Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easy Daysies

Did you know Canada.. it's time to set the PVR's - Easy Daysies will be on Dragon's Den this week - Wednesday, September 28th at 8pm!

Easy Daysies are Magnetic Schedules for Kids and have been a life changing product in our house. My boys are CONSTANTLY asking what are we doing next, is it tomorrow yet, is it dinner time yet and a million other questions that you answer nicely the first 10 times but they they start to grind on you. With Easy Daysies I can now point the boys to the fridge and tell them to check what's on the list! I LOVE it!!!

Every morning the boys are excited to plan their day on the board and as they finish each task they yell CHECK and run to the fridge to mark it off. It's just too sweet and has saved us a lot of frustrated chatter in our house that I will be forever grateful for.

Elaine, the found of Easy Daysies, is a Canadian school teacher and a mom of three (2,4,8 years old). As a school teacher she had parents ask her over and over to create a visual daily routine for their kids, and so for 8 years she made them out of laminated paper to help their kids at home have easier days. It was then that she thought that if she had been making these visual routines for free for 8 years there must be a market for such a product, so she launched her first product 2 days after my third child was born. Such a sweet story and a real testimate to Mom's helping Mom's find every day solutions to real problems.

As I mention, Easy Daysies will be on Dragon's Den this week - Wednesday, September 28th at 8pm, we were lucky enough to be able to ask Elaine a few questions about her Dragon's Den experience:

1. Did you approach Dragon's Den to be featured on the show or how did it come about?

Elaine: Ever since I launched my first Easy Daysies product two days after my third child was born, I have had people tell me that I need to go on Dragons' Den. It wasn't until I was part of the "Inventors' Corner" at the Canadian Toy Trade Show in the beginning of this year that I seriously considered it! I had many retailers tell me that I need to get bigger and move this product off my kitchen table because I would not be able to keep up with the orders. Sure enough, they are right. I need help to take it to the next level. When we got home from the trade show my wonderful husband Googled Dragons' Den and discovered that they were starting their Nation wide auditions in our city on that Saturday! He said to me, "It's now or never!" So, we went to the auditions! I thought it went terribly but I got a phone call at the end of their 6 week nation wide auditions and was told congratulations that I was chosen to be part of the taping of the Season 6 show of Dragons' Den!

2. How long was it between being invited on the show and actually filming it ( so how long were you freaking out? :) )?

Elaine: I had less than one month.... but I am still "freaking out"! It is definitely a chance in a lifetime and something to check off my bucket list of things to do!

3. Was everyone in your family excited? nervous? Did anyone think it was a bad idea?

Elaine: The producer wanted my three little ones to be a part of it, so you will see my husband and kids there too. I think that I was the most nervous but having the children there made me have to be the "strong and brave one". :)
Everyone who knew we were going to the taping were incredibly supportive and saying "Good! Finally!"

4. What's the differences between what we see on TV and what really happens? We need some behind the scenes gossip! :)

Elaine: The taping of Dragons' Den Season 6 happens over 20 days. The Dragons actually wear the same outfit/wardrobe over those twenty days so that they can mix and edit pitches from different days of taping to create their 21 episodes. Then you can't tell if they were from different days. CBC gets you to sign contracts stating that they own all the footage and can use it as they please to make it tv worthy. So if it is made to make you or your business look ridiculous, you have given them your permission! Expressions and comments that you see on the show may not have actually occurred in the order it originally happened either. We were reminded that it is a TV show more than it is a board room.
But for your 411, my entire family had bronchitis except for my oldest (the 7 year old). We were all not feeling well. We had to be at the studio at 6:30AM (which was actually 3:30AM BC time). My 2, 4 and 7 year old did super well! However, my poor little 2 year old threw up just in front of the elevators when we got there! Yup, it was a fun start!

5. Did you get to say everything you wanted to say and show everything you wanted show?

Elaine: We knew that time was against us and that I had to capture them within the first 60-90 seconds. I wanted to say so much more but knew that I would try to fit it into their questions. So, no, I did not get to say everything I wanted to!

