Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Avoid the Dangers of Too Much Technology

Did you know Canada..  Technology is great. It makes our lives easier, and in many cases more fun. However, there is a danger to technology as well. When you spend too much time relying on your cell phone, computer, or other device, you lose other knowledge that is helpful. Being too dependent on technology is in no one’s best interest.

How Do You Calculate?
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Because almost everyone today has a cell phone that means that almost everyone is carrying around a calculator as well. With the calculator so readily available, most people are not using their math skills any longer. Instead of doing simple math in their heads or on a sheet of paper, they instead pull out the cell phone calculator. Why is this a problem? Knowing basic math skills will help you in a variety of situations, and if you only rely on the calculator for the right answer, one day you will have the wrong one.

Are You Always Available?
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With email on our phones, as well as texting, instant messaging, and social networking, many Canadians today are always available to friends, family and coworkers. On the one hand, this can be seen as a great thing, because you never have to worry about missing out on something important. However, constantly being connected to everyone and everything can take its toll. You may start to feel burned out, run down, and stressed out. These are indicators that you may need to take a break from technology for a little while.

Where Do You Find the Perfect Place to Eat?
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It used to be that if you wanted to eat out, you would ask friends or even just drive around for a bit, to find the perfect establishment. Today there are a variety of review sites that you have access to quickly and easily with your phone. This can be helpful, however, instead of trusting the opinions of friends and family, when you use review sites, you are trusting the taste buds of everyone. The next time you go out to eat, ignore the reviews online. Drive around the area and find something that looks interesting. You may find a whole new experience you otherwise would have missed out on.

Does Texting Cause Illiteracy?
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Well, technically, no. But there have been studies that show that kids that text too often fall below other children in reading and writing. Texting is a great way to instantly connect with people, however, too much could lead to problems in school. Limit the amount of texting your child is allowed, and ensure that they are focusing on their studies.

When Did You Last Go Shopping?
Image via Flickr by Auswandern Malaysia

Online shopping is one of the biggest conveniences and biggest caveats of today’s technological world. You can shop for anything from anywhere at any time or any place. Shopping online is fun and it can ensure that you get products you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. However, when shopping online, you cut out a lot of important steps. You are less likely to browse, and more likely to spend money without considering what you actually need. When possible, check out the physical stores in your area to make better online shopping decisions. If you do shop online, make sure to only purchase trustworthy sites like for example.

Technology has done a lot for convenience in our lives. However, sometimes we all need a break from these little conveniences to get our feet back on the ground.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit

Did you know Canada..  sadly, tax time is pretty much upon us and it's time to be watching the mail for T4's, digging out receipts, chasing after the ones that don't show up and looking into tax credits.

I wanted to remind folks about one tax credit that you may not know about - the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit is a permanent, refundable personal income tax credit for seniors and family members who live with them. If you qualify, you can claim up to $10,000 worth of eligible home improvements on your tax return. The amount of money you get back for these expenses is calculated as 15 per cent of the eligible expenses you claim. For example, if you spend and then claim $10,000 worth of eligible expenses, you could get $1,500 back.

The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit can help with the costs of improving safety and accessibility in your home.  What's nice is your income doesn’t matter — seniors and their family members at all income levels are eligible!

Here's some great examples of renovations that qualify..

  • * Non-slip flooring in the bathroom
  • * Installing a hand-held shower
  • * Door locks that are easy to operate

If not for 2012 taxes, it's something to think about for 2013.  Making homes safe and accessible for seniors leads to peace of mind.  Visit home renovation stores like for products, tools and accessories to make a healthy home for seniors in your life.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ontario - Free Lotto Ticket!

Did you know Canada..  I found a great deal from the OLG, click here to receive a coupon for a free MEGADICE LOTTO ticket!

MEGADICE LOTTO is a new Daily lotto game that features two chances to win with one ticket - an instant win dice game and a traditional six-number matching lotto draw.  Roll seven one's to win the top instant prize of $7,500.  Win up to $100,000 on the lotto draw.  Available in Ontario only.

Sounds like fun, and now we can all try a game!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link Up! 02/23

Welcome to our weekly All Canadian Link Up!  This weekend and every weekend, Canucks Rock! with our All Canadian Link Up and Candid Canuck feature interview.  Brought to you by your hosts: Did you know Canada?, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and Maple Leaf Mommy!

This Week's Candid Canuck is Amanda from Multi-Testing Mommy check out our interview with her..

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before you started blogging.
Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to become a teacher.  I went through life working with kids as a babysitter, swim instructor, piano teacher, Child Life assistant (in a hospital) and more.  Teaching was who I was until I had a family of my own.  I focused my everything on being a teacher.  I loved teaching Kindergarten and music!  When I had children, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to focus on my family and have enjoyed doing this for the past 8 years!  I got into blogging as a way to stay connected to the outside world when my daughter was born and also as a way that I could share her exciting developments.  Slowly, my blog started taking on new forms of sharing information with other Canadian parents so I re-branded and became what I am now - Multi-Testing Mommy.

