Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 Gadgets for Busy Geeks

Did you know Canada.. If you're tech geek on the go, you probably love gadgets. If you're not, how do you know what the latest gadgets are? Well, sit back and check out this list of gadgets that may end up on your next "must-have" list.

Heys eCase
Happy Geek
Image via Flickr by CollegeDegrees360

For the tech geek who travels and wants the perfect carry-on luggage, the Heys eCase is just what you're looking for. It doubles as a back-friendly wheelie case for easy transport, but is savvy enough to include a combination TSA lock should you decide to check it instead of carry it onboard. With accordion-style pockets, you can keep files separate from your underwear. And of course it has a padded laptop sleeve. You can also pick your own color and design when ordering. 

J5 Create Wormhole KM Switch
Sharing files between laptops has always been a bit problematic. You have to connect the laptop, configure your partner's security settings, and then have them load the files to the network before finally being able copy the files from the network to your own laptop. Not anymore.

This USB cable takes the complexity out of the task. Simply plug Wormhole KM Switch into both laptops via a USB cable. It works with Macs or PCs. The software on the USB connectors allows you to copy files back and forth. In addition, the keyboard and mouse from one computer can control both computers.

Targus Premium Laptop Charger
You have to keep your laptop charged but that bulky brick of a charger is a pain, especially if you're carrying around several of them for various devices. Well, no more.

The Targus Premium Laptop Charger is about the size of a BlackBerry, with a seriously sleek design. It'll power your laptop as well as one other mobile devices from a car, wall socket, or even a plane. You'll never look back after you rid yourself of that brick. If you were thinking about purchasing a blackberry 10 or similar smartphone, you may also want to consider picking up this slick gadget as well.

Lewis N. Clark Bell Hop Travel Door Alarm
Not all tech geeks are paranoid, but in case you are (or even if you aren't) you'll love this little baby. It's a door security system with a high-pitched 91-decible alarm. If anyone opens your hotel room door you'll know about – and so will your neighbors. Just remember to disengage it before room service enters. 

Jawbone Jambox
For the frequent traveling tech geek, a decent speaker in a hotel room is the perfect luxury item to make your hotel stay a bit nicer.  It's wireless, portable, affordable, and has other great features including an output capacity of 85 decibels and a 10-hour battery life.  Additionally, it can double as a speakerphone for your VoIP and cell phone calls. And the customization options using the MyTALK online platform are simply amazing.

If it's true that the "geeks shall inherit the earth," it would seem the takeover is now underway. Jump onboard and see what gizmo you could use – or simply have fun with. 

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