6. Now that's it's over and you've had time to think about it was there any regrets? Anything you wish you had done differently?

Elaine: I wished that I had journaled what had happened in the Den because it was like a dream that I woke up to and can't remember! I would also have worn more comfortable shoes!

7. Who is your favourite Dragon?

Elaine: No comment! :) I actually like them all! I was sad that Brett is no longer part of the show!

Thanks so much for the fun interview Elaine, I love the insight into the Dragon's Den - one of my favourite shows on TV! We'll chat with Elaine again once her episode has aired and hear some more about what goes on in the Den!!

Be sure to support Elaine and Easy Daysies on the web as we get ready to see her on Dragon's Den!!

Easy Daysies web site
Easy Daysies on Twitter
Easy Daysies on Facebook

Monday, September 26, 2011


Did you know Canada.. I bet many of you have already heard of Kiboomu - they are famous for their children's apps, they provide awesome craft and recipe ideas on their site and Twitter, but did you also know they have children's music cds??

Kiboomu - Kids Music and Apps

Kiboomu has a huge selection of children's cds including baby and toddler music, early learning, language arts, math songs and more.

My boys and I had a chance to try out the Learning Songs cd, full of fun songs like The Wheels on the Bus, The Circle Song, Good Morning, and our current favourite - B I N G O Phonics. It is just sooooo exciting to hear my boys singing this themselves around the house, we've spelt out BINGO with our letters on the fridge and they are recognizing the BINGO letters everywhere - this is just fantastic!

I also loved that all the songs were upbeat, friendly, age appropriate - these sound like silly things to say about a childrens cd, shouldn't they all be upbeat, friendly, age appropriate - well - you would be surprised, trust me!!!! We have come across many cd's in the past that have slow "sad" songs aimed at children, older songs that have inappropriate words and messages, you really need to trust the source when it comes to children's cds.

Kiboomu is a source you can trust! Launched in January 2010, Kiboomu is a Montreal-based development company specializing in award-winning children’s music for mobile apps and album downloads that promote learning through music and fun.

We love that this Canadian, award winning company is there for our kids. We highly recommend Kiboomu for apps, music, ideas and more!!

Giveaway! Earth's Berries Soap Nuts

Update: Giveaway is now closed, thank you everyone for commenting!!

Did you know Canada.. I have discovered such a cool product - Soap Nuts!

What the heck are Soap Nuts - I know some of you are thinking it!! Well, they are actually a fruit to start with, taken from the soapberry tree, and it is a natural, potent cleaning alternative to the harsh chemicals common to detergents and household cleaners.

Not only economical (1kg bag of soap nuts will do 300-400 loads of laundry at the regular retail price of $30.00) but also eco-friendly (1kg bag would replace 9-32 load plastic bottles of detergent, also naturally harvested and the ink on the exterior bag is sun dried).

There is also no residue, works as a fabric softener and as an odour neutralizer!!! Perfect for any Mom - especially me and my stinky boys. :-)

I admit I was a little unsure at trying out the soap nuts but I am absolutely over the moon for them now - recommending them to friends, family, random Moms - everyone! They are so easy to use, just make up one small cotton sac of 4-5 Earth’s Berries soap nuts and that will take care of 4-5 loads of laundry!! They work fantastic, I am positive our clothes, especially the kids clothes which are always stained with something, is SO MUCH cleaner, fresher and softer. I really notice the LACK of soap residue in items like jeans and towels too - so, so nice. Click here to view full directions on how to use the Soap Nuts in your laundry.

Earth's Berries is a Canadian Company, and Karen, the owner, has been selling soap nuts since July 2009. We are so pleased to recommend this Canadian company, what they stand for and thank them for introducing us to such a fantastic product!!


One lucky reader will get a chance to try Soap Nuts for themselves, winning a 1kg bag with 4 wash bags!!

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Let us know in the comments section: What laundry products do you use right now?

