Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sophia Grace

Did you know Canada.. Sophia Grace is fun, flirty and fabulous aprons!! Started in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, these Canadian made beauties are 100% cotton and not only stylish but made to last. One size fits all with long straps that are really cute tied up, they are absolutely perfect for everyone. Aprons are a HOT new trend this Holiday Season!

With great names like Heidi, Sienna and Dryden (for the guys!) these are really FUN! They also have really cute ones for kids.

At Sophia Grace there are some simple rules to follow that you will find attached to every apron: Enjoy the simple things in life, compliment each other often, laugh easily, and when the days are long remember that the years are short. May you wear your apron when friends and family gather, may it be given as a gift to bring joy and smiles, and may it be handed down to other generations who will also find comfort in the company of friends and tradition.

I have a Sophia Grace apron and I love it!! These are not your Granny's aprons - they are fun, cute to wear, durable, fits great and they really do keep your clothes clean - perfect for baking with kids and messy, MESSY hands touching everything!

What a great gift this Holiday season for ANYONE in your life. How perfect would this be to bring for the hostess of your next Christmas party. Better still, every apron sold is shipped FREE - get shopping today. Make sure you are following them on Facebook for all the latest news, and maybe some discounts and giveaways too!!


  1. Those aprons are awesome! What great patterns & colours, not like the plain ones my Grandma used to have

  2. So attractive~i like the kids ones too:)

  3. Super cute and I LOVE that they have aprons for kids too!

  4. Love those aprons! Marg@ Simply Shop and Save


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