Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blast into summer with NERF!

Did you know Canada..  Summer is in full swing, we had a major heat wave a couple weeks ago and the boys were grateful to have some water toys to play with like NERF SUPER SOAKER SWITCH SHOT Blaster!

It is sooooo cool, you get to choose your spray pattern (Scattershot, Triple Shot, Atomizer or Jetstream mode) and soak friends 4 different ways with the SWITCH SHOT water blaster!  Easy enough for a 5 year old to turn, and fun enough for my  this has been the toy of the summer for sure!  My guys had a lot of fun playing in the pool with it too.  The SWITCH SHOT blaster holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water in the Banana Clip; you can fill extra Banana Clips too so you never run out of ammo - we love this feature so we don't have to constantly stop to refill the blaster.

We've also been playing with the NERF N-STRIKE ELITE ROUGH CUT 2X4 Blaster.  My guys love that this blaster launches 2 Elite Darts at once at targets up to 75 feet away!  It's led to a lot of fun in the basement.  The boys have been setting up targets to use too, and having games about who can knock the most things down.

Use pump action to send out a steady stream of darts.  My guys love that there's 8, so you get some good fun out of it before having to stop to find the darts then reload.  Again the pump is easy enough for my 5 year old which is fantastic!

Two fun toys from NERF and Hasbro to enjoy the rest of the summer, would make great birthday or special week gifts too!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Got Game? Link up!

Did you know Canada..  our blog post "History of Table Hockey" is being featured over at And She Games.. today, do you have a gaming post to share?  Join the linky below!

We are big gamers around here, hubby and I were heavily into World of Warcarft, Diablo, EverQuest and other MMORPGs before we had kids.  Now we mostly play XBox360, PS3, WII U with a little of the new Sim City and the latest Diablo once and awhile.

We also play table games with the kids like yahtzee, clue and some kids games, our air hockey table gets some good use too!

Are you a gamer?  What do you play??

Link up here:

Canadian Giveaway Linky! 07/29

Did you know Canada.. We are so happy to once again bring you this weekly feature with our co-host Tales of a Ranting Ginger - Every Monday we are opening a weekly linky for giveaways open to Canadians. We appreciate everyone's interest and contributions!

Do you have a blog that is running a giveaway and it's open to Canadians?? Link up below!!

Visit here through out the week to find giveaways open to Canadians and get winning!! Good Luck!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link Up! 07/27

Welcome to our weekly All Canadian Link Up!  This weekend and every weekend, Canucks Rock! with our All Canadian Link Up and Candid Canuck feature interview.  Brought to you by your hosts: Did you know Canada?, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and Maple Leaf Mommy!

This week's Candid Canuck is Jennifer from Ninja Mommers! Check out our interview with her..

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bic Flame Disc

Did you know Canada...We have a portable charcoal grill that we take with us when go camping or on one day trip to stay one-on-one with the nature. And, of course, we have a big bag with charcoals handy in a garage. When I heard a lot of good things about BIC® FlameDisk® I decided to check it and see if it is better then traditional charcoal.

Bic Flame Disc Box
The biggest challenge with charcoal is to light it. Putting some lighter fluid on charcoal will add a bad taste if you don't do it right and this happens to me from time to time. It also takes some time and requires to be patient.
FlameDisk uses ethanol as the main fuel ingredient. It lights instantly and burns for 30-40 minutes. This time is enough to grill food without any bad taste for 4 average adults. If you have more people you have to use more then one FlameDisk. It very compact and have a regular frisbee size and weight. It takes definitely less place in you car than big bag of charcoal. And my favorite turn around  - no cleanup!

 photo BicFlameDisc_zps7ffcd954.jpg
With FlameDisk there are no hot coals, no ash, and no soot leftover – you just need to recycle it. Bottom line is that if you have a bunch of hungry teenagers or have a party and want everything to be perfect - BIC® FlameDisk® is for you. It very easy to use and you need just portable Charcoal Grill – FlameDisk fits almost any of them. If your want to enjoy the process and there is no restriction in time then do it in old fashion way with a bag of charcoal and lots of smoke.
Bic Flame Disc Cooking 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We loved the Day Out With Thomas: The Go Go Thomas Tour 2013

Did you know Canada..  this past Sunday we checked out the Day Out With Thomas: The Go Go Thomas Tour 2013 in St. Thomas ON - one of only 3 stops in Canada and the only one in Ontario!

