Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kabongo (and free play code!)

Did you know Canada.. my boys and I have been trying out a very fun web site this weekend - Kabongo! A Fun and educational children online game, it focuses on cognitive skills to increase literacy, critical thinking and more.  I am just loving their mission statement:  To challenge kids to become better thinkers, inspiring self-confidence through the joy of play.

I was so impressed with this website, I'm breaking into point form to tell you all the things I loved..
* very easy sign-up was a big plus for Mom, easy set up of the child's character as well
* the game is always talking - helps keep the boys engaged, the characters are clear, concise and easy to understand
* they get to make their own characters and decorate their tree house - so fun, and fun to watch what the boys pick
* with the games you earn stickers to make your own comic book
* the mini-quests were fun, engaging, easy to follow and a good challenge

Their website also included a fantastic Parent's Dashboard where you can keep track of your child's progress, has great articles to read and printables for offline.

So many sites include a monthly fee now, I am so happy with Kabongo that they not only have free games but also have a one time fee of only $4.95 for unlocking each of their two additional habitats. Luck would have it that we have a special offer for our readers as well. Use the coupon below to unlock one of the habitats!!

Sign up today for free, enter your code for a free game and let us know what you and your little ones think!!


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