Three things that I love to do are hold babies, bake and sing.

One thing that I don't love is seafood, can't stand it!  Never have, never will.

One thing that I strive to figure out is time management and organization.

I am a people pleaser, a mix between an introvert and an extrovert (depending on the situation) and I am sensitive.

I love to give advice when asked and I try to be an open book, if you want to know something, just ask!  I love to share :)

If you went on a trip to the Bahamas what three items would you NEED to take with you?
Can I say my family?  My hubby and my two kids?  LOL! Seriously!  If not, then for sure my computer, a bathing suit and LOTS of sunscreen!

Tell us about Multi-Testing Mommy, what's the theme or idea behind your site?
Multi-Testing Mommy started off as a separate blog from my personal blog, a place where I could share product reviews and giveaways only.  Slowly, over time, it has become a place for me to share everything and anything from crafts, recipes, activities for kids and families, product reviews and of course giveaways (I know the readers love these!).  If I had all the time in the world, I would post more parenting posts and activities for kids.  This year, I am trying to take on less product reviews and write more about the things I love to write.

Last year, I also started up Canadian Moms Cook with Stacey from Did You Know Canada?.  I wanted a place that my readers could go to see all of my recipes in one place and it is always fun to go an adventure with a friend!

Since you often review products, name a few of the favourite items you've reviewed.
Wow - I've been introduced to so many amazing products through my blog, it is hard to name just a few.
I absolutely loved reviewing the Zoku Popsicle Maker.  It has been well used in our house and I cannot wait for the summer, when it will likely be put to use every single day!

My daughter and I loved reviewing the Ford Taurus!  We love testing out different vehicles and talking about whether or not they will work for our family.  This is something we would love to do more often this year, once the weather gets a bit better.

I also love reviewing toys and books for children.  This past summer, we received some Hex Bugs for review.  We had such a fun time testing them out together.

I'm also a skin care junky in that I love to review different products for the hair, body and skin.  This year, I am so excited to be a #PGMom and have had the opportunity to test out all kinds of awesome products, but I have also received many more natural products that I have grown to love as well, for example, Burt's Bees.

What tip would you give to other bloggers who are just starting out?
When starting out, it is so easy to compare yourself to some of the "bigger" blogggers.  Try not to do this.  Network like crazy and make your rounds around the blogosphere, reading other blogs and leaving comments.  Post regularly and interact with your commenters/fans so that they will be encouraged to come back!  As much as we sometimes get bogged down with numbers, it's about the interactions and the readers!

Share a link to one of your favourite posts.
I love to give advice to other parents, especially from a Kindergarten teacher's perspective.  I loved writing this post about Information for New Kindergarten Moms and Dads because I have now experienced Kindergarten from the teacher's and the parent's perspective.

Thanks so much Amanda!  Want to be one of our featured Canucks?  Sign up here.

Right now, link up your Canadian blog and social media accounts, find some new reads and new friends!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cord Blood Storage in Canada

Did you know Canada..  with the recent birth of my new little one I read up a lot about Cord Blood Storage in Canada.

Although cord blood storage is still a relatively new process, I hear about many families looking into it these days.  I can see that the benefits of cord blood storage are especially important for families that have a heritage of mixed ethnicities.  Unlike bone marrow transplants, cord blood can be a suitable transplant for people of all genetics.  Families with a history of certain conditions also stand to benefit from cord blood storage, and if your doctor knows your family’s history you will likely be encouraged to consider the benefits of cord blood.

For effective storage and development, cord blood stem cells must be banked using a cord blood program such as Insception Lifebank.  The cord blood collection process is painless, poses no risk to you or your baby’s health, and in no way interferes with your baby’s birth.

Great news - to help make the cost a little easier for you, Insception is offering $100 coupons for its cord blood storage services, which you can redeem by registering with the Insception Lifebank cord blood program. Very easy to do - all you need to provide to obtain a coupon is your name and your baby’s due date (this is so the storage facility has time to reserve a spot for your cord blood sample).  Your coupon is then personalized using your expected due date, which also sets an expiration date for 10 days after the scheduled birth, so in other words, if you do get the coupon, make use of it sooner than later.

Cord blood is a rich source of viable stem cells which are used in clinical trial tests for advancements in possible treatments of several conditions.  Cord blood stem cells have been used to test potential new treatments for conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes, cerebral palsy, autism, spinal cord injuries and dozens of others.  It's a big decision to make as part of your birthing plan, which ever way you decide is best for your family, I am happy we have these options in Canada available to us.

Did you consider storing cord blood as part of your birthing plan?

I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. Coupons for this promotion are available to Canadian residents only. American registrations are welcome but unfortunately do not qualify for the coupons.

Ding Dong Diaper Ditch with Pampers! #PGMom

Did you know Canada..  as a new Mom I know how important it is to have so many supplies on hand, with a new babe at home you can't just run out to the store to grab a forgotten item (even if you really did shower that day!).