It was AWESOME!  The boys had a great time.  Not only do you get to ride Thomas but there is so much more to do - bubbles to play with, stories to listen to, entertainment, animals to pet, a hay maze, a mist area, really fantastic balloon animals, Thomas tattoos, 2 jumpy areas, a gift shop and more!

The boys loved making big bubbles and they REALLY loved the jumps, there was even a Thomas jumpy the has a slide.  There are also activity stations set up to colour, make conductor hats, play with Thomas the train sets, just so much to do.

Then comes the main event - riding Thomas!  You hop on the train and take a lovely 25 minute ride through the outskirts of St. Thomas, you also listen to Thomas music during the ride, meet with the conductor, get a family photo taken if you'd like and the kids get a certificate at the end of the ride.

There was quite a few different food options as well - hot dogs, pizza, fries, cookies, ice cream and more.  You can really enjoy an entire day out, the community of St. Thomas even offers a few treats to every visitor as well - a discount at the local Wendys, a coupon for Boston Pizza, a free visit to the Elgin County Railway Museum which is a really interesting stop.

Fun for a huge age range, all my boys enjoyed the day!  The Day Out With Thomas: The Go Go Thomas Tour 2013 is in St. Thomas one more weekend, so there's still time to ride!  Tickets for Day Out with Thomas™: The Go Go Thomas Tour 2013 are on sale now and available by calling Ticketweb toll-free 1-888-222-6608, or by visiting or  Ticket prices are $23 plus tax for ages 2 and up (plus service charges).  The event is rain or shine.

For more information and directions, contact the Elgin County Railway Museum at 519-637-6284 or visit

For information on Thomas & Friends, visit
Follow Thomas & Friends on Facebook and Twitter @TrueBlueEngine.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 Gadgets for Busy Geeks

Did you know Canada.. If you're tech geek on the go, you probably love gadgets. If you're not, how do you know what the latest gadgets are? Well, sit back and check out this list of gadgets that may end up on your next "must-have" list.

Heys eCase
Happy Geek
Image via Flickr by CollegeDegrees360

For the tech geek who travels and wants the perfect carry-on luggage, the Heys eCase is just what you're looking for. It doubles as a back-friendly wheelie case for easy transport, but is savvy enough to include a combination TSA lock should you decide to check it instead of carry it onboard. With accordion-style pockets, you can keep files separate from your underwear. And of course it has a padded laptop sleeve. You can also pick your own color and design when ordering. 

J5 Create Wormhole KM Switch
Sharing files between laptops has always been a bit problematic. You have to connect the laptop, configure your partner's security settings, and then have them load the files to the network before finally being able copy the files from the network to your own laptop. Not anymore.

This USB cable takes the complexity out of the task. Simply plug Wormhole KM Switch into both laptops via a USB cable. It works with Macs or PCs. The software on the USB connectors allows you to copy files back and forth. In addition, the keyboard and mouse from one computer can control both computers.

Targus Premium Laptop Charger
You have to keep your laptop charged but that bulky brick of a charger is a pain, especially if you're carrying around several of them for various devices. Well, no more.

The Targus Premium Laptop Charger is about the size of a BlackBerry, with a seriously sleek design. It'll power your laptop as well as one other mobile devices from a car, wall socket, or even a plane. You'll never look back after you rid yourself of that brick. If you were thinking about purchasing a blackberry 10 or similar smartphone, you may also want to consider picking up this slick gadget as well.

Lewis N. Clark Bell Hop Travel Door Alarm
Not all tech geeks are paranoid, but in case you are (or even if you aren't) you'll love this little baby. It's a door security system with a high-pitched 91-decible alarm. If anyone opens your hotel room door you'll know about – and so will your neighbors. Just remember to disengage it before room service enters. 

