Sunday, December 11, 2011

BISSELL PROHeat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner

Did you know Canada.. I have TWO dogs and kids and I admit, our carpet can get a little gross. We were very excited about the opportunity to review the new BISSELL PROHeat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner!

We've borrowed carpet cleaners in the past but they have been so bulky, akward to carry, hard to fill, hard to dump, reeeeeally hard to clean, we've only used them for the most desperate of stains.

But with the new BISSELL PROHeat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner it was SO EASY TO USE, even my four year helped with every step of the way...

First lay it open and take out the solution tank..

Then take out the water reservoir..

 and open the lid..

Once you have it filled with water and cleaning solution, reassemble and plug it in.  Turn it on..

Using the very easy buttons in the front, the PROHeat 2X heats tap water up to 25 degrees hotter..

and start cleaning!  you can see the dirty water being sucked back in..

use the tools for stubborn spots..

even my other guy joined in, we've made cleaning fun!

No matter how much you vacuum, a vacuum simply can't reach ground in dirt. Deep cleaning is a carpet-cleaning process that loosens and removes most harmful dirt and ground-in grit, which may be deep down in your rugs and carpets. I won't show you a picture of the gross water we picked up but it was yucky! With dirty dog feet running around all day, crumbs from snacks, running across the carpet with your shoes on just that once, etc.. you just can't imagine what is down in your carpet. With small children rolling around on the floor all day you absolutely want your carpet as clean as it can be.

I am SO impressed with this easy to use tool that worked wonders on my carpet and I will be using this one OFTEN. Don't forget about BISSELL's Dirty Little Secret Contest where you can win your own PROHeat 2X or the grand prize - a trip to Las Vegas!! Be sure to Like them on Facebook to keep up to date on BISSELL's latest products and enter the Dirty Little Secret Contest through the contest tab!!


  1. This is the same model we have. We loved it for about 2 years, until the water pump on it broke recently. Now only the hand held hose works. Sigh. It was still a good machine and worked well before it broke.

  2. I could definately use this machine!! Looks quite easy as well

  3. It feels good knowing you got a good cleaning into the carpet doesn't it? I love how the room smells afterward!

  4. I just love this machine! It really does work!


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