Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Gift Basket Classic

Did you know Canada.. We've mentioned before that we love the baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com. They ship quickly and always arrive in pristine condition.

We recently tried their Christmas Gift Basket Classic - a great gift idea for anyone! Gramma & Grampa, out of town family, parents, students, absolutely everyone and anyone would enjoy a gift basket.

With delicious treats like chocolate covered cherries, dark chocolate bar, chocolate chip cookies, and almond clustered popcorn it's perfect to share with friends! The basket is also beautiful and great quality, can be used for storing toys, books and bobbles, and more.

Picking out a gift basket with care to fit the personality of the recipient is a great gesture. I love the great descriptions GourmetGiftBaskets.com offers, makes it easy to discuss the gift and ask how the cherries were, or the dip. I know just who I would send the Christmas Care Package to, and know quite a few that would love the Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket. I would looooove to have the Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift Basket to show up at my door.

Great ideas for this Holiday Season and a one stop shop for many people in your life.


  1. my son's teacher is getting this same basket!

  2. The Almond Pecandy Crunch is soooo amazing!!!

  3. That is such as awesome looking assortment. Yumm!

  4. This one does look delicious! I like all the options for baskets they offer, too~they even have a gluten free one:)

  5. I like the Tex Mex baskets. what a great assortment of all kinds of goodies. mmmm

  6. There’s nothing I like more then getting those lovely packages filled with goodies you can enjoy with the whole family. Of course it is fun to give gift baskets to others during the other holiday’s too.

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