Have you heard about Pamper's Ding Dong Diaper Ditch movement? The Ding Dong Diaper Ditch is simply a way to surprise a new Mom with a diaper gift to welcome their new baby.  Items like Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Pampers Sensitive Wipes, and Ivory Snow Liquid detergent are all musts for a new Mom.  Why not pick these items up, create a sweet little gift basket and "Ding Dong Diaper Ditch" at a new Mom's door?  I can tell you first hand that it would be a welcome surprise.

Not only because the gift comes without having to host a visit which can be hard on Mom the first couple weeks after delivery, but the thoughtfulness of the necessities would be so very nice.  Baby showers are a great time to get cute outfits and fun accessories, but in those first few weeks it's diapers, wipes and laundry that Mom's really concerned about at home.  Use Ivory Snow to wash anything that will come in contact with baby's delicate skin. It's worth the time as it will help remove any fluff or dust that could irritate baby. Your checklist should include baby clothes, cloth diapers, towels/washcloths, bedding, linens - even your own blouses. NOTE: Do not use fabric softener on baby sleepwear that is labeled flame retardant, as this may reduce flame resistance.

We have you covered with supplies to surprise a friend in need - enter below for your chance to win a Ding Dong Diaper Ditch prize pack!  Including Pampers Swaddlers Diapers (size 1)  and Pampers Sensitive Wipes, Ivory Snow Liquid detergent, a copy of “Caring for Kids: The Complete Guide to Children’s Health” and a Canada onesie - you will have everything you need to gift a new Mom!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

A night of Monster Jam

Did you know Canada..  last night my guys enjoyed a night of Monster Jam at Budweiser Gardens in London ON.  They had a BLAST!

Already huge fans of Monster Jam, we have about a million monster truck toys at home and the boys know the names of all of them, to see, hear and feel them in the flesh is just an amazing experience for them and I can't even begin to tell you how excited they were.

They also picked up these cool flashing necklaces that they have been having a lot of fun with today chatting about the show and recreating the stunts with their monster trucks at home.

An awesome night of Monster Jam competitions with Grave Digger coming in first place and Canadian Monster Truck Northern Nightmare in second, the boys also loved seeing Brutus and Krazy Train it was so much fun.  Great for the whole family I HIGHLY recommend checking out a Monster Jam show when they come to your neck of the woods.

When the trucks are reving up, jumping through the air spinning out - your heart is in your throat and the excitement builds and builds, it's just a blast!

We would go again in a heartbeat, you have to check out a show!

Who is your favourite Monster Truck?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Family Day with Sears Canada

Did you know Canada..  our Toronto Representative, Faniya, is attending a fantastic event Monday!

This Family Day we are glad to join Sears Canada to celebrate the exciting launch of Carter’s and OshKosh brands. We are invited to the Eaton Center in Toronto to preview the products, shop, meet the buyers and learn about why Carter’s and OshKosh became fabulous new additions to Sears family of products. 

Plus in support of the Sears Canada Charitable Foundation, The Sears Great Canadian Chill will present a custom built Chill pool, heated change tents, hot tubs, live entertainment, face painting, treats and many other activities for families that day at Yonge-Dundas Square.

Can't wait to hear how it went!

Family Day Ideas - Hasbro Canada

Did you know Canada..  this Monday is Family Day across most of Canada.  In Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan, it is observed on the third Monday of February. In the provinces of Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, the statutory holiday on this date is instead termed Louis Riel Day and Islander Day, respectively.

This year British Columbia began to celebrate Family Day on the second Monday of February.  Except in British Columbia, the timing of Family Day coincides with Presidents Day in the United States.

The second and third Mondays in February are regular working days in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the territories. As Family Day is not currently recognized in the federal sphere, federal employees in all provinces (such as public servants and postal workers) still work on this day. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the third Monday of February is a school board holiday, but not an official provincial holiday.

A little confusing right??

Well if it's a holiday for you Hasbro Canada thinks it's a great day to Play!

This Family Day holiday, Hasbro wants to give families a chance to take a break from hetic schedules.  Switch off the electronic distractions and take part in an evening of game play to reconnect and reenergize relationships and most importantly, create memories together.

Hasbro Canada has games for every family and every age.  We introduced our boys to a fun new version of JENGA, that is perfect for little boys as there's an explosion!  JENGA Boom - Just like in the classic JENGA game, you’ll need a delicate touch to pull blocks out of the stack without knocking it down. But in JENGA Boom, you have to move fast, because you start the detonator before each turn – and you have to get your block out before your time runs out and the stack "explodes!"  We have been having lots of fun with this, and I was kind of surprised the boys actually have the patience and skills to play JENGA - who knew!, we've been having lots of fun!

