Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easy Daysies

Did you know Canada.. it's time to set the PVR's - Easy Daysies will be on Dragon's Den this week - Wednesday, September 28th at 8pm!

Easy Daysies are Magnetic Schedules for Kids and have been a life changing product in our house. My boys are CONSTANTLY asking what are we doing next, is it tomorrow yet, is it dinner time yet and a million other questions that you answer nicely the first 10 times but they they start to grind on you. With Easy Daysies I can now point the boys to the fridge and tell them to check what's on the list! I LOVE it!!!

Every morning the boys are excited to plan their day on the board and as they finish each task they yell CHECK and run to the fridge to mark it off. It's just too sweet and has saved us a lot of frustrated chatter in our house that I will be forever grateful for.

Elaine, the found of Easy Daysies, is a Canadian school teacher and a mom of three (2,4,8 years old). As a school teacher she had parents ask her over and over to create a visual daily routine for their kids, and so for 8 years she made them out of laminated paper to help their kids at home have easier days. It was then that she thought that if she had been making these visual routines for free for 8 years there must be a market for such a product, so she launched her first product 2 days after my third child was born. Such a sweet story and a real testimate to Mom's helping Mom's find every day solutions to real problems.

As I mention, Easy Daysies will be on Dragon's Den this week - Wednesday, September 28th at 8pm, we were lucky enough to be able to ask Elaine a few questions about her Dragon's Den experience:

1. Did you approach Dragon's Den to be featured on the show or how did it come about?

Elaine: Ever since I launched my first Easy Daysies product two days after my third child was born, I have had people tell me that I need to go on Dragons' Den. It wasn't until I was part of the "Inventors' Corner" at the Canadian Toy Trade Show in the beginning of this year that I seriously considered it! I had many retailers tell me that I need to get bigger and move this product off my kitchen table because I would not be able to keep up with the orders. Sure enough, they are right. I need help to take it to the next level. When we got home from the trade show my wonderful husband Googled Dragons' Den and discovered that they were starting their Nation wide auditions in our city on that Saturday! He said to me, "It's now or never!" So, we went to the auditions! I thought it went terribly but I got a phone call at the end of their 6 week nation wide auditions and was told congratulations that I was chosen to be part of the taping of the Season 6 show of Dragons' Den!

2. How long was it between being invited on the show and actually filming it ( so how long were you freaking out? :) )?

Elaine: I had less than one month.... but I am still "freaking out"! It is definitely a chance in a lifetime and something to check off my bucket list of things to do!

3. Was everyone in your family excited? nervous? Did anyone think it was a bad idea?

Elaine: The producer wanted my three little ones to be a part of it, so you will see my husband and kids there too. I think that I was the most nervous but having the children there made me have to be the "strong and brave one". :)
Everyone who knew we were going to the taping were incredibly supportive and saying "Good! Finally!"

4. What's the differences between what we see on TV and what really happens? We need some behind the scenes gossip! :)

Elaine: The taping of Dragons' Den Season 6 happens over 20 days. The Dragons actually wear the same outfit/wardrobe over those twenty days so that they can mix and edit pitches from different days of taping to create their 21 episodes. Then you can't tell if they were from different days. CBC gets you to sign contracts stating that they own all the footage and can use it as they please to make it tv worthy. So if it is made to make you or your business look ridiculous, you have given them your permission! Expressions and comments that you see on the show may not have actually occurred in the order it originally happened either. We were reminded that it is a TV show more than it is a board room.
But for your 411, my entire family had bronchitis except for my oldest (the 7 year old). We were all not feeling well. We had to be at the studio at 6:30AM (which was actually 3:30AM BC time). My 2, 4 and 7 year old did super well! However, my poor little 2 year old threw up just in front of the elevators when we got there! Yup, it was a fun start!

5. Did you get to say everything you wanted to say and show everything you wanted show?

Elaine: We knew that time was against us and that I had to capture them within the first 60-90 seconds. I wanted to say so much more but knew that I would try to fit it into their questions. So, no, I did not get to say everything I wanted to!

6. Now that's it's over and you've had time to think about it was there any regrets? Anything you wish you had done differently?

Elaine: I wished that I had journaled what had happened in the Den because it was like a dream that I woke up to and can't remember! I would also have worn more comfortable shoes!

7. Who is your favourite Dragon?

Elaine: No comment! :) I actually like them all! I was sad that Brett is no longer part of the show!

Thanks so much for the fun interview Elaine, I love the insight into the Dragon's Den - one of my favourite shows on TV! We'll chat with Elaine again once her episode has aired and hear some more about what goes on in the Den!!

Be sure to support Elaine and Easy Daysies on the web as we get ready to see her on Dragon's Den!!

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