Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kidz-Med VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer

Did you know Canada.. Have you seen the new no contact thermometers from Kidz-Med?

Pediatrician recommended, these thermometers are awesome! Even past the baby stage my guys hate getting their temperature taken, with VeraTemp there is no need to wake them up, have them hold still or any of those other terrible things they don't want to do when they feel sick.

Not only does it take core body temperature, but you can also use it to check food temperature, water, formula, warm drinks - anything you can think of!

We've been having fun around the house with this as of late I admit, we know the temperature of the fridge, drinks, bath water, hands and feet, food, the dogs and more. While not really a tool to make a game out of, after all our fun the boys certainly don't mind having their body temperature taken now!

Perfect for Mom's of little ones to sneak a quick temp check during the night (back lit for easy reading) to put your mind at ease without bothering anyone else, this is a tool every household can use and would be a VERY thoughtful gift this Holiday Season.

Find them at Shoppers Drug Mart for a safe, hygienic and easy to use thermometer!


  1. I am guilty of playing around with mine. I just had to see the temp of the space heater, the dog and the windows lol

    This surely makes it easier to take the kids temperatures when needed

  2. These look so useful--I have an older one (diff. brand) and i don't quite like it--these look easier to use

  3. I just got mine, and as soon as I put the batteries in it, I'm sure I'll be testing everything's temperature.

  4. It looks awesome!! Next time Im at shoppers Ill check it out :)


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