Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mastermind Toys - Summer Sizzlers!

Did you know Canada..  you know how much we love Mastermind Toys, a favourite store of ours we visit in London ON and can be found at many other locations across Ontario and a new store in Calgary AB!  Don't have a store close by?  No worries, you can shop online too!!

Mastermind knows how to have fun in the summer and unlike some other stores, always has the NOW toys on sale.  Like the fact that until July 16th you can save 25% on all pool toys!  Perfect!

We checked out a couple must haves for this summer and they were amazing..

Zoku Slush and Shake Maker (comes in a bunch of fun colours) - Easy to use, you simply freeze the core overnight, then pour in juice, milk, ice cream or even your own home made smoothies, stir it up with the specially designed slush spoon and in approximately 7 - 9 minutes you’ve got a delicious, icy treat - no electricity needed!  Our favourite way to use it is to combine water and snow cone syrup in the Zoku, it tastes great, the kids love to watch the water turn into a yummy, slushy treat, it's simple to clean and store.

SkyTrix Stunt Glider - is AMAZING!  make sure you are in an open area - perfect for the beach, park, cottage, or camping, this glider can catch a breeze and really fly!  The SkyTrix glides like a plane, soars high in the sky like a kite, performs tricks like a yo-yo, and plays catch like a flying disc. The concept is simple - a plane on a tether. But the design and performance are anything but ordinary! Both the kids and the adults will have fun with this, just playing around or even creating a catching game with it.

Mastermind loves summer and knows how to do it right.  Why not check out their 101 Summer Essentials, surprise the kids with a new way to play this summer!

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