Friday, September 28, 2012

Codie Prevost - Get Loud

Did you know Canada..  you'll remember a couple weeks ago we talked about Canadian Codie Prevost, a country music singer, when he drew massive attention from country music fans all over North America at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards arriving on the event’s green carpet in a very unique way -- aboard a John Deere 9410R Tractor.

We've been listening to Codie's album Get Loud, and love it!  Easy to listen to, even the kids have been singing along :-)  We really like Rolling Back To You, check it out..

Have you listened to Codie yet?  Do you have a favourite song??

If you don't already have the album, we have a special treat for one of our readers, enter below for your chance to win a copy of Codie Prevost's album - Get Loud!!!  Good Luck Canada, and be very proud of this Canadian Superstar!


Toys"R"Us Vendor Fair

Did you know Canada..  Toronto Representative Faniya checked out a recent Toys R Us vendors fair, see how it went!

In August we were invited to Toy fair hosted by Toys"R"Us. That day I was very excited to learn about the coolest toys of upcoming holiday season. Luckily Toys"R"Us Chief Play Officer Julianne Bisnaire was there to talk about the hottest and most anticipated picks for the holiday season.

This showcase was filled with colorful, creative toys and gadgets starting with Winx Club that continue to surprise us with their magic and beauty presenting 11.5-inch  Feature Doll Magic Bloom and 2-Pack Doll Set- Bloom & Sky. Another girl’s favorite is Barbie and her new Sister’s Cruise Ship to take a magical trip. The boat has a pool, two slides for racing, a grand buffet and two beds with pillows and blankets so that Barbie and her three sisters could have a good time.

For crafty little hands there were lots of products, jewelry fashions to create your own jewelry, decorate bags, backpacks, shoes and accessories including ORB Factory kits for purses, pillows and mosaics sets.

The interesting and cute new plush toy FURBY that may develop a sweet personality if kids play nicely with it; but shake or pull FURBY to see its not so friendly behaviour. FURBY will let kids know how it feels through its expressive LED eyes.

MegaBloks were very impressive with their displays and characters, same the LEGO booth with Monster Fighters.

Kids gadgets are coming into our lives and becoming more sophisticated every year ; tablets, games and apps are new must-have items not only for adults, kids want to have them too like Leap Frogs LeapPad2 with front-and-back cameras and video recorders, e-books, music, downloadable learning apps (available on-line too).  The subjects like reading, math and science on LeapPad2 are fascinating adventures where kids play the major role. The Kurio Kids Tablet is a full-featured Android 4.0 tablet with a multi-touch touchscreen, front and rear facing cameras, Wi-Fi and HDMI & USB connections. Kiddos can watch videos, surf the web, play music, take photos, read e-books and download apps.  Wii Fit U scored with unique possibilities for gaming allowing each player to reach different challenges and views within the same shared gaming experience.

So lots of toys I saw that day and walking through this toy paradise I am almost sure I met Santa’s Reps learning what will be on kid’s wish list this holiday season. This only means we are going to visit Toys"R"Us   more often next months!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wholly Guacamole!

Did you know Canada.. Thanksgiving is coming up QUICK!!! It sure snuck up this year, we just got over summer! But turkey waits for no man, so we better get planning.

This year we are adding a tasty twist to our Thanksgiving meal and serving Wholly Guacamole's Chilled Avacado Soup as a starter. A cool dish before we dig into the hot turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and more.  Perfect during a huge meal too, because it doesn't take up a burner, and there's definitely now room in the oven, plus you can make ahead of time!

I made this soup for lunch this week to try it out, we skipped the Jalapeno this time as I didn't have any on hand, I think it's going to be yummy with or without it!

Be sure to have some extra guac and salsa on hand to serve with chips while everyone chats while the big meal is cooking too!  Click here to receive a Wholly Guacamole Canadian coupon!

Are you introducing any new dishes to your Thanksgiving meal??

Check out what a couple other Canadian Bloggers are serving up for Thanksgiving this year:
Tales of the Ranting Ginger
Maple Leaf Mommy

We have a great surprise for our readers!  Wholly Guacamole is going to have one lucky winner covered for an entire year - think of all the new dishes you can try!  Enter below for your chance to win FREE Guac for a year and some Wholly Guacamole swag!!  We also have FIVE runner up prizes of 3 free coupons and Wholly Guacamole swag!

