Saturday, November 19, 2011


Did you know Canada.. I WISH I had known about Stonz Wear when my boys were teeny tiny, I would have owned them all, they are such a fantastic idea.
Their award winning Stonz Booties are water-resistant, flexible, great for spring, fall and winter, and, one of my fav parts, can slip on over sleepers, socks and some shoes!!

100% made in Canada, Stonz are not only Booties! They also have Sherpa-fleece Linerz to keep toes warm in the winter, Mittz and Hatz that look great and stay on.

Luckly even at age four my boys can still fit into the large size booties, we have been wearing these cool ones..

I LOVE that they have Mittz and Hatz to match, they have Mittz in sizes up to age 7 and Hatz in sizes up to age 5, they got your little ones covered for every weather occassion.

I really appreciate that the Booties were designed in layers so that in the spring and fall they can just wear the Booties and in our cold Canadian winters you can add the Linerz for extra warmth, such innovation!
I have loved being able to slip the boots on my little guy for a quick run out the door without a struggle or worrying about what he already has on. There are PERFECT for us taking the boys to hockey as they wear double socks for their skates but those double socks don't fit into their running shoes and they are not able to jam their feet into other boots without help, yet the Stonz Booties slip right on and close tight using the adjustable toggles.

A fantastic gift idea this Christmas for any little one in your life, Mom and Dad will much appreciate these products as well. They will be styling in all the cool designs and be cozy through wind, rain or snow! Find them online and in stores.


  1. I love the look of Stonz and have been eying them up for my little guy.

  2. These are awesome! I totally want some for my little guy.


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