Jawbone Jambox
For the frequent traveling tech geek, a decent speaker in a hotel room is the perfect luxury item to make your hotel stay a bit nicer.  It's wireless, portable, affordable, and has other great features including an output capacity of 85 decibels and a 10-hour battery life.  Additionally, it can double as a speakerphone for your VoIP and cell phone calls. And the customization options using the MyTALK online platform are simply amazing.

If it's true that the "geeks shall inherit the earth," it would seem the takeover is now underway. Jump onboard and see what gizmo you could use – or simply have fun with. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link up! 07/20

Welcome to our weekly All Canadian Link Up!  This weekend and every weekend, Canucks Rock! with our All Canadian Link Up and Candid Canuck feature interview.  Brought to you by your hosts: Did you know Canada?, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and Maple Leaf Mommy!

This week's Candid Canuck is Cheryl from The Beautiful Side of Hectic! Check out our interview with her..

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tooth Tunes Toothbrushes!

Did you know Canada..  you may remember back in April we attended the launch of Arm &
Hammer Tooth Tunes toothbrushes!

Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes toothbrush plays two minutes music to encourage longer brushing and ensure kids follow the recommended brushing time, so no more timer set-up and unwillingness to brush.

Enjoy a party with Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes, the only toothbrush with Music in Your Mouth technology which streams music sounds from the bristles of the toothbrush to the teeth, straight to the head, allowing kids to hear music during brushing. For kids from three to five there are some super fun songs available -
“We Found Love” performed by Kidz Bop™
“Good Feeling” performed by Kidz Bop™
“The Alphabet Song”
“Brush-A-Long Song”

My boys have been using ones with "The Alphabet Song" and they love it!  As Mom, I love that they have been looking forward to brushing their teeth every morning and night and continuing until the whole song finishes - yay!

For kids ages six to twelve, each toothbrush has one of the following top chart songs:
“What Makes You Beautiful” performed by One Direction
“One Thing” performed by One Direction
“All Day” performed by Cody Simpson
“If I Ruled the World” performed by Big Time Rush
“We Will Rock You” performed by Queen
“Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae
“Dynamite” performed by Taio Cruz

Available at drugstores and mass retailers across Canada for a manufactures suggested retail price of $9.99.  I find tooth brushes to be a fun packing present when going away whether it be camping, to the cottage or a week long adventure at a hotel.  It's so much fun for kids to get a fresh, new toothbrush, and to have one with a top chart song will be so exciting!  Our boys will be taking their new toothbrushes to our mini vacation to Toronto next week, and they are soooo excited to use them!

We have an amazing surprise for our readers as well, we have a huge prize pack to giveaway!  Enter below Canada for your chance to win a Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes One Direction Gift Basket! The gift basket includes..

2 Arm & Hammer SpinBrush Pro Whitening Battery Toothbrushes
2 Arm & Hammer SpinBrush Pro Sensitive Battery Toothbrushes
2 New Arm & Hammer Advance White EXTREME Whitening Toothpaste
2 Arm & Hammer PRO Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste
2 Arm & Hammer Extra Whitening Advance White 3 in 1 Power Toothpaste
2 Orajel Toddler Training Toothpaste with Thomas & Friends
2 Orajel Toddler Training Toothpaste with My Little Pony
2 Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Junior Toothbrushes
3 Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes One Direction Toothbrushes
1 One Direction: Up All Night – The Live Tour DVD

I can hear the screams and squeals now when one lucky family member sees the DVD to go along with a One Direction toothbrush!!  Good luck friends!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

African Lion Safari - Go Wild!

Did you know Canada..  if you follow me on twitter (@diduknowcanada) you'll know we visited African Lion Safari in Hamilton Ontario this past Saturday, and it was AWESOME!

We've actually visited African Lion Safari every year since the boys were born, and let me tell you, if you haven't been yet this year, you need to go, because they have made some amazing updates!  A completely updated splash pad area, new ball pit play structure, the outdoor food area has been set up differently, we were very happy with the updates.  Along with the old favourites like the safari itself, elephants, shows and more!

The staff was very friendly from the moment we pulled up, once you go through the gates the parking lot is large and easily accessible (which I LOVE, especially with the baby).  We hopped on the first bus with it's huge windows, air conditioning and informative driver that gives you awesome facts and info about each animal in the park.  You can also drive your car through, which is nice for being able to stop as long as you want at each section.  Just be aware you may end up with a baboon sitting on top of your car!