Good Luck Canada!!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dora's Digital Story Book

Did you know Canada..  Nickelodeon has a fun new clothing line available at Walmart for Dora the Explorer that includes a code for Dora's Digital Story Book experience online!

As you know, we have boys, but we shared the shirt with a friend and tried out the code for ourself.  I appreciated the option to select your character as a boy or a girl, and you get to customize clothing, hair colour and more.

It also takes your little ones name, age and city and includes them in the story.

You great to drag all these characters onto each page and set up the picture how you want, my guy has tons of fun working on this.  Not only is he working on computer skills, eye/hand coordination, working on his reading, we're also creating and I love to see how proud my boys are when they've created something.

This would make a fantastic gift for a preschooler in your life, not only are you giving a cute outfit, you are also giving many hours of a fun online experience.

We have great news for our readers as well!  Enter below for yours chance to win an adorable Dora outfit (Tee Shirt and Leggings set SIZE 2T) complete with a unique PIN for you to also try out the Dora Digital Story Book!!!  Good luck!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Did you know Canada..  this September a new Canadian company began delivering care packages to the homes of new expectant and new moms. MommiesFirst sends its members a beautiful box each month filled with 4-5 of the most relevant products for a mom to discover during that particular stage of her pregnancy or her baby’s life (from 0 to12 month in age). MommiesFirst is the first service of its kind in Canada!

MommiesFirst was started by Lorena Pacheco Scott, a Toronto mother of two, in response to her own experience as a new mom.   Lorena says, three years ago when my first son was born I was scared, overwhelmed, and confused. At first I thought I was the only one who felt this way, but in talking to other mums, I very quickly discovered these are emotions many of us experience. I never forgot those feelings of despair and loneliness, and after my second son was born, I resolved to do something about it.  MommiesFirst was created to help make a difference for all the other new moms out there.

So, we are now on a mission to make lives for Canadian moms a little bit easier and a lot less stressful. How are we doing this?  With the help of the MommiesFirst Council, a group of moms, dads, and baby experts, we are doing a ton of research on behalf of our mom members.  The MommiesFirst Council is tasked with finding, testing, and reviewing the HUGE amount of baby and mom focused product out there in order to create the right care package for our members. It is our hope that sending MommiesFirst care packages that are both beautiful and helpful, we make it easier for moms to discover the best products for them and their babies.   We don’t pretend to be able to solve all of a new mom’s challenges, or worse yet, sugar coat these issues. Instead, we appreciate the difficulties because we’ve 100% been there too.

Overall it has been an unbelievable journey since launching our website in May and then shipping our first boxes in September, and the response from moms has been wonderful.  Their feedback serves as a constant reminder of why we started MommiesFirst.  Another incredibly rewarding aspect of creating MommiesFirst is supporting Canadian mompreneurs.  There are A LOT of Canadian businesses started by mothers who were inspired by their own personal journeys and decided to create great products to help other moms. MommiesFirst is giving these amazing women a platform to tell their stores and showcase their lovely products (many of which are also designed and manufactured right here in Canada). 

If you or someone you love is interested in signing up to receive a MommiesFirst care package, please visit A subscription costs $25 per month, with free shipping.  All of our boxes are delivered with love and care! 

Additional Information:
Company website:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Picking (or lack there of)

Did you know Canada..  you might remember back in May when we posted:

Did you know Canada.. some sad news going around Southern Ontario. With our unusually warm weather in March followed by cold April nights there has been devastating losses to farmers in Southern Ontario. Most apple farmers have lost almost their entire crop of apples for the season. As we've mentioned before Ontario is Canada's largest apple producer and an industry that is worth up $400 million in Ontario.

Environment Canada refers to this spring as one that has produced four seasons in one - I suffered the same thing in my garden. The warm weather had trees and flowers budding and blooms and the below freezing April nights killed them all off.

It's not going to be a happy fall season in Southern Ontario this year!

Well it has come to pass, MANY apple orchards across Southern Ontario have NO apples.  I've called around to a few local orcahrds, hoping to take the kiddos out picking this weekend and there are either absolutely no apples, or only a very minimal amount available.  I'm quiet sad about this, it's been a family tradition for years, we've been taking the boys since they were only two months old!

Ontario is Canada's largest apple producer and the McIntosh, which is the only variety grown in all apple-growing regions of Canada, makes up half of all Canadian apple production.  Apples are also Canada's largest fruit crop in terms of weight of food produced - so this is big (sad and frustrating) news in Canada!

