Thursday, September 1, 2011

Panty By Post

Did you know Canada.. I have found such a fun service available to Canadians - Panty By Post. Now don't go anywhere, you have to hear about this. Every month ladies will get this reeeeally cute package in the mail:

It will be a pair of very cute panties - how cool is that!!! I know I've mentioned before that I think with our Internet world and ordering so much online that packaging is key.  Do you want to receive something that looks like it's been thrown in the box or something that has been sent with care.  This has very obviously been sent with care and a real treat to open.  You know most women (ESPECIALLY Moms) never spend money on themselves, how awesome would it be to get something just for you in the mail every month.

The panties are great quality and comfortable (yes, really!), well worth the cost and would be A LOT of fun to get every month!

If you are looking for a gift for a special woman in your life this would be so fun. They also have a beautiful bridal line - you would be a hit with a gift like this!

We are very excited to let our readers know they can save 20% by using code DUKC20 on the Panty By Post website.

Disclosure: I was sent one pair of panties to see how the service works - my opinions are my own.


  1. That is the coolest idea ever. Seriously.

  2. Is this the company that was on "Dragons' Den"?

  3. I have emailed the link to my hubby. we just had our 8th anniversary....I think it would be great to receive a pair every month until our 9th!!

  4. I think this is such a fun service/gift for someone! Their panties really are beautiful - I'm reviewing them too :)

  5. Teena - yes, looks like they were on Dragon's Den!

    Rory - You'll have to let us know if they start showing up *fingers crossed* hubby gets the hint! :)

    Multi-Testing Mommy - Fantastic!! Excited to read your review!

  6. OOOOOOO I love the ones they sent you!! super sexy!


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