Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minion fun with Hasbro Canada!

Did you know Canada..  Despicable Me 2 is the movie of the summer!  Back in #1 spot this weekend, it's a perfect summer movie to take the kids too.  Especially to get away from this heat! (movie theatres are always exceptionally cold, aren't they?)

To go along with the movie, Hasbro Canada has 2 really fun games available, wouldn't it be fun to surprise the kids with a Despicable Me 2 Monopoly Game or Operation Game along with some movie tickets??

We checked out both games and LOVE them, they are perfect for kids, playing with Mom or with a group of friends, check it out..

Despicable Me 2 Monopoly has an updated board and easy to use payment system, perfect for kids!  The only money is Banana Bucks and each valued a $1 - easy for kids to count out!  The spinner is a minion with a banana that tells you to move your minion 1-6 spaces around the board - fun to spin and easy numbers to work with!  Like the monopoly we all know and love buy and sell properties and collect Banana Bucks! Another fun feature is that each game includes exclusive minions and there's 50 minions to collect!

Easy enough for my 5 year olds, fun for Mom and Dad since there's no frustration and easy to play on the floor so baby bro can watch too! (keep the small pieces away from the baby though!!)

Despicable Me 2 Operation is another fun one, works like other operation games, use the tweezers to remove the silly parts, but touch the sides and you set off the buzzer!  One with I really enjoyed about this set is that the buzzer is not loud at all, more of a "phone vibration" type sound, great for not freaking out the kids!!!  Just like the monopoly another fun feature is that each game includes exclusive minions and there's 50 minions to collect!  Once you see the movie it's extra funny to operate on Stuart to remove the unicorn fluff or fix his nutty noggin and his toxic tongue!

Two great games from Hasbro Canada, perfect to take to the cottage or gramma's house with easy to understand rules this summer!

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