Rustic Metal Creations

Did you know Canada..  I love jewellery, there, I said it :) Some woman love shoes, some love purses, I love bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, the works!  I don't mean I'm dripping in dimaonds, far from it, but I do love a funky ring, a sparkly necklace and hoopy earrings.

I was so happy to find Liz from Canadian company Rustic Metal Creations where all her designs are made in her private home studio.  She says the best way to describe her designs is a combination of rustic elegance and trendy styles. Each piece is custom made using non-tarnish stainless steel, aluminium, sterling silver, rustic copper, brass, swarovski and natural stones and the best components.  The end result is quality jewellery, at affordable prices that will last years to come and I completely agree!

I received the most beautiful necklace from Liz, in gorgeous packaging, with my boys initials stamped on small pendants.  She was also so nice to send a note letting me know the font she used so that when our new little one gets here we can get a matching pendant with his or her initial on it.

I also really appreciated the little cleaning pad that was include in the package, it's small things like this that make you feel that your business is wanted, appreciated and your new piece was made with respect.  Liz is very proud of her work and that makes me proud to wear it.

Rustic Metal Creations have items for every occasion, a necklace like mine for Moms, Grammas, Sisters and more; keychains, charm bracelets, wine charms, golf ball markers, she has something for everyone!  Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, the coming Holidays, new babies - what a sweet and thoughtful gift that can be cherished forever.

We are so excited to share a treat with our readers from Rustic Metal Creations as well, enter below for your chance to win a $25 gift code to get your own special piece!  Good luck Canada!!

Giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back-to-School with DK Canada

Did you know Canada..  Whether you are looking for answers to questions about science or math or simply looking to discover more about the animal kingdom or the natural world DK has you covered with a full range of reference books.

This week we have been enjoying DK Canada's My First Dictionary, the Canadian Edition.  This gorgeous book features 1000s of real life photographs, with short, easy to understand definitions.  It also uses the correct Canadian spelling which is much appreciated.

Every night we've been flipping through the book and reading a few that catches my son's eye, not only is he learning about things like engines, polar bears, treasure and wheelchairs, he is also working on his reading - it's a win-win!

As a parent I really appreciate the real life pictures, some books use cartoon images which can be confusing and unrealistic, I also appreciate the short descriptions that don't get into minute detail that little ones aren't ready for.

Visit DK Canada's Back-to-School Boutique for this and many other books that are perfect for all the kiddos back at school this year!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winx Club Giveaway!

Did you know Canada.. you'll remember we recently attended the Winx Club Launch at Toys R Us, we have a fantastic video to share with you from the event, and a great giveaway!

Enter below for your chance to win a $250 Winx Club Prize Pack - it includes the entire line up of Winx Dolls in their deluxe version!!!  Good Luck Canada!!


Back to School is even more exciting with Play-Doh

Did you know Canada..  my boys, who just recently turned 5, LOVE Play-Doh.  They love Play-Doh so much, that the second this PLAY-DOH Chalkboard Set came through the door they had the whole thing busted open and were making creations (mostly cars)!

Perfect for fostering imaginations, the PLAY-DOH Chalkboard Set from Hasbro is awesome!

This colorful chalkboard set gives your child the tools to make letters, numbers and shapes out of 4 different colors of PLAY-DOH modeling compound. In addition to helping your child learn about shapes and numbers, cutting, squeezing, and rolling PLAY-DOH compound helps children develop fine motor skills. Make the building blocks of learning fun with the more than 20 pieces in the PLAY-DOH Chalkboard Set!
Set includes 16 cutters, scissors, roller and 4 three-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH modeling compound.

Perfect for working on our numbers while creating, it leads to fun for hours and the best part about Play-Doh - it can be used again and again.  As they can't always create the shapes they want at this age, the boys love using tools like the included cutter and roller to work the Play-Doh - this is just a great set.

I have great memories of sitting at my Gramma's kitchen table playing with Play-Doh, it's such a part of growing up and a great Back-to-School tool!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fun dinner time with #VHExcitement

Did you know Canada..  we received a fun package from VH with a few sauces to perk up dinner time, a fun toy for the boys and a really cool Creating Kirigami book!

