Monday, December 12, 2011

Puss in Boots

Did you know Canada.. we've been trying a fun new game on the XBox 360 - Puss in Boots!

Using the new Kinect system we've been having tons of fun playing this new game. The boys really enjoyed seeing this movie in theatres and to play it ourselves at home has been great fun for the whole family.

Master the style and charm of Puss in Boots in an engaging swashbuckling experience. Duel banditos with style and flair, use cat-like sneaking skills to fool your foes, and team with characters from the film to catch the Golden Goose ... Plus, strum your guitar to serenade the seƱoritas along the way!

The legendary hero - Puss in Boots is really fun to play on the Kinect as opposed to games with the controller. It keeps the boys more engaged and it's more fun for the family to watch. A fantastic family activity and a great one to pick up for this Holiday Season!!

This might be a fun one to open early on Christmas Eve and have a fun night while everyone waits for Santa's big arrival. Check it out at any number of stores near you!

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