Tuesday, November 8, 2011

#CanadianCookies Hard Candy!

Did you know Canada.. Hard Candy is a REALLY cool cosmetic company that is available in Walmarts across Canada. Known for providing beauty with attitude, Hard Candy is flying off the shelves around Canada. With bold colours, huge range of products and more, I won't even tell you how many of their products I already own (it's A LOT!).

Check out the amazing prizes one Twitter Party goer is going to win this coming Wednesday!!

Eye Candy sparkle cream eyeshadow & glitter eyeliner - Modern and creative glitter infused cream shadow

Outrageously Delicious flavoured body powder - Sinfully delicious powder is sparkly and lusciously scented

Visibly Wet shockingly glossy lip pencil - These sheer lip pencils are all you need to get dazzling lips

Eye Def glitter eyeshadow - Coverage and sparkle in one application that lasts all day

Walk the Line liquid eyeliner - This superior formula won't budge, even under the most strenuous conditions

From a company with an awesome reputation of providing well made and really cool cosmetics, one party goer is going to be VERY happy!  Make sure you RSVP for our Twitter Party today!  Get your Holiday Recipes out and add them to our #CanadianCookies Blog Hop as well!!  See you Wednesday!


  1. Absolutely love Hard Candy! I have a lot of their products in my makeup bag, woo-hoo!

  2. I want it, I want it all, I love hard candy

  3. My friend gifted me hard candy six months before and it was yummy.

  4. I love their products! Awesome giveaway too girls!


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