Sunday, December 11, 2011

Costume Super Center

Did you know Canada.. we've mentioned before that we love Costume Super Center. They provide fun costumes for children and adults. Costumes aren't just for Halloween!! There's themed Holiday Parties, school concerts, playing dress-up and more.

We were so excited to try their elf costumes for kids - they have a fantastic selection for the Holidays.

Not only are the costumes fun but they are great quality, fit well and will last for years!

My little Christmas elf has had a lot of fun showing off to friends, Gramma, and playing games. We can't wrap presents without our elf dressing up first! Featuring a red/green felt tunic, collar, pants, hat, shoes and tie belt we've really been enjoying this costume.

Check out their selection for everyone in the family. Wouldn't it be fun to go around the neighbourhood singing Christmas carols or delivering treats all dressed up??

Start planning a themed New Years Even party and get shopping today!!


  1. :-D What an adorable pic of your little guy! I just love the expression on his face - too cute!


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