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Disclosure: We were sent a bag of Earth's Berries Soap Nuts - my opinions are my own.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Canadian Invention: Cobalt Therapy

Did you know Canada.. In 1951, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. pioneered the field of cancer treatment with its Eldorado Beam Therapy Unit to replace radium therapy. The first unit was used in the London Clinic of the Ontario Cancer Foundation at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario on October 23, 1951. On October 27, 1951, the first highly publicized cobalt-60 treatment in the world occurred there.

Another unit was built under the direction of Dr. Harold Johns at the University of Saskatchewan‘s newly constructed cancer wing which was adjacent to the medical college. On November 8, 1951, the first patient was treated in Saskatoon at the Saskatchewan Cancer Commission.

I was surprised to find that for many years, Canada was the only country that could produce cobalt therapy unit, and today it continues to supply over 80% of the world’s demand.

Another Canadian Invention to truly be proud of!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Giveaway! FitLips

Winners: Congratulations to our 2 winners: Jeannette, Doreen and Athena!!

Update: Giveaway is now closed, thank you everyone for commenting!! Winners are being contacted.

Did you know Canada.. I have found a GREAT Canadian made lip balm - FitLips!!

We all know with our constantly changing seasons, harsh winters and crazy wind storms, lip balm is a must in many Canadian's lives. My absolute favourite part of FitLips is that it is goop-free!! I find so many lip balms to be too soft, smeary, goopy and gross. FitLips contains fantastic ingredients including..

* Beeswax locks in moisture, fosters cells and protects skin from damaging environmental factors.
* Hemp oil is non-greasy, moisturizing and an excellent anti-aging emollient.
* Mango butter softens and smooths lips, while providing anti-oxidants, which help lips stay young.
* Cupuacu butter has a high water absorption capacity, thus is highly beneficial for dry and damaged lips.

I've tried their 3 flavours - Natural, Vanilla & Peppermint - Vanilla is my favourite right now - very light and just perfect.  The Peppermint will be perfect for this winter and the Natural will be great for all the boys in my life.

I love that it comes in a tin, perfect to stick in your purse or pocket and grab easily, I was happy to hear that the tin is recyclable as well!!

Great news about a fantastic Canadian made product, and one that we can be proud to use. FitLips is not only great for your lips, it's even versatile enough for dry elbows and cuticles - this is definitely a girls best friend product! Click here to find FitLips in your area.


THREE lucky readers will win a tin of FitLips to save their lips this winter!!

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Let us know in the comments section: How do you take care of your lips?

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Disclosure: We were sent the mentioned FitLips products to try - my opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Giveaway! Naturally Nova Scotia

Did you know Canada.. I recently had a chance to try out 2 best sellers from Canadian Company Naturally Nova Scotia - I tried their Nova Greens and their CHIAlicious drink mixes.

Nova Greens, created with 44+ ingredients, is the ultimate green superfood formula made with 100% certified organic fruits, vegetables, and herbal ingredients. Known for increasing energy, immunity, digestion and mental clarity, I was very excited to try this. While I have not been using it for that long I can say that it tastes good (which is a big one on mixes drinks) and I have been feeling better overall lately. Energy is something I am in great need of, I often hit the 2 or 3pm slump where it seems to take yeeeeears to get to dinner and our evening activities and I look forward to reaping all the benefits of the Nova Greens.

I've also tried Naturally Nova Scotia's CHIAlicious - a high source of vitamin C, fibre, and antioxidants. CHIAlicious is filled with berries that have been harvested at the peak of their nutritional potencies - and tastes delicious! This would make a perfect smoothie and I loved that it came in pre measured sachets so that you can just grab and go with it.

Another fantastic Naturally Nova Scotia product (and one that we get to share with our readers) is their Nausea Relief. Clinically shown to help prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness and seasickness these easy to swallow hard tablets are perfect to keep in your purse for when it hits. Also, great news for expecting Mamas - it is safe and effective for use during pregnancy.

I love that Naturally Nova Scotia Health Products is located along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. The founder and president of Naturally Nova Scotia, Nancy Smithers, first began her products by harvested fresh herbs from around Nova Scotia and packed them in amber glass bottles using the Folk Method, filling them to the rim with ethyl alcohol. Such a great story and a beautiful Canadian company to be proud of.


