Sunday, September 25, 2011

Canadian Invention: Cobalt Therapy

Did you know Canada.. In 1951, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. pioneered the field of cancer treatment with its Eldorado Beam Therapy Unit to replace radium therapy. The first unit was used in the London Clinic of the Ontario Cancer Foundation at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario on October 23, 1951. On October 27, 1951, the first highly publicized cobalt-60 treatment in the world occurred there.

Another unit was built under the direction of Dr. Harold Johns at the University of Saskatchewan‘s newly constructed cancer wing which was adjacent to the medical college. On November 8, 1951, the first patient was treated in Saskatoon at the Saskatchewan Cancer Commission.

I was surprised to find that for many years, Canada was the only country that could produce cobalt therapy unit, and today it continues to supply over 80% of the world’s demand.

Another Canadian Invention to truly be proud of!!

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  1. Very interesting. Go Canada. Thanks for sharing.


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