Another fun family game is Draw Something - have you been playing this one on your phone like hubby and I have?  Now you can play in your living room!  While one player draws, everyone else shouts out their guesses at what they're drawing. Whoever guesses the word earns coins along with the drawer, and the harder the word, the more coins you earn! Collect 15 coins for the win!

My absolute favourite game, and one I am so happy to have (previously we only had The Simpsons version) is the CLUE The Classic Mystery Game.  Ransack the mansion for clues, ask cunning detective questions and leave no card unturned. Solve the murder first to win!  Hubby and I have been enjoying this one at night after the big kids go to bed, I love it!

This Family Day is the perfect day to stay inside and break out a new game.  When we play games in the living room or at the kitchen table we have so much fun and I'm always surprised by how much we begin to talk, the boys are always more open to share things that happened at school the previous week, their thoughts and ideas and something silly always happens that we can reminisce about later.  Why not surprise the family with a new game from Hasbro Canada this Family Day, and enjoy each other!

Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link Up 02/16

Welcome to our weekly All Canadian Link Up!  This weekend and every weekend, Canucks Rock! with our All Canadian Link Up and Candid Canuck feature interview.  Brought to you by your hosts: Did you know Canada?, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and Maple Leaf Mommy!

This Week's Candid Canuck is Trina from Life's a Blog, check out our interview with her..

If you could interview anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?
Lady Gaga.  For a girl in her 20’s, she’s got more common sense than most people in their 40’s.  If I would have had half the knowledge and confidence at her age, I’m certain my life would have taken a brave new direction.

You have had some fabulous interviews and attended some great events, is there one that is your favourite? Why? 
The Toronto Film Festival is my favorite event but last year I attended the Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival and it rocked my world.  I can’t stop talking about the great time I had there.  It was all about the people!  The performers were amazing, but the people were out of this world.

In regards to my interviews, I was scared to death to interview Ian Astbury of the Cult during his media tour last year.  I asked myself several times who I thought I was to deserve this? The interview went great and he was such a great person to listen to and learn from.  I believe it was also the interview that I realized that my personality allowed me to find out truths that were never truly discovered.  After my interview, I read reviews that it was a “revealing” interview with Ian Astbury.

What goals do you have for your blog for 2013?
Two goals actually.

In 2012, I was catering to too many companies and hosted too many giveaways.  This is NOT who I am.  In 2013, it’s strictly those brands who I truly love.  If they don’t want to work with me because I’m an advocate and not an influencer, then I’ll love them in silence.  My blog this year will become a business, not a free walking billboard for brands with a multi-million dollar advertising budget.

Looking back to 2008, my blog started as a venue to talk about the Toronto Film Festival with a mix of entertainment news. Last year, I discovered that I love interviewing people.  I love to learn what makes them tick and the secret to their success.   This year, I want to aspire to connect with PR companies and publicists in Toronto and LA to review movies and interview as many people that I can.

It is great that your blog has contributors including your teen daughter. If you could give a piece of advice to a new blogger starting out, what would it be? 
Write what you love.  Writing about what you love consistently, with a basic understanding of SEO and Social Media, can take you places you have never imagined.

If you could live anywhere in Canada, where would it be?
Quite honestly, I’m blessed with where I am right now.  I have a few lifelong friendships online and offline.  People I think the world of.  However, as a couple, Toby and I would like to experience something new soon.  I’d love to live right downtown Toronto so I am at the center of everything.  I think Toby would like that too because he never gets out.

What inspires you day to day
Quite frankly, life’s challenges.  Everyday I’m always faced with a challenge.  Whether it’s writing copy for a sell sheet, interviewing someone, a whiny teenager or dealing with an issue, there is always a hurdle to overcome.  It’s what inspires and drives me (crazy) every day.

Is there anything you want the world to know about Trina Stewart?
It’s funny because most people online take me VERY seriously until they get to know me.  Most of the time I’m laughing. Even when I’m mad, I find the funny part of the situation.  I guess it’s the best way to make light of any situation to get you through it.    Also, despite my good humour, I have no issue calling a spade a spade.  I don’t care how popular or successful you are, I do not tolerate bullying or abuse towards another individual.

Thanks so much Trina!  Want to be one of our featured Canucks?  Sign up here.

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My Camp Memories #campexpo #campmemories

Did you know Canada.. Our Toronto Representative Faniya is sharing a camp memory and for doing so Our Kids will donate $5 to Kids in Camp!  This February 24th is Canada's Largest Camp Expo.  For families looking to find summer activities for their children, this is an event not to be missed.  Meet the leading day and overnight camps from Ontario and Quebec, choose from camps that focus on: arts, sports, education, special needs or an all around traditional experience - Faniya will be in attendance as well and reporting from the event!

12:00 PM TO 4:00 PM

When I was a child I attended summer camp almost every year. Of course it was different when I was there as a kid and when I was there as a teenager. And I spent at least four weeks there. Four weeks out of school, assignments and parents’ guidance. What could be better!