With our VH sauces we got Korean BBQ sauce, Soya sauce and Butter Chicken sauce, perfect for making so many dishes.  I am a big fan of VH Sauces, like their Plum and Sweet and Sour dipping sauces, Soya, Teriyaki cooking sauce and more.  I have also introduced many friends and family to their Hoisin stir-fry sauce, it's a huge favourite around here.

 This was the first time trying their Korean BBQ sauce, I thought it would be very spicy; it is a little spicy, but more in a tangy way, I love it!

Along with the fantastic package, VH sent along a couple recipes, we used their Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps recipe as a starter to make BBQ Pork Tenderloin (by the way, I have never bbq'd pork tenderloin, I always put it in the oven, you MUST try it on the bbq, amazing!!).  We didn't wrap in lettuce, as the kids are not big on "salad" as they call it, instead we enjoyed it with mashed potatoes and corn.

We sliced the tenderloin into 4 pieces, piercing the strips all over with a fork, placed in a freezer bag and added this marinade:

1C VH Korean BBQ Sauce
2T VH Soya Sauce
2T lime juice

Marinate for at least one hour, up to 24.

Use Pam Grilling Spray (hubby's new fav tool for the bbq by the way) on the cold grill, (make sure the kids have something to play with like the fun mini OgoSport disks we received) heat to medium-high and grill for 4-5 minutes on each side until cooked through.  You can also baste the meat with more VH Korean BBQ while grilling.

From here you can slice the meat and serve in a lettuce wrap with cooked rice, grated carrot, green onion and thinly sliced cucumber; or serve with any side dish of your choice.

Thanks so much to VH for introducing us to one of our new favourite sauces, I'm dreaming of so many ways to use it now!  Visit the VH Facebook page for more meal ideas and great tips for adding excitement to your dinner time!

We are also passing the #VHExcitement to another Canadian blogger, stay tuned to Maple Leaf Mommy for more fun dinner ideas!!  Maple Leaf Mommy is a great Canadian resource for product info, giveaways, and I love reading about her family life as her G-Girls keep her on her toes. ;-)

We also have a treat for our readers!  Enter below for your chance to win a grocery gift card and VH sauces (ARV approximately $25).  Good luck Canada!!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Walmart Mom of the Year - Finalists #MOTY

Did you know Canada..  after 16,909 submissions, there are now just eight finalists for Walmart's Mom of the Year.  Don't worry if you didn't get a chance to nominate, it will be back next year and open for new nominations!

The eight finalists that were selected each receive $10,000 for personal use and $10,000 to the charity they have chosen.  Plus remember, the winner will get to donate $100,000 to the charity of her choice!

You can visit to read all eight amazing stories.  I was really touched by Carol Westberg's story, she has Multiple Myeloma,an incurable cancer of the plasma cells and was given a prognosis of 3-5 years in 2004.  She co-founded the Southern Alberta Myeloma Patient Society,which has raised over $150,000 for research and advocates for drug coverage, was chosen in the top 50 volunteers from over 2000 nominations for Champions of Change, and more.

My own Mom has dealt with cancer numerous times and I know how hard it is to keep going when faced with cancer, a terrible prognosis and the thoughts of leaving your family behind.

This has been such a touching campaign to follow, learn about so many Moms and how they are doing so much good for their family and community.  It makes me want to be a better Mom and I really appreciate Walmart bring them to light.

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hastag #MOTY and be sure to follow Walmart Canada on Facebook as well!  We will see you there and look forward to celebrating the winning Mom!

Disclosure: I’m part of the Walmart program by Mom Central. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own. Mom of the Year Award: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY Internet access and valid email account required. Nominations open May 10, 2012 to July 8, 2012 for legal residents of Canada over the age of majority.  Entrants cannot nominate themselves. One (1) grand prize available to be won consisting of $10,000 cash, a $100,000 donation by Wal-mart Canada Corp. to charity/cause and a trip to Toronto (ARV $22,000). Seven (7) runner-up prizes available to be won consisting of $10,000 cash, a $10,000 donation to charity/cause and a trip to Toronto (ARV $22,000).  Charity/cause subject to verification and final approval by Wal-mart Canada Corp., at its sole discretion. Odds of winning depend on how the judging panel evaluates each entry according to the criteria. For Official Contest Rules and to nominate an entrant, visit [].

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Augmented Reality App with Nickelodeon

Did you know Canada.. our Toronto Rep Faniya is heading to another fantastic event!