The boys had a great time examining the map and guide book, and the animals were amazing!  The boys LOVED seeing a giraffe up close and seeing just how tall they really are.  The cheetah, zebras and lions were also big hits.  The baboons were the most exciting though, a couple jumped on top of the bus, they were on cars beside us, there was a Mama with a sweet baby, so much fun!

(do you see the Mama holding the baby baboon?  Sooooo cute!!)

After the bus ride we rode on the boat tour and hit up the splash pad, it was so much fun for the whole family.  A toddler area the little man could hang out in without getting splashed too much, the boys LOVED the new water slides and I loved how closely watched they were by staff, they organize the children in line, allow only 1 at a time on a slide and have them hop out of the way as soon as they splash down.  There's also a misty area, some fun bucket drops, and a little deeper area for the bigger kids.  This is an awesome way for everyone to cool down, including allowing mom to stick her feet in while holding everyone's stuff!

We stopped for a yummy pizza lunch in the air conditioned food area - lots of choices for everyone including the pizza we had, salads, hot dogs, chicken and more.

After lunch one of my big guys had to get his face painted as spider-boy!  The staff member applying the paint was friendly, got it done quick and easy, it was fun!

The boys were very excited to see the new play structure, they went through it countless times!

There was also lots of cool birds to see, the elephants, the petting zoo, the bird shows, the train rain, it was amazing!  A very full day, and the kiddos were tired and happy at the end of the afternoon.

If you haven't been you are missing out on an amazing experience for the whole family, I really recommend it and look forward to our visit again next year!  We are so excited to offer a giveaway from African Lion Safari, one lucky Canadian family will be heading there soon!  Enter below for your chance to win a family pass - 2 adults and 2 children, a $133 value!!!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Watch as I share my diaper story! @Pampers #PGmom

Did you know Canada..  I've had a secret since the beginning of June that I have been dying to share with you all, and now I can.  My little man (who you will now know is named Lucas) and I made a video with Pampers!

We had a camera crew here at the house for an entire day, with a director, sound guy, camera guys and a technician, along with a very awesome Pampers Rep and it was truly the coolest thing EVER!  This super friendly crew helped me tell my diaper story, why we love and will only use Pampers Swaddlers for baby Lucas, and allowed me to share some tips for new Moms that will be experiencing the same things.

3 other P&G Moms had this same secret, there was also Sarah Lynn, real mom and blogger, watch as she plays and explores with her little girl Hannah. Watch her video here:

A potty training journey with real mom and blogger Tammy Mitchell and her active two-year-old son, Oakley.

Rachel Cleland, real mom and blogger, watch as she joins 500,000 Canadian parents in the Pampers Village community.

And then ME real mom and blogger Stacey Kazmir and her little guy Lucas sharing tips for new moms.

I would LOVE for you to watch all our videos, comment if you can and to celebrate, we have an amazing giveaway open to our Canadian readers!  This Pampers family giveaway is valued at approx $110 and include Newborn Pampers Swaddlers, size 4 Cruisers, Easy Ups (Boys & Girls – 3/4) and a Pampers Reward from Gifts to Grow—two HBC Canada onesies (0-3mo & 3-6 mo)!


David’s Condiments BBQ

Did you know Canada.. Summer is on its peak position with hot weather, sunny days and splash joy. These days are the best time we spend with family and friends gathering for barbeques and remember it later during cold winter days.

 Davids Condiments BBQ

Last month we were invited to join David’s Condiments BBQ in Toronto and meet Chef David who was ready to treat us with his culinary creations, educate us and introduce his incredible low-sodium products. Our luxury menu included Lamp Chops with David’s Special Steak Rub , Back Ribs, Steaks, Chicken Breasts with Chicken Rub, delicious Black Tiger Shrimps with Peri Peri, Caesar Salad with Dynamite Caesar Paste, Guacamole and Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus.

