Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blast into summer with NERF!

Did you know Canada..  Summer is in full swing, we had a major heat wave a couple weeks ago and the boys were grateful to have some water toys to play with like NERF SUPER SOAKER SWITCH SHOT Blaster!

It is sooooo cool, you get to choose your spray pattern (Scattershot, Triple Shot, Atomizer or Jetstream mode) and soak friends 4 different ways with the SWITCH SHOT water blaster!  Easy enough for a 5 year old to turn, and fun enough for my  this has been the toy of the summer for sure!  My guys had a lot of fun playing in the pool with it too.  The SWITCH SHOT blaster holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water in the Banana Clip; you can fill extra Banana Clips too so you never run out of ammo - we love this feature so we don't have to constantly stop to refill the blaster.

We've also been playing with the NERF N-STRIKE ELITE ROUGH CUT 2X4 Blaster.  My guys love that this blaster launches 2 Elite Darts at once at targets up to 75 feet away!  It's led to a lot of fun in the basement.  The boys have been setting up targets to use too, and having games about who can knock the most things down.

Use pump action to send out a steady stream of darts.  My guys love that there's 8, so you get some good fun out of it before having to stop to find the darts then reload.  Again the pump is easy enough for my 5 year old which is fantastic!

Two fun toys from NERF and Hasbro to enjoy the rest of the summer, would make great birthday or special week gifts too!


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