Tomorrow we are invited to a special sneak-peak event to experience Nickelodeon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This September Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will emerge from their hidden lair in the sewers to announce the debut of the new CG-animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, airing on YTV Saturday, Sept. 29.

To celebrate this incredible debut, Nickelodeon & Walmart stores across Canada will be launching a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles App introducing consumers to a bilingual augmented reality (AR) experience. What an opportunity to play around with some of the TMNT action figures and being first to experience AR unlike ever before!

Teddy Out-Ready

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tic Tac Canada Supporting Breast Cancer Month

Did you know Canada..  we're coming up on October, and October is Breast Cancer month, a very, very important time to raise support and awareness for Breast Cancer and the Breast Canada Society of Canada.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, Tic Tac Canada has donated $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada and launched a limited edition sweet and tart Strawberry Fusion flavour in stores on September 1st.

We've been trying the new Strawberry Fusion flavour and not only is it for a great cause, it's yummy!!  Not only do I love having a pack in my purse, the kids are loving it too!  Perfect for handing one out in the the store or waiting for something - they great a tasty treat and we get a few minutes of peace.  :-)

What's most important here is raising awareness for Breast Cancer, I love seeing pink everywhere in October (any time of year really!).  The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is dedicated to funding Canadian breast cancer research for the detection, prevention, treatment and to ultimately find a cure for the disease that women fear most.

For all of September and October, the Tic Tac Canada Facebook Page will be posting pink-related promotions.

Check it out, pick up a few packs in store, have a treat and support this important cause!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Codie Prevost

Did you know Canada..  Canadian Codie Prevost has some big news..


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (September 12, 2012) This past weekend’s Canadian Country Music Association Awards drew massive attention from country music fans all over North America. Indie music artist Codie Prevost, who grew up on a farm near Archerwill, Saskatchewan, not only had the honor of being nominated for Rising Star at the awards show for a second year running, but he was also selected to be that one special star to arrive on the event’s green carpet in a very unique way -- aboard a John Deere 9410R Tractor. John Deere, which is celebrating its 175th anniversary, was the green carpet sponsor of this year's awards program.

“This has been such a fun evening. I am so honored to be nominated for the ‘Rising Star’ award two years in a row. I have an amazing team, dedicated fans and am truly grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. I’m a country boy through and through, and country music is such a big part of who I am”, says Prevost, enjoying the festivities at a CCMA after party.

Four time Saskatchewan Country Music Association Awards “Entertainer of the Year” winner Codie Prevost, isn’t entirely new to the industry. His success thus far has seen him opening shows for the Oakridge Boys, Joe Nichols and Emerson Drive. He was invited to perform in Tours, France as part of the 2011 Country Rock Bike Festival and has been featured on ET Canada (YouTube). In 2011, with nearly 7,000 votes in his name, he won the 2011 CCMA Fanfest Contest which gave him the opportunity to perform at the 2011 CCMA FanFest in Hamilton alongside Terri Clark and Michelle Wright. Codie has performed the main stage at major country music festivals including Dauphin Countryfest, Craven Country Jamboree, VIEX and the Havelock Country Jamboree. At these events, he performed alongside such names as Reba, Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson and Kevin Costner.

According to Jim Reynolds, Operation Manager at NL Broadcasting Ltd., Codie Prevost has many fans – all of whom love his music and his high-energy live performances. "Codie Prevost and his band hit it out of the park at Country 103's 2012 Summer Thunder concert in Kamloops! He really appreciates the love of his fans. His interaction with the fans before and after the concert proves that”, he says.

About Codie Prevost
Less than ten years ago, Codie Prevost started performing in small town bars for $100 a night. In 2004, he incorporated Codie Prevost Music and took out a small business loan to fund his first album, The Road Ahead.  The recording of this first album took place in Nashville and soon after its release, the debut CD won “Album of the Year” at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards. In 2008, he recorded his second album called Spin 6-PAK Vol.1. A few short years later he recorded his third album Get Loud, in Vancouver, with help from producer Tom McKillip. Codie Prevost’s latest single “Last Night All Day” has hit the radio circuit and is presently on Country Music Television (CMT). Codie has four music videos on CMT, Last Night All DayHonky Tonk GroupieStanding Still, and Rolling Back To You. He is currently working on his fourth studio album to be released in 2013. Fans are eager to hear what the new album has to offer.

Special thanks to Evident Investigations, Codie’s Gold sponsor at the 2012 Canadian Country Music Association Awards.

