Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From The Blue House

Did you know Canada.. From The Blue House is just outside of Shelburne Ontario and it's where Jen, the Soap Lady, makes her handmade, all natural soaps!

We recently received a sample from Jen and I have to tell you, my boys - yes, my stinky, dirty 4 year old boys, went nuts!! They loves smelling all the soaps, picking out their favourite, setting it up in the bathroom and washing there hands a billion times. They washed their hands without me asking, can you believe it???

These beautiful soaps are made fresh from scratch in small batches, with only natural ingredients and botanicals, cut by hand, and absolutely you can tell - made with love. Isn't that EXACTLY the sort of thing you want to have available for your family?

With a fantastic set of products including Bar Soap, Baby Blocks (perfect for those that use cloth diapers), and gorgeous Gift Sets. These are perfect for gifts this Holiday Season - friends, Moms, sisters, teachers, neighbours, absolutely everyone would appreciate these soaps as thoughtful and beautiful gifts!!

Our favourite scent was the Orangealicious - not only does the Orange smell great but check this out: it's used as an anti inflammatory, anti depressant, aphrodisiac, anti septic, diuretic, tonic, sedative, and it serves as a detoxifier, boosts immunity, treats constipation and dyspepsia and is very good for maintaining a healthy, smooth and glamorous skin. It also helps cure acne and dermatitis.

From The Blue House is a great Canadian small business to support this Holiday Season!!


  1. These sound great. I love so many smells

  2. Oh I love handmade soaps. It's one of those things I always think I can make, and so don't! LOL I think I will stick to buying htem.

  3. These look so beautiful! Wish they were in the US, too!

  4. I love anything that has a fab citrusy smell to it

  5. So pretty! I buy some at Whole Foods down here, but so pricy there. These look wonderful

  6. I LOVE From the Blue House with Love - my favorite is the Mint Java Scrub bar. It is amazing. I will be posting about them later this week, as I bought the holiday sample pack for A.C.'s teachers at daycare

  7. Oh, I <3 this kind of stuff. They're bundled so pretty, too. Lucky, lucky blogger to get to try these and lucky, lucky mommy for the stinky boys washing without begging or threatening! LOL

  8. Oh those look lovely! I would love to try Orangealicious. I love citrus scents, plus that's a lot of properties to pack into one little bar of soap.


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