First thing what comes to my mind is that we spent lots of time outside, it was like a rule and we loved it. We went hiking, exploring outdoors, sitting around a campfire.  I admired our nature projects about trees and plants; everything looked so different from my big city life: the tiny roads, untouched beauty around, beautiful flowers and this fresh scent in the air you can’t find anywhere else.

My councillors were like walking encyclopedia; they knew everything (or maybe I just thought that). They had answers to everything, the name of this little bug, how this tree grows, if I can eat these berries etc. We considered our councillors as friends, adults but friends for sure, so during our group sitting near campfire or somewhere near the lake we shared our school life stories, our problems and kids dreams; we asked questions we would never ask our parents or teachers like “Where all bad people come from and why?” or “Why people fell in love first then hate each other?”

My camps were also the places I developed some skills I was never able to do at home like sitting in driver’s seat or riding a horse; I was independent in some points and made my own decision like what tour I would take or what I wear which was really important to me.

I also made lots of friends there; I loved stories about their life, schools and family. We made groups by interest (during teenage age it was crucial). 

So I returned back home tanned, relaxed and full of stories of my adventures. And neighbours always commented that I had a good time. Yes I had.

Have your own unforgettable camp memories then share your stories and send a kid to camp so they will have their own adventures to tell about!

This year Kids in CampOur Kids are hosting very first Camp Memories Blog Link-up. For every Camp Memory added to the link-up they will donate $5 to Kids in Camp Charity!

 (Kids in Camp, a registered charity that subsidizes camping experiences for children and youth. They are dedicated to assisting families who might not otherwise be able to send their children to camp.
Kids in Camp makes the wonder of camp experience available to kids of all backgrounds. It’s an opportunity for them to gain positive life-long memories. It’s a chance to learn about nature, themselves and others. It’s all about creating wonder, hope and building confidence)

Feb 15th - Flag Day!

Did you know Canada.. today, February 15th, is National Flag Day!!

First declared in 1996, it marks the day in 1965 when our red and white maple leaf flag was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

You can read about the history of our flag here. Although I'm sure I knew it, I was still shocked to read our flag was debated on in Parliment from Oct-Dec 1964, and on January 28, 1965, the National Flag of Canada was proclaimed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to take effect on February 15, 1965 - which brings us, of course, to flag day on February 15th. Went I think back to history I would have though our flag was older than that.

Although the official flag did not come about until the mid sixty's, the red and white of our flag were designated as Canada's official colours in 1921 by His Majesty King George V and the maple leaf has actually been used as an emblem in Canada since the eighteenth century. It was often served to distinguish Canadians abroad, for example it was used to represent Canada at our first time in the Olympians in 1904.

Did you know our flags history?

Recipe Round Up 02/15

Did you know Canada.. we have some great meal ideas for you to check out over at Canadian Moms Cook!

Oven Fried Chicken Baked Healthier

Honey Garlic Chicken and Sweet Pepper Stir-Fry

Ham and Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Brussels Sprouts & Broccoli Slaw

Canadian Moms Cook
I encourage you to head on over to Canadian Moms Cook where you will find some family tested recipes, food ideas, interesting food products and more posted by co-author Multi-Testing Mommy and me! Feel free to follow Canadian Moms Cook on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carters and OshKosh Launching at Sears Feb 15th! #SearsBabysRoom

Did you know Canada..  two of my favourite clothing brands for kids, Carters and OshKosh, are launching at Sears Canada and online at this February 15th!

My new little man fits PERFECTLY in Carters clothes, if you have had a new baby you know that the sizing on sleepers leaves wiiiiiide open room for interpretation. When I had my twins we ended up with many sleepers that never fit properly - their feet always coming out, bunching up around the neck, etc, etc..  but we have the best luck with Carters and I am SO happy they are now available at Sears!

Not just for new babes, Caters and OshKosh are also available for our big kids.  My boys were over the moon to receive these footed pjs - how cool are these in size 6 and 7?????  Fit absolutely perfect too, their feet stay in, easy to get on and off, the boys were sooooo happy!

To celebrate Sears Canada in running a Facebook contest to go with the launch - just "Like" Sears Canada on Facebook and you are entered to win a prize pack of Carters and OshKosh products!

If you’re in the greater Toronto area over Family Day weekend, keep your eyes peeled for some fun opportunities and activities being held on February 17th & 18th at Younge & Dundas Square!  On Sunday, February 17th The Great Canadian Chill event and on Monday, February 18th the Family Day event will have fun activities, treats, children’s authors and more! Perfect for families!

We're celebrating too - enter for your chance to win a prize pack of Carters and OshKosh products!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PETER PAN Diamond Edition 3-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack

Did you know Canada..  with a new baby in the house and trying to keep my older boys entertained at home we have been turning to movies a lot.  Our favourites our the classics as everyone enjoys them, so I was SO excited to hear about the new release of Peter Pan.

