Friday, February 15, 2013

My Camp Memories #campexpo #campmemories

Did you know Canada.. Our Toronto Representative Faniya is sharing a camp memory and for doing so Our Kids will donate $5 to Kids in Camp!  This February 24th is Canada's Largest Camp Expo.  For families looking to find summer activities for their children, this is an event not to be missed.  Meet the leading day and overnight camps from Ontario and Quebec, choose from camps that focus on: arts, sports, education, special needs or an all around traditional experience - Faniya will be in attendance as well and reporting from the event!

12:00 PM TO 4:00 PM

When I was a child I attended summer camp almost every year. Of course it was different when I was there as a kid and when I was there as a teenager. And I spent at least four weeks there. Four weeks out of school, assignments and parents’ guidance. What could be better!

First thing what comes to my mind is that we spent lots of time outside, it was like a rule and we loved it. We went hiking, exploring outdoors, sitting around a campfire.  I admired our nature projects about trees and plants; everything looked so different from my big city life: the tiny roads, untouched beauty around, beautiful flowers and this fresh scent in the air you can’t find anywhere else.

My councillors were like walking encyclopedia; they knew everything (or maybe I just thought that). They had answers to everything, the name of this little bug, how this tree grows, if I can eat these berries etc. We considered our councillors as friends, adults but friends for sure, so during our group sitting near campfire or somewhere near the lake we shared our school life stories, our problems and kids dreams; we asked questions we would never ask our parents or teachers like “Where all bad people come from and why?” or “Why people fell in love first then hate each other?”

My camps were also the places I developed some skills I was never able to do at home like sitting in driver’s seat or riding a horse; I was independent in some points and made my own decision like what tour I would take or what I wear which was really important to me.

I also made lots of friends there; I loved stories about their life, schools and family. We made groups by interest (during teenage age it was crucial). 

So I returned back home tanned, relaxed and full of stories of my adventures. And neighbours always commented that I had a good time. Yes I had.

Have your own unforgettable camp memories then share your stories and send a kid to camp so they will have their own adventures to tell about!

This year Kids in CampOur Kids are hosting very first Camp Memories Blog Link-up. For every Camp Memory added to the link-up they will donate $5 to Kids in Camp Charity!

 (Kids in Camp, a registered charity that subsidizes camping experiences for children and youth. They are dedicated to assisting families who might not otherwise be able to send their children to camp.
Kids in Camp makes the wonder of camp experience available to kids of all backgrounds. It’s an opportunity for them to gain positive life-long memories. It’s a chance to learn about nature, themselves and others. It’s all about creating wonder, hope and building confidence)

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