Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snowmobile in Ontario

Did you know Canada.. Armand Bombardier, of Valcourt, Quebec, developed this unique snow machine in 1926. His vehicles were used wherever heavy loads were carried over difficult terrain. In the 1950s, he pioneered the development of small, light snow vehicles for winter sports.

In this day and age snowmobiles are often used for sport and weekend activities.

Check out sites like Ontario Trails to find available trails. Over 43,000 km available in Ontario alone!

In Ontario you must have a valid driver's licence to use a snowmobile. For those without or 12+ there is a driver training course you can take to gain a valid snowmobile licence, for more information visit the OFSC site.

Now all we need is some snow eh?!


  1. we have lots of trails around here. Hopefully there will be some snow soon

  2. my husband almost took a job with them but since neither one of us knew french well we figured moving to quebec might not be the best for us! lol He took the other job! lol


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