Thursday, November 10, 2011

Woodwick Candles

Did you know Canada.. I think my mother would consider herself a candle expert of sorts, she has lots of opinions about every candle she tries - they are too waxy, not scented all the way through, burns unevenly, etc.. but I finally found a candle that she is praising and no complaints, can you believe it?! They are a Canadian company too: Woodwick Candles Canada.

Woodwick Candles is not JUST a company with quality candles, these candles have wooden wicks! Meaning they crackle as they burn, how awesome is that?? I hosted a party recently and you would not believe the attention my candles got, everyone was so exciting about the crackle, discussing how relaxing it would be, what a great conversation note, and the scent can't be beat. These premium soy blend waxes have beautiful fragrances from essential oils, a feminine hourglass shaped glass container and handcrafted wooden lid - Woodwick Candles are awesome!

Woodwick Candles also has beautiful reed diffusers and car scents, they all will make excellent gifts this holiday season. In fact, I litterally JUST sent in an order for Christmas. I'm getting Fireside, Orange Gingersnap and Cabin Retreat scents heading my way. Will make an exciting and special gift for my Mom, my sister-in-law and ME (thanks hubby..hehe).

I also whole heartly recommend the Icicle Mint, Noel and Cranberry Garland scents, they have been favourites around here already.

A centre piece to a beautiful Christmas table and a very thoughtful gift, you can't go wrong this Holiday Season with Woodwick Candles!!  Trust my Mom, she knows what she's talking about!  ;-)

We are SO lucky to offer our readers a fantastic discount as well, use code CanadaKW7N1H6N to save 10% on any orders of $75.00 or more!! Good through the Holiday Season - get shopping friends!!


  1. I've never heard of a wooden wick before. I'm intrigued. I'm also curious about the handcrafted wooden lids. Off to take a look at their site...

  2. These are great candles. I just received mine. When I ordered I used the coupon code you provided and it worked!

    I also must say, I enjoyed the order updates from them. Everytime something happened to my order they sent an email telling me.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. So, so happy you are happy and got your order!!

    Yes, those emails are fantastic!!


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