The Diamond Edition features a 3-Disc Blu-ray Combo with Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy & Storybook App is a “must-own” addition to everyone’s home entertainment collection, filled with high-flying bonus features for all ages that includes - the groundbreaking feature Disney Intermission, Growing up with Nine Old Men short film, never-before-seen Deleted Scenes and a never-before-heard Deleted Song.

“Peter Pan” is a timeless classic from Disney’s Golden Age of animation.  The film is one of three to boast all nine of Walt’s famous “Nine Old Men” as Directing Animators, and is a revered audience favorite.  “Peter Pan” Diamond Edition 3-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack will be available for a limited time only from Walt Disney Studios.

With a new digital restoration and high definition picture and sound - for the first time on Blu-ray™. The classic tale that taught us all “to believe” and first introduced us to the Darling children – Wendy, John and Michael - as they flew with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell past the second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning to the enchanted world of Never Land. Rediscover the magical adventure and relive childhood memories of this great bedtime story.

My boys have so enjoyed Captain Hook, the Lost Boys, Peter himself and really happy to know where Tinkerbell came from.  They have been acting out scenes from the movie and I know this will be a family favourite for years and years to come.

I also love this set not just for the movie but the extra entertainment it offers as well with the Storybook App and a whole host of Bonus Features..

-          Disney Intermission
-          Growing up with Nine Old Men
-          Disney View
-          Introduction by Diane Disney Miller
-          Deleted Songs & Scenes
-          You Can Fly: The Making of Peter Pan
-          Tinker Bell: A Fairy’s Tale
-          Disney Song Selections
-          Audio Commentary Hosted by Roy Disney
-          Music Videos & More!

What a great treat to pick up for Valentine's Day tomorrow and enjoy as a family!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Hallmark Canada

Did you know Canada..  we received a few fun treats from Hallmark Canada that I had to share with you..

CUPIG” shuffles and shakes his belly while singing a parody of the “Cupid Shuffle.” The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those looking for some cuddly comfort.  Special: $15.95 with each purchase of 3 Hallmark cards.  My guys love this so much they took it to school today to share with their friends!  It is so sweet!

"Something for you pup" - deliver a special something in a memorable way with this cute pup. Simply place an item in his mouth (anything from a card or flower, to a small box of candy) and give it to your loved one. When your Valentine pulls it out, the puppy will give a little “grrr” and then a happy “ruf, ruf!” with a wagging tail. (Only $14.95)  We have been having too much fun with this, the boys have been making everyone in the family cards and presenting them with this cute pup so we can hear the fun little bark!

The Ultimate Gift Bear. This ultra soft and cuddly teddy bear comes with a festive (removable) bow. This is a perfect cuddly friend for my new little man, this sweet bear is perfect for this Valentine's Day or any occasion.

Fuzzie Wuzzies Card Presenters for Kids - Kids can feel the love with these amazing cards. The line features cute critters covered in fun textures with Valentine messages tucked inside. After you remove the Valentine, keep this little friend around to store your favourite little things - $6.49 each.  So soft and cute, and great to keep long after the card is gone, I think this is the cutest!

Have you picked up any Valentine's Day specials from Hallmark Canada?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Day Idea - Riverdale Farm

Did you know Canada..  Family Day is fast approaching, do you have any plans yet??  If you are in the Toronto area, we've heard about a great event at Riverdale Farm.

Riverdale Farm and Grain Farmers of Ontario Invite you to get back to your roots this Family Day

When:                Monday, February 18, 2013
                          9:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. 
Where:               Riverdale Farm
                          201 Winchester Street
                          Toronto, Ontario 
How:                  Free event, open to the public, all are welcome 
All day activities include:
Francey Barn: Grain Farmers of Ontario Interactive Trailer
  •         Learn what plants need to grow with the Seed Survivor video game
  •         Play in a corn box filled with replic farm machinery and tractors
Francey Barn: Meet a farmer
  •          Sheep farmer - 10 a.m.
  •          Goat farmer  - 12 p.m.
  •          Horse farmer - 2 p.m.
Simpson House: 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.
  •          Treats from the kitchen
  •          Decorate a cookie, donation appreciated
Meeting House: 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.
  •          Display and demonstrations from the Toronto Guild of Spinnners and Weavers
  •          Cabbagetown Qualters Sewing Activity
  •          Preschool playroom
The residence: 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.
  •          Regent park Cabbagetown Museum – Artifacts and displays

Valentine's Day with Hasbro Canada

Did you know Canada..  Valentine's Day is sneaking up on me this year with the new baby!  My boys needed to work on their Valentine's Day gifts this weekend for their class.

As there are lots of allergies in their class this year we didn't go with any cards that included a candy treat, and instead went with this great idea from Hasbro Canada - Play-doh!

Valentines Bag has 15 cans of PLAY-DOH modeling compound! Make PLAY-DOH valentines with the pink, red and white colors! Great for classrooms and parties!

