Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recipe to Riches: Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

Did you know Canada.. I hope you all watched Recipe to Riches last night! If not, be sure to catch a repeat either on the Food Network or on Global Saturday night. Remember, each week three Recipe to Riches contestants compete in one of seven food categories. To win the evening and the national stage they have to demonstrate that their recipe is the one that can best be scaled and marketed. The winners of each segment then compete in the season finale for the grand prize of $250,000 – the largest prize ever awarded on Canadian television.

Today we are featuring the winning recipe from last nights Sweet & Savoury Snack episode: Sonya Walos' Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie!! Now I have never really looked into gluten free cooking, it's not something that's had to come up in my family. So this was a shopping adventure, I have visited every gluten free section of every grocery store, corner store, local market, and bulk barn in my little town. I never did find xantham gum, but looked up possible substitutions online. See how it went..

First I got out all the ingredients (alright, most of them, I had to run to the cupboard for vanilla)..

Mixed the sugars and butter, then added the egg and vanilla..

Mixed it well..

Added the coconut and chocolate chips..

Then the cereal..

After letting the dough chill I got out a cookie sheet, lined it with parchment paper and forms balls with my dough ( note: I made these too big and/or put them too close together, my cookies ran together, still tasted just as good though ;-) )..

After 12 minutes in the oven they were delish!!!

I admit I wasn't sure how much I was going to love this recipe as I have not been concerned about eating gluten free, but I was pleasantly surprised by how yummy they are!! Will you be purchasing it this weekend or trying the recipe yourself?? Don't forget to check out the Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on the Food network website.


  1. MMM They look yummy. It is great to have so many gluten free recipes for those who need them

  2. Definately going to try this one! It does sound good and I need some gluten free (delicious) recipes for hubby or he won't eat them

  3. yummy! Are these the ones I'm getting? I can't wait! What cereal did you use?

  4. Forget that question - Nature's path cereal is awesome....that's my breakfast everyday -except I like the maple sunrise (I hear the mesa sunrise is awesome too!)

    Thank you for running all over the place for gf ingredients!

  5. why was sonya not allowed to play recipes to riches, what happened

  6. Those look so good! I'll have to try that recipe sometime this Winter.

  7. I have a lot of friends whose children need gluten free foods. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. While it's wonderful that a gluten-free cookie was featured on this show, and had national coverage, most people who have to be gluten-free usually also have to be dairy-free, soy-free and sometimes egg and other allergens free as well, so it doesn't go quite far enough. It's easy enough to use dairy-free ingredients to replace the chocolate chips, but just try making a great cooking egg-free.

    Alot of people are also reactive to xanthan gum which is a by-product from a mold which grows on certain veg (like corn and cabbage) so it's often something not tolerated by people with Celiac Disease or other allergy issues. Xanthan is being used by big name Chefs to make all sorts of odd things into the latest craze for foamed everything for dessert (Chef Michael used it to make Ice Wine Foam) and can usually be found at the Health Food Store.

    Overall though, good on you for trying this recipe and for helping people to realize that cookies made without wheat are just as good, if not better than some cookies with wheat.

    Oh, btw, even though you used a gluten-free recipe, since you don't usually keep a gf home, it's likely that cross-contamination happened while you were cooking (as it did on the TV show) and most people with gluten-intolerance would have gotten sick from that cross-contamination which even the cleanest kitchens couldn't avoid due to the nature of gluten. If you have friends, family or work associates who need a gluten-free regime, be sure to talk to them about cross-contamination issues and how sensitive they are before making an attempt to make them something gf from your own kitchen. Gluten hides in baking dishes, on utensils, and even in the air, so it really depends how sensitive your gf friend is.

  9. My biggest problem with the gluten free cookie on Recipes to Riches is that it's not made in a wheat-free factory. As a celiac, i can't take the chance. You'd think Loblaws would know that.


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