Monday, September 26, 2011


Did you know Canada.. I bet many of you have already heard of Kiboomu - they are famous for their children's apps, they provide awesome craft and recipe ideas on their site and Twitter, but did you also know they have children's music cds??

Kiboomu - Kids Music and Apps

Kiboomu has a huge selection of children's cds including baby and toddler music, early learning, language arts, math songs and more.

My boys and I had a chance to try out the Learning Songs cd, full of fun songs like The Wheels on the Bus, The Circle Song, Good Morning, and our current favourite - B I N G O Phonics. It is just sooooo exciting to hear my boys singing this themselves around the house, we've spelt out BINGO with our letters on the fridge and they are recognizing the BINGO letters everywhere - this is just fantastic!

I also loved that all the songs were upbeat, friendly, age appropriate - these sound like silly things to say about a childrens cd, shouldn't they all be upbeat, friendly, age appropriate - well - you would be surprised, trust me!!!! We have come across many cd's in the past that have slow "sad" songs aimed at children, older songs that have inappropriate words and messages, you really need to trust the source when it comes to children's cds.

Kiboomu is a source you can trust! Launched in January 2010, Kiboomu is a Montreal-based development company specializing in award-winning children’s music for mobile apps and album downloads that promote learning through music and fun.

We love that this Canadian, award winning company is there for our kids. We highly recommend Kiboomu for apps, music, ideas and more!!

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