Recipe Round Up! 09/14

Did you know Canada..  Back to School has meant a few extra stresses at home and not much time in the kitchen, but we do have 2 tasty recipes to share this week over at Canadian Moms Cook and will be back at it again next week!
6 Week Raisin Bran Muffin Mix

Fish Florentine

I encourage you to head on over to Canadian Mom Cooks where you will find some family tested recipes, food ideas, interesting food products and more.  Co-author Multi-Testing Mommy and I have been sharing some of our food adventures with our families over the past couple of months. Feel free to follow Canadian Moms Cook on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Canadian Moms Cook

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Terry Fox - 31 Years Ago Today

Did you know Canada..  31 years ago on today was the first every Terry Fox Run took place in Canada.

 In 1980, with one leg having been amputated, he embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Although the spread of his cancer eventually forced him to end his quest after 143 days and 5,373 kilometres, and ultimately cost him his life, his efforts resulted in a lasting, worldwide legacy. The annual Terry Fox Run, first held in 1981, has grown to involve millions of participants in over 60 countries and is now the world's largest one-day fundraiser for cancer research; over C$500 million has been raised in his name.

This Sunday September 16th is the annual Terry Fox Run. Get involved!

Visit for more information.

Source: Wikipedia,

Future Shop - Video

Did you know Canada..  we thought we'd give you an inside peek at the Future Shop Home Theatre Event our Toronto Rep Faniya attended.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do our pets have Back-to-School Blues?

Did you know Canada..  With the kids returning to school and Mom & Dad at work, pets are adjusting to being alone in the home again. This time of the year can be really hard on your pets.   Iams has some really helpful tips to ensure the transition is as easy as possible.

Skip the production – If your pet is giving you the “sad eyes” as you begin to jingle your keys and head for the door, it will be your natural instinct to shower them with love and affection to pacify their separation anxiety. However, for your pet, this only reinforces their emotional state. Instead of putting on a big show, give your pet a simple “See you later!” The same should be done when you return home.  We have really been working on this when my husband comes home from work, currently the dogs go ballistic!! At first it was a bit funny, but now it's just madness.

Tire them out – Before heading out for the day, ensure you take your dog on a minimum of a half hour walk, depending on the breed. This will help ensure your pets aren’t antsy while alone.  We make sure the dogs are in the backyard long enough in the morning while we are getting ready, then they get their long walk after dinner.

Stimulate the mind – In the morning, instead of feeding your pet from their regular bowl try using interactive food dispensing toys, which can be found in many major pet stores. Your cat or dog will have to try and figure out how to get the food out. This will not only keep them entertained, but will tire them out for the afternoon.  We've done this in the past with peanut butter, will have to look for one again!

Kitty and Doggie Daycare/Walkers – Pet day cares and dog walkers are a great alternative to keeping your pets busy and active. Whether you are hiring a walker or leaving your pet in a care center, you must make sure that you trust the people you are leaving your pet with. Do not be afraid to ask questions, check credentials and references.  I've heard of many people using dog walkers, I think it's a great idea, we used to take our dog to a doggie daycare.

TV and Music – Music helps calm the body and believe it or not that goes for your pets as well. Tune the radio to a classical station and keep the volume low as dogs and cats have very sensitive ears.  We often leave the TV on for background noise, I think it help the dogs not bark at every little noise as well.

Practice Patience – Getting over separation anxiety can be a big hurdle for you and your pet. For a while, your pet will truly believe that you are leaving forever.  With proper pet parent patience, your pet will soon regain the confidence that you will return. Practice makes perfect!  Great tip!

Walks are always great, but do not forgo the most important part of the day for your pet: playtime. Engage together in fun activities when you arrive back home. This will give your pet something fun to look forward to at the end of each day.

Do you have some upset furry friends at home this time of year?

For more pet care tips, remember to visit or on Facebook at

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Winx Club Launch at Toys”R”Us

Did you know Canada..  we have another event update from Toronto Rep Faniya..

To celebrate the debut of WINX club in Canada and the largest & eye-catching WINX selection at Toys”R”Us  we were invited in August to Sherway Gardens’s store where more than 40 Toronto-based  girls magically transformed into WINX fairies.  

