Wednesday, July 3, 2013

“Lone Ranger” Review

Did you know Canada..The Lone Ranger opens in theaters today. Starting with the plot – the Lone Ranger - a movie about adventures of Native American spirit warrior Tonto played by Johnny Depp and John Reid (Armie Hammer)- a lawyer and justice seeker. These two absolutely different guys have to find ways to communicate to each other, learn how to fight numerous bad guys and become heroes.
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The story goes back in 1869 when railroad construction was on its peak under the watchful eye of railway mogul (Tom Wilkinson) ready for everything to achieve his financial goals. John Reid and Tonto first meet in a train going to the town, same train also carried Butch Cavendish, a criminal who later managed to escape and kill John Reid’s brother Dan.

The movie is full of action, chases, rides, trains and crashes. My only note is that the movie was a mix of dramatic scenes with funny ones and not quite consistent, that way I am totally for funny ones.
As for characters, if you saw Armie Hammer in “Mirror, Mirror”, his Lone Ranger is close to that role may be with some changes. Tonto is funny, sneaky and I not know how he knew what is going on all the time. Anyway I liked how Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp played till the last scene.

Overall the movie is great, amazing costumes, decoration, lots of jokes and shooting, probably not good for younger audience and pay attention to thrilling canyons views, in theatres they look incredible.

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