Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Did you know Canada..  this September a new Canadian company began delivering care packages to the homes of new expectant and new moms. MommiesFirst sends its members a beautiful box each month filled with 4-5 of the most relevant products for a mom to discover during that particular stage of her pregnancy or her baby’s life (from 0 to12 month in age). MommiesFirst is the first service of its kind in Canada!

MommiesFirst was started by Lorena Pacheco Scott, a Toronto mother of two, in response to her own experience as a new mom.   Lorena says, three years ago when my first son was born I was scared, overwhelmed, and confused. At first I thought I was the only one who felt this way, but in talking to other mums, I very quickly discovered these are emotions many of us experience. I never forgot those feelings of despair and loneliness, and after my second son was born, I resolved to do something about it.  MommiesFirst was created to help make a difference for all the other new moms out there.

So, we are now on a mission to make lives for Canadian moms a little bit easier and a lot less stressful. How are we doing this?  With the help of the MommiesFirst Council, a group of moms, dads, and baby experts, we are doing a ton of research on behalf of our mom members.  The MommiesFirst Council is tasked with finding, testing, and reviewing the HUGE amount of baby and mom focused product out there in order to create the right care package for our members. It is our hope that sending MommiesFirst care packages that are both beautiful and helpful, we make it easier for moms to discover the best products for them and their babies.   We don’t pretend to be able to solve all of a new mom’s challenges, or worse yet, sugar coat these issues. Instead, we appreciate the difficulties because we’ve 100% been there too.

Overall it has been an unbelievable journey since launching our website in May and then shipping our first boxes in September, and the response from moms has been wonderful.  Their feedback serves as a constant reminder of why we started MommiesFirst.  Another incredibly rewarding aspect of creating MommiesFirst is supporting Canadian mompreneurs.  There are A LOT of Canadian businesses started by mothers who were inspired by their own personal journeys and decided to create great products to help other moms. MommiesFirst is giving these amazing women a platform to tell their stores and showcase their lovely products (many of which are also designed and manufactured right here in Canada). 

If you or someone you love is interested in signing up to receive a MommiesFirst care package, please visit www.mommiesfirst.com. A subscription costs $25 per month, with free shipping.  All of our boxes are delivered with love and care! 

Additional Information:
Company website:  www.mommiesfirst.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mommiesfirstbox
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MommiesFirstBox
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mommiesfirst/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/mommiesfirstbox?feature=results_main

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