We are so excited to announce 12 lucky winners will each win 2 packets each of Naturally Nova Scotia's Nausea Relief!!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dr. Norman Bethune

Did you know Canada.. Dr. Norman Bethune, born in Gravenhurst, Ontario on March 3, 1890, was a Canadian physician and medical innovator.

He developed the first mobile blood-transfusion service in 1936! During the Spanish Civil War a frequent cause of death on the battlefield is medical shock brought on by loss of blood. Unfortunately a casualty whose wounds do not appear life-threatening suddenly dies - a terrible loss.

It was during this time that Bethune conceived the idea of administering blood transfusions on the spot - he organized a service to collect blood from donors and deliver it to the battlefront, thereby saving countless lives. While also developing the world's first mobile medical unit - containing dressings for 500 wounds, and enough supplies and medicine for 100 operations.

He's also known for setting up a free medical clinic for the poor in Montreal.

A true Canadian to be proud of!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giveaway! RateSupermarket.ca

Update: Giveaway is now closed, thank you everyone for commenting!!

Did you know Canada.. RateSupermarket.ca is an awesome Canadian site to compare mortgage rates, credit cards, insurance and more.

They just launched a brand new section of our site called LEARN that is dedicated to promoting financial literacy for Canadians through articles, tips, tools, and guides!

Whether you are just starting out or "been around the block" there is great information here for everyone. I spent hours reading through their site and their emails, it started discussions with my husband and I was able to pass some information on to a friend that she wasn't aware of.

One new tool from the LEARN is their First Time Home Buyer's Guide which is a series of 14 daily emails to get property newbies into shape for buying their first home (think of it like a two week bootcamp for buying your first home). Throughout the series they've also included quizes, tools, and tips along the way. I really love these emails, they are fun, easy to read and gives you great information - straight to the point as well, no 100 page novel of information you're not looking for.

And check this out, How to Save $65,541 on your Mortgage in 3 Simple Steps.

I was very impressed with how easy they made it to sign up and how quickly you could access all their fantastic information. This is a great tool for every Canadian!!!


While you immerse yourself in this great information we're giving away a $50 Starbucks card to one lucky reader! You ALWAYS need a coffee by your side while you get informed and plan for the future.

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Use this widget to sign up for the First Time HomeBuyer's Guide - they make it so easy to sign up, you don't even have to leave our page! Leave us a comment once you've signed up.

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Disclosure: We signed up for the service to try it as well - my opinions are my own.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Giveaway! Konsyl

Congrats to our winner, Chris!!

Update: Thank you everyone for commenting, the winner is being contacted now!

Did you know Canada.. whenever I think about fiber I think oh, that's for old people, but that's not true. Fiber provides a whole host of health benefits including:

* Relieve constipation and induce regularity (even while pregnant)
* Get relief from various gastrointestinal disorders, such as diverticulosis, Crohn's disease, acid reflux and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
* Reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol
* Follow a heart-healthy diet
* Enhance weight loss
* Help decrease blood cholesterol levels and help maintain healthy blood glucose and insulin levels
* Reduce the chance of developing hemorrhoids

Psyllium fiber, such as the fiber found in Konsyl Fiber Supplements, is a bulk-forming soluble fiber derived from the outer coating, or "husk" of the psyllium plant's seeds. Because psyllium does not come from wheat it is therefore gluten free and safe for celiac patients. Konsyl products are also safe for pregnant and nursing women. Just one serving of Konsyl Original Formula 450g provides 6 grams of psyllium fiber (equal to 3 grams of soluble fiber), 75% more than the leading brands.

I tried both the Konsyl Original Formula (contains 100% pure natural psyllium fiber) and the Konsyl Balance (a blend of psyllium fiber and inulin, a soluble prebiotic fiber designed to stimulate growth of healthy bacteria in the gut). I was impressed with both, they mix easily and came with a shaker cup so you can have it "shaken, not stirred". I'm always concerned about drinks like this being grainy but they weren't at all. The Konsyl Balance had a great orange taste - very light, not that fake taste I sometimes associate with these kinds of things.