I think David’s line-up of spices, rubs, marinades and pastes with no salt and low-sodium became our favourites providing healthy options without sacrificing the taste. I was mostly into Lamb Chops and Asparagus learning how to make it soft, my little one liked chicken the most. After this BBQ event I asked my friends if they knew anything about David’s Condiments, his heart caring and healthy living products, and surprisingly lots of people know quite well about David’s Condiments products and even suggested where I can buy them.

You can find David’s Condiments not only in Specialty Foodie or Grocery Stores like Longos, Whole Foods, Loblaws, Galati but also in Specialty Restaurants like The Pickle Barrel and online on From our summer BBQ table to yours, one lucky Did you know Canada? reader is going to win David's Chicken Rub, David's Special Steak Rub and David's Peri Peri sauce plus a barbecue tong and a brush. Enjoy!

Davids Prize 


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minion fun with Hasbro Canada!

Did you know Canada..  Despicable Me 2 is the movie of the summer!  Back in #1 spot this weekend, it's a perfect summer movie to take the kids too.  Especially to get away from this heat! (movie theatres are always exceptionally cold, aren't they?)

To go along with the movie, Hasbro Canada has 2 really fun games available, wouldn't it be fun to surprise the kids with a Despicable Me 2 Monopoly Game or Operation Game along with some movie tickets??

We checked out both games and LOVE them, they are perfect for kids, playing with Mom or with a group of friends, check it out..

Despicable Me 2 Monopoly has an updated board and easy to use payment system, perfect for kids!  The only money is Banana Bucks and each valued a $1 - easy for kids to count out!  The spinner is a minion with a banana that tells you to move your minion 1-6 spaces around the board - fun to spin and easy numbers to work with!  Like the monopoly we all know and love buy and sell properties and collect Banana Bucks! Another fun feature is that each game includes exclusive minions and there's 50 minions to collect!

Easy enough for my 5 year olds, fun for Mom and Dad since there's no frustration and easy to play on the floor so baby bro can watch too! (keep the small pieces away from the baby though!!)

Despicable Me 2 Operation is another fun one, works like other operation games, use the tweezers to remove the silly parts, but touch the sides and you set off the buzzer!  One with I really enjoyed about this set is that the buzzer is not loud at all, more of a "phone vibration" type sound, great for not freaking out the kids!!!  Just like the monopoly another fun feature is that each game includes exclusive minions and there's 50 minions to collect!  Once you see the movie it's extra funny to operate on Stuart to remove the unicorn fluff or fix his nutty noggin and his toxic tongue!

Two great games from Hasbro Canada, perfect to take to the cottage or gramma's house with easy to understand rules this summer!

The ‘Curse of Tom Zombie’

Did you know Canada..  we have a VERY interesting guest post to share with you today - we have a campfire story and event news!

Thanks Stacey for inviting the St. Thomas Tom Zombie Festival to blog on your blog. You are a delight and we really appreciate the opportunity to reach out to your readers.  Our festival will be an annual event held on the grounds of the Elgin County Railway Museum. Many of you Moms out there may know it because it is the same place Thomas the Train appears every year. The festival will be on August 31st and the most family friendly stuff goes on during the early afternoon. Instead of going on and on about our festival here, after all you can learn all about it simply by typing into your search engine, I wanted to share our brand new campfire story with you all. Now this is one to scare the dickens out of your kids around your backyard bonfires this summer. It was a lot of fun to write and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again Stacey! You rock!  Bryan Bakker

