Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sidney Crosby

Did you know Canada.. as we mentioned on Twitter and Facebook earlier today we are expecting to hear from Sidney Crosby today at 12:30 EST. He is to be updating everyone on his condition.

Just to remind you, Sidney Crosby sustained two hits to the head within a week of each other 8 months ago and it's said he still suffers from the effects of the concussions.

He'll also be announcing today whether he is attend training camp on Sept. 16, or his teams first game on Oct. 6 against Vancouver.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for good news and update this article when we learn more.

Sidney Crosby will not be ready for training camp with the Pittsburgh Penguins as he continues to recover from the effects of a concussion. He says he's at 90% recovery but needs to be at 100% before returning to the game.

There is no timeline for his return.


  1. I wonder if he still gets paid? I am a bit bugged that he is still recovering. He was my sons favourite and I believe in healing and rest, but come on. Is he milking it?

  2. Seriously? It's a head injury. This kid has spent his ENTIRE life to get to this point. He is NOT dogging it. After his first concussion, he returned WAY too early and got a second.

  3. Concussions are very scary things! Very scary! I feel very badly for him!

  4. oh boo! a favourite for sure. Nothing is more important than your health though.


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