Even though we arrived a little bit late to the event we were able to catch this enchanted fairy land beauty.  Little WINX fairies were around us with magical wings from Bloom’s Winx Boutique. I saw girls taking dancing lessons in Musa’s Dance Studio. I visited Flora’s Fashionable Flip Flops D├ęcor Studio to decorate footwear with other fairies. Stella’s Style Studio offered a magical makeover for little fairies:  makeup and mini manicures.  Plus mini cupcakes, pizza, watermelon treats.

We were very excited to check the largest assortment of WINX products.  Can you imagine how much beauty you can find at Toys”R”Us ?  Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, & Aisha, their pretty outfit and accessories.  


Monday, September 10, 2012

The Home Magazine - Home Comfort Giveaway!

Did you know Canada..  Starting today, September 10, 2012, it's your chance to win a humidifier, installed by Aire One Heating and Cooling.
 The Home Magazine is the only publication dedicated to home renovations and improvements. It is delivered directly to over 950,000 homes throughout South Central Ontario every issue!

The Home Magazine brings quality home improvers/renovators to your door 9 times per year and all are available at 24/7.

For many years Ontarians have trusted Aire One Heating and Cooling for their comfort where they live, work, and play. Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, Fireplaces, Humidifiers, and Air Cleaners are some of the products that they sell, install, maintain, and service. Aire One is a well-recognized brand for home comfort quality service in the mid-western Ontario. Their offices are located within easy reach for the residents of this region in Markham, Hamilton, Mississauga, Kitchener, Waterloo, Whitby, Newmarket, Barrie, Toronto, and London, Ontario.

Don’t miss your chance to win and improve your indoor home comfort. Home Magazine is celebrating the Great Canadian Renovation Season with Aire One and 15 of our nation's most fabulous bloggers!!!

How to Enter Today!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Central Alberta Steeped Tea Ronald McDonald Fundraiser

Did you know Canada..  we have a very special guest post to share today from Randa who is raising money for the Ronald McDonald House® Central Alberta.

My husband and I called the House home back in March when I had my son six weeks and a day early. If it wasn't for the house I would have further physically and mentally drained. I wouldn't have been able to be with him, in the NICU, sixteen to eighteen hours a day; and I'm certain that we wouldn't have been able to come home as soon as a month after his birth. 
The day he was discharged, at RMH for dinner and Bingo!
A lot of people associate the Ronald McDonald House® with the McDonald's restaurants. The House is not owned or operated by McDonald's.  They do contribute approximately 10% each year to the annual budget. The House is actually ran by amazing staff and volunteers, 24 hours a day. Volunteers are everywhere. They clean, check you in, come in and bake some amazing treats. There are also volunteer groups that will come in and do delicious dinners. I cannot forget about the people who come in and volunteer their time hosting scrap-booking and card-making classes, Rooster the dog, hosting yoga classes and much MUCH more. 
To keep costs down at The House the guests are to clean up after themselves, do their laundry and when it is time to check it they wash their linens, tidy, and sweep and mop their room. I liked this, it kept me in a routine. Similar to one I would have at home (just not as much). 

The House has a special room called the Magic Room and when there is a special day: discharged, birthday, last cancer treatment, etc the child is taken up to pick out a surprise. I was in awe with this room. I mean, look at it - wow.
After staying at the House for month, I witnesses all the hard work and love that it takes to run the Ronald McDonald House® Central Alberta, but I am also aware that it takes money. 
That is why throughout the months of September and October I am fundraising with Steeped Tea & Accessories for the House and I need all the help I can get. Here's how you can get invloved:

Purchase a Fundraising Pack
For $20 ($23 outside of Alberta, unless you get a friend or order two or more) you receive the following of choice:

This campaign ends on October 31. Unless I have a large order at the end of September, I will submit the order then and the customer will receive product within the first two weeks of November. If I receive an order from out of the Red Deer/Drumheller/Camrose/Edmonton area, I will submit the order that week.
Help Me Campaign:
I will send you an order form and you can take it to your work, to your friends or go door to door with the kids while on your walk. Get their information, what pack they want, how many and if they are paying by cash or cheque. You will then e-mail the info, send the money VIA EMT or PayPal.

Buy From My Shop
During the month of October 50% of my sales will be donated to the House. You can shop at OR if you order this month, just leave RMH in the comments and I will put 50% aside.

Thank you everyone for their support. To contact me about any of this and to order a fundraising pack here is my information:
Randa Derkson

Or you can always find out more at my blog, The Bewitchin' Kitchen.

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