Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bic Flame Disc

Did you know Canada...We have a portable charcoal grill that we take with us when go camping or on one day trip to stay one-on-one with the nature. And, of course, we have a big bag with charcoals handy in a garage. When I heard a lot of good things about BIC® FlameDisk® I decided to check it and see if it is better then traditional charcoal.

Bic Flame Disc Box
The biggest challenge with charcoal is to light it. Putting some lighter fluid on charcoal will add a bad taste if you don't do it right and this happens to me from time to time. It also takes some time and requires to be patient.
FlameDisk uses ethanol as the main fuel ingredient. It lights instantly and burns for 30-40 minutes. This time is enough to grill food without any bad taste for 4 average adults. If you have more people you have to use more then one FlameDisk. It very compact and have a regular frisbee size and weight. It takes definitely less place in you car than big bag of charcoal. And my favorite turn around  - no cleanup!

 photo BicFlameDisc_zps7ffcd954.jpg
With FlameDisk there are no hot coals, no ash, and no soot leftover – you just need to recycle it. Bottom line is that if you have a bunch of hungry teenagers or have a party and want everything to be perfect - BIC® FlameDisk® is for you. It very easy to use and you need just portable Charcoal Grill – FlameDisk fits almost any of them. If your want to enjoy the process and there is no restriction in time then do it in old fashion way with a bag of charcoal and lots of smoke.
Bic Flame Disc Cooking 


  1. VERY cool! I really love the idea for the convience!

  2. How do you recycle it? Are you saying there'd be nothing left but the foil container? Not aware that this is recyclable (not around here, anyway).

    1. According to the company - "There is nothing left behind except the FlameDisk's aluminum shell and may even be recycled." I think it depends on local requirements for recycling of aluminum.


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