Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Avoid the Dangers of Too Much Technology

Did you know Canada..  Technology is great. It makes our lives easier, and in many cases more fun. However, there is a danger to technology as well. When you spend too much time relying on your cell phone, computer, or other device, you lose other knowledge that is helpful. Being too dependent on technology is in no one’s best interest.

How Do You Calculate?
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Because almost everyone today has a cell phone that means that almost everyone is carrying around a calculator as well. With the calculator so readily available, most people are not using their math skills any longer. Instead of doing simple math in their heads or on a sheet of paper, they instead pull out the cell phone calculator. Why is this a problem? Knowing basic math skills will help you in a variety of situations, and if you only rely on the calculator for the right answer, one day you will have the wrong one.

Are You Always Available?
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With email on our phones, as well as texting, instant messaging, and social networking, many Canadians today are always available to friends, family and coworkers. On the one hand, this can be seen as a great thing, because you never have to worry about missing out on something important. However, constantly being connected to everyone and everything can take its toll. You may start to feel burned out, run down, and stressed out. These are indicators that you may need to take a break from technology for a little while.

Where Do You Find the Perfect Place to Eat?
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It used to be that if you wanted to eat out, you would ask friends or even just drive around for a bit, to find the perfect establishment. Today there are a variety of review sites that you have access to quickly and easily with your phone. This can be helpful, however, instead of trusting the opinions of friends and family, when you use review sites, you are trusting the taste buds of everyone. The next time you go out to eat, ignore the reviews online. Drive around the area and find something that looks interesting. You may find a whole new experience you otherwise would have missed out on.

Does Texting Cause Illiteracy?
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Well, technically, no. But there have been studies that show that kids that text too often fall below other children in reading and writing. Texting is a great way to instantly connect with people, however, too much could lead to problems in school. Limit the amount of texting your child is allowed, and ensure that they are focusing on their studies.

When Did You Last Go Shopping?
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Online shopping is one of the biggest conveniences and biggest caveats of today’s technological world. You can shop for anything from anywhere at any time or any place. Shopping online is fun and it can ensure that you get products you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. However, when shopping online, you cut out a lot of important steps. You are less likely to browse, and more likely to spend money without considering what you actually need. When possible, check out the physical stores in your area to make better online shopping decisions. If you do shop online, make sure to only purchase trustworthy sites like for example.

Technology has done a lot for convenience in our lives. However, sometimes we all need a break from these little conveniences to get our feet back on the ground.

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