The Play-doh Valentine's Bag not only came with individual packs of play-doh in perfect Valentine's colours, they also came with To/From stickers for the top of the packs so you can address each Valentine's - perfect to bring to the classroom!

We received a pack from Hasbro to try out and went out to get more for the boys to enjoy at home, they have been having lots of fun creating with these great colours!

What are you sending to the classroom this week?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link up 02/09

Welcome to our weekly All Canadian Link Up!  This weekend and every weekend, Canucks Rock! with our All Canadian Link Up and Candid Canuck feature interview.  Brought to you by your hosts: Did you know Canada?, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and Maple Leaf Mommy!

This Week's Candid Canuck is Tammy from In R Dream, check out our interview with her..

How does where you live in Canada effect or inspire the way you blog? 
I am a proud Canadian and hold that dear and close to me with each post. I try to insert and share my love for the great white north when I can.

Is there an opportunity you have had presented to you, you would not have had if you did not have your blog. 
Choosing to be a SAHM goes hand and hand with learning how to make many scarifies and accepting to support our family on one income. The world of blogging has offered us opportunities we would never of been able to enjoy as a one income family, especially as a BIG family in today’s society. A few that stand strong in my mind are taking 3 of 4 kids to see Dream Works ~ How to Train a Dragon Live Spectacular, Disney On-Ice, Max & Ruby Live. These are the incredible opportunities we have received that we are forever grateful for and why I keep on blogging.

 Is there a Canadian blogger you look up to? Who and why?
This is a tough question because I have met and look up to so many Canadian bloggers. If I have to name a few I would choose a few of my favourites to be ( in no order) Mom Vs Boys, Multi Testing Mom, Everything Mom and Baby, Kidsumers, Ginger Mommy, Mommy Moment, Maple Leaf Mommy. These Canadian Bloggers are the ones who have introduced me to the world of blogging with open arms and stand out in my mind as down to earth and amazing moms on top of all else.

Tell us about you and your blog. 
Hi I am Tammy I am married to my childhood sweetheart, soul mate and best friend, we just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We have been together since I was 14 and 4 years later we invested in our first home. Today I am living my dream as a stay at home mama to 4 incredible children (6 & under). Which is why I named my blog “In R Dream”.  In between split milk and playing cars I letting my creative juices flow writing. I love the share information, product reviews and mother inspiration which also gives me a bit of adult interaction in my day. Our family loves to garden where we grow crops to feed our family all summer long. Together we love the outdoors, hiking, exploring, travelling and enjoying nature.

What do your children think about your blog?
They are too young to really understand, but they love testing and it goes hand and hand with blogging.

Share with us the link to your favourite post on your blog.
I chose this as my favourite because my husband printed it off last year after I posted it and he tried very hard to make extra sparks fly last February and everyday since.

Thanks so much to Tammy from In R Dream!  Want to be one of our featured Canucks?  Sign up here.

Right now, link up your Canadian blog and social media accounts, find some new reads and new friends!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scotiabank #HockeyDay in Canada

Did you know Canada..  February 9th is Scotiabank  #HockeyDay in Canada!!!

Scotiabank Hockey Day will be coming to you from Peterborough ON and Coast to Coast.  Not only can you watch all of Canada's NHL Teams play (check out the broadcast schedule here), there are so many ways to be involved this weekend..

Virtual High Fives
Until Saturday Feb 9th, you can post a picture of your best High Five moment on the Scotia Hockey Club Facebook page.
On Friday and Saturday, they are going to randomly select 5 photos, and those fans will get a personalized video message from a NHL legend such as Lanny and others, live from Peterborough!!!

Tweet with Lanny McDonald
On Saturday, February 9th, between 2-3 pm EST, Scotiabank will be hosting a live tweet chat on @ScotiaHockey, whereby fans can ask questions to Lanny McDonald! Make sure you use hashtag  #askLanny to be involved.

High Five Program
Last but not least is the “Scotiabank High Five to the Stanley Cup Final” contest. Fans can enter through Facebook.

I think this is really fun, here's how the High Five Program works:
1)      Canadian hockey fans choose their team they want to support.
Note: This is the team you are going to follow for the season. Should you wish, you have one opportunity to change their team before April 3rd.

2)      Every time your team scores, fans have 10 minutes to go to the app to “High Five”. (fans can also opt. in to receive real-time goal notifications via email or text)

3)      After their team finishes a game, fans also have 12 hours to log on for a bonus “High Five”.

4)      Each “High Five” counts as a contest entry. Each week, one random winner will be selected to win 2 tickets to any NHL game of their choice.

5)      On June 10th, one grand prize winner will be chosen who will receive a VIP experience for two to a Stanley Cup Final Game.

6)      Contest is open until June 9th, 2013 and is open to all Canadian residents

At my house we will be starting Hockey Day with my boys minor hockey league game at 7:30am, and then we will be in front of the TV with snacks and family to enjoy Scotiabank Hockey Day!  To celebrate Hockey Day with our readers, we have an awesome Soctiabank Hockey Day Prize Pack to giveaway, enter below for your chance to win Canada!