It feels great to know a quick drink can give you so many health benefits, and if drinks aren't your thing they also have Konsyl Psyllium Caps as part of their line. I loved reading that Konsyl Original 450g is the number one doctor recommended all natural psyllium fiber supplement - makes you feel good to know you're using a highly recommended product.


One lucky reader will be able to try Konsyl for themselves - you can select one of the products I tried, either the Konsyl Original Formula or the Konsyl Balance - they both come with a shaker cup.

Mandatory Entry - one mandatory entry per person
Let us know in the comments section: Do you think you get enough fiber?

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Giveaway open to our Canadian & US readers, closing October 3rd at 9:00pm EST. You must leave an email address so I have a way to contact you in the event that you win. Winners must respond within 72 hours or another winner will be chosen in their place.

Disclosure: We were sent the mentioned Konsyl products to try - my opinions are my own.

Canadian Invention: Pacemaker

Did you know Canada.. it was Canadian, John Hopps invented the first cardiac pacemaker!

John Alexander Hopps is also known as the "father of biomedical engineering in Canada".

It was in 1951 that Hopps, along with Dr. Wilfred Bigelow and Dr. John Callaghan at the Banting Institute in the University of Toronto, developing the world's first external artificial pacemaker. The first internal pacemaker was implanted in a human body by a Swedish team in 1958.

It was a somewhat crude and painful device for the patient having to use it and, being powered from an AC wall socket it was not safe or convenient. It did pave the way to the pacemakers we have today though and so a Canadian Invention to be proud of!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kabongo (and free play code!)

Did you know Canada.. my boys and I have been trying out a very fun web site this weekend - Kabongo! A Fun and educational children online game, it focuses on cognitive skills to increase literacy, critical thinking and more.  I am just loving their mission statement:  To challenge kids to become better thinkers, inspiring self-confidence through the joy of play.

I was so impressed with this website, I'm breaking into point form to tell you all the things I loved..
* very easy sign-up was a big plus for Mom, easy set up of the child's character as well
* the game is always talking - helps keep the boys engaged, the characters are clear, concise and easy to understand
* they get to make their own characters and decorate their tree house - so fun, and fun to watch what the boys pick
* with the games you earn stickers to make your own comic book
* the mini-quests were fun, engaging, easy to follow and a good challenge

Their website also included a fantastic Parent's Dashboard where you can keep track of your child's progress, has great articles to read and printables for offline.

So many sites include a monthly fee now, I am so happy with Kabongo that they not only have free games but also have a one time fee of only $4.95 for unlocking each of their two additional habitats. Luck would have it that we have a special offer for our readers as well. Use the coupon below to unlock one of the habitats!!

Sign up today for free, enter your code for a free game and let us know what you and your little ones think!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Luxe Box

Did you know Canada.. I got the COOLEST package in the mail the other day - a Luxe Box!!

What is a Luxe Box you ask? It's a BEAUTIFUL box containing deluxe trial sized beauty products that can be delivered to your door monthly. Feel like a queen when testing products from Calvin Klein, essie, stila and more. It's the perfect way to find out which products work best for you and getting to lavish yourself in all these products every month. Created by Canadian Company Loose Button, you can see this is created by a team of passionate people.

You guys know I am all about presentation and the Luxe Box went above and beyond my expectations. The box itself is gorgeous, sturdy and reusable. A personalize note & a very nice card listing the products was included - this is no photocopy stuffed in there, I also appreciated the retail value listing of each product.

I've already been trying the lip plumping treatment by City Lips and used the oil hair treatment by Moroccanoil - two products I would probably have never been able to try otherwise and I love them both - so fun!

This, it's just awesome, it really is. This would be a perfect gift to get a friend, mother, sister, or daughter, a real treat to receive in the mail every month. I love that you don't know what's coming and the fact that you get 3 - 5 products every month means you'll be feeling beautiful every single day.