This, legend within a legend, is based on a short poem written by Toby Ten, an African American Poet who died in 1848. This short verse explains the supposed workings of the curse:
The words ‘Tom Zombie’ from one,
Is just a little bit of fun,
The words ‘Tom Zombie’ from two,
Should give you a clue,
The words ‘Tom Zombie’ from three,
Well that sets hell free.
The latest incarnation of this legend is built into the following story based on an account that has passed from memory. It is said to have occurred in the general vicinity of St. Thomas.
     It wasn’t long ago that the curse of Tom Zombie showed itself in an unexpected way. Some say it’s because the Trimetric Bell, the source of Tom Zombie’s power, sensed its time was once again at hand, even underneath tons of pressing dirt. Whatever the reason it came to pass that around a campfire one night, a group of teenagers sat laughing and joking. Surrounded by trees and meadows and streams they felt at ease. Of course they had all heard of the Legend of Tom Zombie, but, like so many before them they didn’t believe it. One of the boys, a tall blond lad named Steve, even went so far as to say it was a bunch of bull. The other kids laughed.
     “Sure its bull, but what is the legend?” asked Josh, Steve’s younger brother and the butt of a lot of jokes within the group.
     “Simple really,” Steve replied, looking to all of them with wide eyes and then a wider smile, as if recognizing an opportunity. “The story goes that if three people each say Tom Zombie right in a row Tom Zombie will get them.” Everyone was quiet, “So, who’s going to say it first?” Steve followed.
     Rustling leaves, whistling wind, no one said a word.  John, Steve’s best friend and someone who had been smiling the whole time, suddenly said, “Tom Zombie.”
     Steve laughed as he drank a big gulp from his cup and then half belched the words, “Tom Zombie!” His voice echoed through the valleys surrounding their little perch near a hill top. In the distance a bell started ringing ever so quietly. It lasted only a few seconds.
Janet and Sally, the only two girls in the group looked near tears.
     “Stop it Steve!” Sally crowed, slapping his arm, “I heard a bell!”
     “Me too, this is getting creepy!” said Janet.
     Randal, the real clown of the group was the natural person to follow the pair and even he looked worried. Josh stared out into the tree line; orange slivers of light dancing around the brush from their fire. If something was out there, no one would be able to see it, and with all of them laughing and talking, no one would hear anything either, least not until it was too late.
     “Please no one say it,” squeaked Josh, now huddling deep under his blanket so that only his eyes and nose were visible. He knew the instant he said it that it would have the opposite effect.
     “C’mon Randal say it!” John crowed half laughing “Or are you scared too?”  he said this last part as a mother might console a child. Randal, John knew, had his pride and little else.
Randal looked up to the stars, “Fine,” he said then bellowed, “Tom Zombie!”
Everyone and everything went dead quiet.
     The wind stopped, the forest seemed devoid of sound, not even insects of birds. Only the crackling fire kept the night time silence from engulfing them.
     After long fearful moments Steve finally started to laugh.
     “You guys are such pansies!” he said smirking.
     The tension broke and the group followed in kind. John and Randal clapped their hands together; Steve gave Randal a friendly slap on the cheek as Randal smiled and nodded. Josh poked his little head out from his blanket, even the girls began to chuckle nervously.
     “It’s just a silly story,” Steve said and they all began to relax. It didn’t take long for the group to forget what they had done and begin talking of other less consequential things.
     What they couldn’t know, because the knowledge had been lost in legend, was that, though it was true that Tom Zombie couldn’t awaken to sow his wraith upon them, the nearest dead to where they sat could and people had been living and dying in these parts for many years.
     In fact, mere months before, a cabin just over the next hill from where they camped, had burned to the ground, unknown and unseen by anyone.  Most of the poor family who had lived there had been burned to ash, but two, a mother and her teenage son, had made it out only to die in the leaves and mud outside. Their bones and rotting flesh had all but been taken by hungry animals and carrion worms. Enough remained however to hear the ringing of the bell and the call back to the land of the living.
     The kids laughed around their fire, whimsical in their disregard for the evil they had released. It was Steve who heard the shambling first; mixed with the wind and the crackling fire.  When he said “Quiet!” to the group they thought it another joke and just laughed louder. Then they all heard a stick CRACK from the dark and a hollow GROAN mixed in with a stiff and suddenly cold wind.
     Steve was about to blame Randal, but sure enough Randal was still sitting just behind him; his eyes wide and his skin pale like snow. They all realized quickly that all of them still sat around there fire, terrified, but accounted for. Then who was out there?
     Of the six who went camping that night only two ever returned: Sally and Janet. Steve,      John, Randal and Steve’s little brother Josh, never came home.
     The horror of the surviving two was unparalleled and neither girl ever recovered. Their story was buried by gossip and excuse; just kids traumatized by a serial murderer or a freak animal attack. But the bodies of the four lost kids were never found and for years rumors persisted.
     It’s said that the parents of the two brothers who were lost that night had themselves buried up on that hill upon death, waiting for their children to return, or perhaps, for some other group of three to be foolish enough to not believe in the curse of Tom Zombie.
The ‘Curse of Tom Zombie’ Campfire Story

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wow - enter to win a $500 Gift Card for The Children’s Place #Canada

Did you know Canada..  I know, it's only the middle of July, but it IS time to start thinking about back to school!  You have summer covered and now it's time to prep for fall and getting the kids looking spiffy!

