Monday, September 19, 2011

Canadian Invention: Pacemaker

Did you know Canada.. it was Canadian, John Hopps invented the first cardiac pacemaker!

John Alexander Hopps is also known as the "father of biomedical engineering in Canada".

It was in 1951 that Hopps, along with Dr. Wilfred Bigelow and Dr. John Callaghan at the Banting Institute in the University of Toronto, developing the world's first external artificial pacemaker. The first internal pacemaker was implanted in a human body by a Swedish team in 1958.

It was a somewhat crude and painful device for the patient having to use it and, being powered from an AC wall socket it was not safe or convenient. It did pave the way to the pacemakers we have today though and so a Canadian Invention to be proud of!

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  1. Nope I never knew - you make me smarter - thank you for that LOL


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