet, juicy, and moist. Not at all dried out and tough to chew like any other jerky I've tried. I love that BKH jerky uses half the salt as other typical dry, chewy, salty, and leathery jerky out there. We do not use MSG, gluten, or wheat in our jerky.

The pork is my fav but beef is my hubbys fav, we love BOTH original and spicy, I say buy it all and fun a fun night of taste testing!!

A family owned business, they use only the finest cuts of Canadian grown beef and pork products, the meat is sliced not ground and is finished on the barbecue. This is not something you can pick up at the corner store!!

I'm sure you can think of AT LEAST 10 guys and gals in your life that would absolutely love to try this stuff, I know I can (including me!!!), this would make a fantastic Christmas gift. Introducing a friend or family member not only to a new style of jerky, but Canadian made at that!

A new, different and fun gift idea for this Holiday Season, treat your friends to something new and be the hero of the day - I promise, everyone will INHALE this stuff, so delicious!!! Order online today!!!


  1. my husband would love to try it that's for sure

  2. LOVE beef jerky! Made it once but it's a long process. This sounds so yummy

  3. We love jerky! When we lived outwest we ate salmon jerky and when we went to Florida we had alligator jerky.. Now we just eat beef and ostrich mmm

  4. Oh, my boys just love jerky!! So many kinds-who knew??

  5. We always take jerky when we go camping. It is a great snack

  6. Yum, yum. Jerky is awesome when you need a quick snack or a blood sugar pick up!

  7. I've never heard of Singapore style jerky before , but it sounds delicious! Would so love to try some now.


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