Disclosure: I was sent a Luxe Box to review - my opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Did you know Canada.. thousands of avalanches happen in Canada every single year?

They can happen in all regions of Canada, but are more frequent in the mountains of British Columbia, the Yukon and Alberta.

In our history some of the worst avalanches have occurred in Rogers Pass, British Columbia (in 1906 and again in 1910) and Cooper Mine, British Columbia (in 1915 and again in 1918). More recently the Inuit community of Kangiqsualujjuaq, lost 9 of their members in Quebec's worst avalanche on New Years Eve 1999.

Many will also remember the tragedy that struck Michel Trudeau, who was the youngest son of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau - he was killed in an avalanche while skiing at British Columbia's Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park on November 13, 1998; he was 23 years old. His body was swept into Kokanee Lake - his body has never been recovered.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Caramel Expressions

Did you know Canada.. we got the sweetest picture for my boys room, it's this train:

This was sent to us from Caramel Expressions - Caramel Expressions is a Canadian company offering adorable wall art to decorate and brighten up your little one's room. My boys are over the moon for this train, we are train addicts here.

I love that it's not soooo kiddish, not related to a TV character, it's just a sweet, special picture that I know we will be loving for a long time.

We love their entire Classic section - from the bus to the train to the fire truck and more, we'd love to have them all!!

It's such a sweet story that Caramel Expressions was born when a mom and dad "to be" were looking for some artwork to decorate their new baby's room and instead decided to design special pieces out of love. This is awesome :-)

To check out more of Caramel Expressions pieces be sure to check on their website and Like them on Facebook!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ice Fishing

Did you know Canada.. with the fall winds blowing, the cold rain starting and the jeans and sweaters coming out; I know many of you are dreading our cold winter months.

Let me tell you about a few folks that have been dreaming of that ice, cold snow all summer: Ice Fishers!!

Ice fishing occurs on a lake, when the lake has been frozen over. Fishermen pull portable housing (ice shantys) onto the ice, usually using ATV's or snowmobiles. The use an auger to create a hole in the ice, use a skimmer to remove new slushy ice as it forms, and a rod for catching fish.

Lake Simcoe has abundant coldwater fish such as lake trout, herring and whitefish and has been known as Canada's ice fishing capital!

According to outdoors.ca Canadian ice fishing is considered to have the largest population of participants in winter fishing!!

Who's tried it???

Monday, September 12, 2011

Giveaway! Wholly Guacamole

Winners:  We've heard back from our 4 winners, congrats everyone!  Can't wait to hear what recipes you use the Wholly products in!

Update: Giveaway is now closed, thank you everyone for commenting!! Winners will be contacted soon.

Did you know Canada.. September 16th is National Guacamole Day! Who knew!! We're celebrating by telling you about an awesome product available in Canada - Wholly Guacamole. This is hands down the yummiest Guacamole I have ever had.

Wholly Guacamole uses real Hass avocados and natural ingredients that don’t include preservatives, artificial flavors or heat treatments - this means it tastes real, fresh and yummy!

We've been adding guacamole to all sorts of snacks lately..
* nacho chips with Wholly Guacamole & Wholly Salsa
* chicken wraps with Wholly Guacamole
* chicken topped with Wholly Salsa
* homemade burgers with Wholly Guacamole (so good!!)

I was really excited to try but I admit my husband and kiddos were a little hesitant - but we have them converted!! Everyone is huge guacamole fans now, the kids even eating it just on a spoon. This is awesome! The Avocado is a Rock Star Fruit!

* Containing 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
* Rich in vitamins B, E and K
* Have 60% more potassium than bananas
* About 75% of an avocado's calories come from monounsaturated fat- the good kind of fat!
* High in fiber compared to other fruits - including 25% soluble fiber.
* Naturally sodium and cholesterol free

Celebrate National Guacamole Day by trying some new recipes with your family.  Wholly Guacamole is available in Canada at many local grocery stores.