Well, one lucky winner will have no problem with that, because we joining in a $500 gift card giveaway for The Children's Place!!!

The Children's Place has you covered for every school uniform style, preppy, casual or fun, they have fantastic sets for everyone (right down to coordinating shoes!) and as always, at great prices!  Check out a few of my favourite looks for the season..

Open to: Canada and US, void in Quebec and Hawaii.  Contest starts on July 15th at 9am EST and closes on July 30th at 10pm EST.


#Canada - Get to know the Kawarthas #perfectwknds

Did you know Canada..  just east and northeast of Toronto ON off Highways 401, 35/115 and 7 you'll find the Kawarthas.  A region that has a rich history in fur trade, logging, mining, and the early settling of Upper Canada; the Kawarthas is now a travel destination that can't be missed!

Let's take a look at all there is to do in the Kawarthas:


A great stop for any Canadian, you can visit the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough - it has the world's largest collection of canoes and kayaks.  Displaying amazing dioramas depicting life among the early fur traders and voyageurs in Upper Canada.  What a great place to show your children part of Canada's history, and they will have some info to share when they get back to school this fall.  There's also the Hutchinson House in Peterborough offering an interactive glimpse of life in Ontario in the 1800s, Victoria hall in Cobourg, Proctor House in Brighton, the Boyd Heritage Museum in Bobcaygeon and Lang Pioneer Village in Keene!


Known for outstanding summer theatre and concerts, you have many options for an evening out, including the 4th Line Theatre in Millbrook, the Peterbough Music Festival at Little Lake Park and the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope just to name a few!  The Capital Theatre is actually one of the few remaining "Atmospheric" theatres in Canada (with a ceiling that is intended to give the illusion of an open sky as its defining feature - beautiful!).


From crisp green beans, to delicious wild blueberries, the Kawarthas has much to offer.  At any number of the available Farmers Markets you won't just find fresh fruit and veg, but also sausages, local beef, lamb and emu.  As well as artisan-made goat cheese, fresh bread (even gluten-free!), jam preserves, and more delish treats than you can imagine.  Don't just think Saturday's either, There's the Brighton Farmers Market on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, The Campbellford Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Lakefield Farmers Market on Thursdays - lots of options for shopping all week!

Here's something that can't possibly be missed... you might remember me mentioning butter tarts is one of the few truly Canadian recipes is the butter tart, WELL, Kawarthas has a Butter Tart Tour!  With more than 30 bakeries scattered throughout the region to visit!


There is so many ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Kawarthas, why not try your hand at boating, fishing or hunting.  Or you can hike, cycle, ATV, horseback ride, golf, take a motorcycle tour or try any number of water sports!

I think my first stop would be the butter tarts, then to Hutchinson House, a show at the Capitol Theatre and a visit to a Farmers Market or two!  Are you visiting the Kawarthas this summer?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting Outside to Play this Summer! #SearsBabysRoom

Did you know Canada..  Summer is here across the country and the toys have finally made their way out of the basement these last couple weeks.  Do your kids ride riding toys in your basement too?  Please say I'm not the only one in a crazy house??

Well, I'm so happy to have all the toys outside and so are the kids!  The boys love their ride-on toys the like PlaSmart PlasmaBike, swings, bikes, bats, water sets, sandbox and more!  (Our backyard is very colourful!)

We're thinking about getting a playhouse next year, I always wanted one for my older boys but it just never worked out, I know they would have loved it though, and really, they probably will still enjoy it while their little brother plays with it.  I love the Little Tikes Picnic 'N' Playhouse at Sears Canada, you get the best of both worlds with a playhouse, little slide and climber, there is even a place to have lunch inside, too sweet!