He's here!

Did you know Canada..  I just wanted to let you know my new little man is here!

Born Jan 31st in the afternoon, he is perfect and we are so very happy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link Up! 02/02

Welcome to our weekly All Canadian Link Up!  This weekend and every weekend, Canucks Rock! with our All Canadian Link Up and Candid Canuck feature interview.  Brought to you by your hosts: Did you know Canada?, Tales of a Ranting Ginger and Maple Leaf Mommy!

This Week's Candid Canuck is Frugal Edmonton Mama, check out our interview with her..

What is Frugal Edmonton Mama all about?
I started Frugal Edmonton Mama as a way to share deals, promotions and sales – but it’s funny because I was just learning myself. Before starting the blog I was a self-confessed non-frugal shopper that wouldn’t have a second thought spending upwards of two hundred dollars on a haircut and color. After becoming pregnant and realising the sheer expense of having children, I knew there had to be ways to save, without sacrificing the stuff that I wanted. There was – and now, I share those deals, shopping tips and product insights with Moms.

Share some of your best shopping/saving tips with us.
Choosing when to shop is the most important thing that you need to know about shopping. Shopping in advance – before you need the items and have to pay full price isn’t a new concept. It’s something that our grandparents did – and something that can save you hundreds of dollars every single year. Shop ahead for the next season at the end of the current one, stock up when items are at their lowest price and use the sales at Costco to save. Doing this, you can save without even clipping a coupon. 

What is the best deal you ever found?
There have been a few great deals. I was able to stock up on diapers for our oldest for two years for under a hundred dollars. Of course, that was back a few years ago when you could still stack coupons. One of the most exciting deals? We paid $39/person to go to Las Vegas combining an Expedia promotion code with a hot sale. That’s flights + accommodations for four days. For that price, how could we not go!?

Surviving Canadian winters, what can you not live without in February in Canada?
The fireplace. We live in a newer house but on those windy days it seems that the house just can’t get warm enough. We hang out in the living room watching movies together and doing crafts to get through those cold days. 

For occupying the kids? Food coloring. There are so many crafts and activities that we do with food coloring from painting in the snow, bringing the snow inside and painting it, colored bath tub paint and liquid watercolors and even making fun hair colors. It’s the cheapest tool I have in my beat-the-winter-boredom toolkit. That, and I’m always freezing but never wear socks, so warm boots!

Do you have a popular blog post that people keep coming back to?
There was one time that I was able to use Scanning Code of Practice at Costco. That never happens. I titled it “I Won the Costco Lottery” for that reason. It’s only a couple of months old or so but it gained some traction with the most viewed post on Frugal Edmonton Mama. That’s impressive since there are some big contenders. I have a deep love for Costco, you can find me there a couple of times weekly!

Tell us about you and your background before you started blogging.
Before I started blogging I was a student and freelance writer. I had met Frugal Dad and it was a whirlwind relationship. We were seeing each other for a couple of weeks, moved in together a month later and got engaged just a few short months after that. Just over a year after we had been engaged our first child was born, and it brought out my inner frugalista. I wasn’t willing to change the quality of items that we purchased, but I was willing to hunt around for the best price. It was a hobby-turned blog that quickly caught on with local readers and has been growing ever since.

You can find Lori blogging frugal living tips, DIY projects and the latest Canadian deals at Frugal Edmonton Mama. She’s also over-sharing on Twitter, giving hot money-saving tips on Facebook and addictively pinning on Pinterest.

Thanks so much to Lori from Frugal Edmonton Mama for sharing her tips and tricks with us!  Want to be one of our featured Canucks?  Sign up here.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Canada’s Inaugural National Cupcake Day for SPCAs & Humane Societies

Did you know Canada..  The first-ever National Cupcake Day™ is set for Monday, February 25th and everyone is invited to bake their best cupcakes, host a cupcake party, share cupcakes with family, friends and colleagues, and collect donations all in support of the SPCAs and Humane Societies across Canada. National Cupcake Day™ is designed to help raise much needed funds for all fuzzy friends, big and small, that have been abused, abandoned or in need of help.

We’re encouraging people to register online at and then to bake cupcakes and host a National Cupcake Day™ party on February 25th, with all proceeds going to support the Ontario SPCA and its communities,” explains Marc Ralsky, Director of Community and Donor Development for the Ontario SPCA. “We hope that people will encourage their family and friends to donate online and to support their efforts by attending a local National Cupcake Day™ party, or hosting an event of their own. It’s a fun and easy way to make a life-saving difference in the lives of animals who desperately need our help.

Your cupcakes will help shelters across Canada give a surrendered cat or dog a new forever home, rescue a neglected or abused animal and give them a second chance at a new life, and provide emergency surgery injured animals.  So get baking, collect some donations and support SPCA’s & Humane Societies in your community.  Visit to get started!

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