We have a fun surprise for our readers, we have an awesome guac grand winner prize pack to giveaway - a cooler full of Wholly products!! We're also going to have 3 more winners receiving coupon prize packs containing FPCs and swag!!

Mandatory Entry - one mandatory entry per person
Visit Wholly Guacamole's website and let us know which product you'd like to try first!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

TIFF Day Two

Did you know Canada.. we have more updates from blogger Trina Stewart as she continues to write about the sights and sounds from this years TIFF...

If the 2011 Toronto international Film Festival’s main goal was the thwart the crowds and confuse them to know end, well they accomplished this task.

Celebrity stalkers from far and wide, were dazed and confused wondering where to find their fave celebrities this year.  I have been going for over four years now, and would I spend $400.00 for two nights + all the overhead to attend this event again for celebrity stalking purposes?  Highly improbable unless I also purchased a TIFF movie package (which I intend to do in the upcoming years) or I was making money off of TIFF event.
When we arrived, we parked at the Interncontinental Hotel on Bloor.   As we climbed the stairs, we anticipated the velvet barriers and familiar faces from last year.  Instead, we seen nothing.  The press conferences were not taking place at this venue.
“That’s fine kids, let’s go over to Yorkville.”, I said to my two teenager entourages.
Going there was truly a gift, as we were fortunate enough to meet Bono leaving the Hazelton Hotel.  Aside, from that we seen nothing for the whole afternoon.  We didn’t see the familiar paparazzis, and quickly agreed that we were in the wrong place.
I was quite pleased on Friday night that I had prior commitments with a few tweeps, because if I didn’t have plans, I would have been thoroughly angry.
Anyway, to make a rag fest short, this festival is all about films and talent and not about the fans.  It’s just too bad that the only steadfast venue to quickly view a celeb is at the Gala events.  I have never attended a Red Carpet simply because the regular folks are cruel, pushy, and mean.  However, my daughter did and it resulted with her being punched in the face and her hair pulled to get a shot of Robert De Niro.
Nope, I will not do it again for this sole purpose.  I’m calling a spade a spade, I do not make money off of my hobby, therefore, this year was fruitless without the sore feet, major fatigue, and happy faces upon our return home.
Check out @CANADAGRAPHS, you will see that I’m not the only one filled with disappointment.  This event started off as a celeb fest, but it also created friendships, sharing of photos and autographs, and camaraderie.  There was no pulling of hair or punching of faces.
There are many positives that took place this year at the Toronto Film Festival and I will share on further blog posts.

Sarah Polley has quickly become one my favorite director’s after viewing the witty drama about desire, Take This Waltz.

First and foremost, Thanks L’Oreal Canada for giving me this opportunity to attend this Gala Premier at the Toronto Film Festival.

In the Movie, Take This Waltz, Margo is at a crossroads in her five-year marriage to Lou when she meets Daniel, while writing and designing a new brochure for Parks Canada in Nova Scotia.  Margo’s desire for the affection of Daniel stimulates the excitement that she lacks from everyday life.
Polley’s metaphor to desire as being similar to a ride at the fair when the everyday lights are dimmed and the shimmer of the disco ball and music takes us into a different existence for a few short minutes, was pure genius.  The scene somewhat confused me until the lights went on.
Seth Rogan’s dramatic performance of Lou was sensational.  He brought the typical day-to-day comedic edge to life along with his sister, Geraldine, played by Sarah Silverman.  I also enjoyed how Geraldine’s struggles, although different, was parallel to Margo’s struggles of romantic desire.
Michelle Williams was perfect for the role of Margo, with her sweet “can do know wrong” appearance, only proving that anyone struck with desire can.
I have never seen Luke Kirby, previous to this role.  I can only expect that this actor will achieve rave reviews on his performance.
I love this new style of story telling as not only do you leave the movie a bit confused and with a lot of questions, but the movie stays on your mind until you figure it out by looking at real life instances that correlate with the movie’s story-line and metaphors.
Bravo to the Cast and Crew of Take this Waltz.
PS. My Pictures are Horrible.  My dear daughter had the best camera.
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