Another backyard toy the boys always wanted was a trampoline, I think one with the padded frame and netting is a must for my silly boys.

Sears Canada knows how important summer is to kids, that's why between now and Thursday July 18 you can save 20% off all regular-priced toys on with the coupon code 941612912!!  I LOVE when stores run promotions on the toys for the current season!

What are some of the fav outdoor toys at your house??

Disclosure: I am part of the Sears The Baby’s Room Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link Up! 07/13

Welcome to our weekly All Canadian Link Up!  This weekend and every weekend, Canucks Rock! with our All Canadian Link Up and Candid Canuck feature interview.  Brought to you by your hosts: Did you know Canada?, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and Maple Leaf Mommy!

This week's Candid Canuck is Pat from Canadiana Connection!
 Check out our interview with her..

Friday, July 12, 2013

#Canada - We are Missing Bees!

Did you know Canada..  I've read a few reports today about Canada's dwindling honey bee
population!  According to the Canadian Honey Council, Canada's bee population has plummeted by an estimated 35% since 2010.

I know most of us head the other way when we see a bee for fear of being stung, but honeybees are our pollinators and pollination is responsible for the growth and development of 70% of Canada's cultivated plants!

Some are saying that a neonicotinoid-based insecticide that has been used in Canada for the last 9 years is to blame.  This insecticide is coat field crop seeds but some are saying the coating is also getting into plants, water, soil and air.

Other agricultural and scientific communities say they simply don't know why the bees are disappearing but it's a major problem.  Apparently a bee health working group has been formed in Ontario to make recommedations, but we won't hear from them until next spring at the earliest.

Do you feel neonicotinoids should be banned as many beekeepers suggest?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wow - AeroVelo Wins $250,000 Sikorsky Prize!

Did you know Canada..  The Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition was established in 1980(!!!) by the American Helicopter Society International to develop the first controlled flight of a human powered helicopter that meets a set of extremely challenging requirements.

The requirements to win the AHS Human Powered Helicopter Competition include a flight duration of at least 60 seconds and reaching an altitude of 3 meters while remaining in a 10 meter square boundary. The flight must also be certified by a representative of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

The competition was named in honor of Igor Sikorsky and the prize is $250,000 (pledged by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation).

Well, BIG NEWS! The prize was awarded July 11 2013 to the AeroVelo team from the University of Toronto. On 13 June 2013 at 12:43PM EDT the team managed to keep their human-powered helicopter called Atlas in the air for 64.11 seconds, reach a peak altitude of 3.3 metres and drift no more than 9.8 metres.

Check it out here, and congratulations!!  Go Canada!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We have a tooth!

Did you know Canada..  our little man sprouted his first tooth this weekend, and you know what that means - LOTS OF SCREAMING!

Our usually happy go lucky little dude has been a scream machine since the tooth arrived and can't be easily consoled, but unlike when the twins were babes, this time I was prepared!  I had heard from a couple friends about the magic of Amber necklaces, but I admit I was a little skeptical.  I had a chat with the owner of Momma Goose, who carries over 35 styles and colours of genuine Baltic Amber Teething necklaces and knew I had to try it for myself!

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that contains "succinic acid" which when released into the skin provided anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

This means pain relief and a reduction of inflammation in the gums.

How it works is when the amber is worn against the skin, the warmth of the skin allows the amber to release trace amounts of the succinic acid and provide relief.

We noticed a definite improvement from when he was wearing the necklace vs when he wasn't.  Easy to put on and take off, cute to look at (check out all these beautiful options), and I love this safety feature - a breakaway clasp - so if it ever did get snagged it just pops apart and doesn't break either!

I look forward to continued use of the Amber necklace and it's benefits, no one wants their little one to be in pain!  Did you used an Amber necklace for your little one?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Caesar - Canada's Cocktail!

Did you know Canada..  Invented in Calgary, Alberta in 1969 by restaurateur Walter Chell to celebrate the opening of a new Italian restaurant in the city, caesars are Canada's cocktail and I LOVE them!

Check out my recipe over at Canadian Mom's Cook.  What are some of your favourite cocktails?

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