Thursday, November 24, 2011


Did you know Canada.. if you follow me on twitter you probably know I went to the local Santa Claus parade that night because I was tweeting and taking pictures like crazy.

Well it was also freeeeeezing cold and the wind was insane. So how on earth could I tweet and stay warm at the same time?? With these AWESOME iMitts of course!!!

From knit outta the box - the iMitts are hand-knit by a woman's cooperative, high in the Andean Mountains of South America, and made of 100% Alpaca sourced from the region where the women live. I'm sure you know of course that Alpaca wool is amazing, so cozy, warm and comfortable.

The iMitts even came with a card telling me the name of the person that knitt them, how amazing is that?? A more thoughtful gift for this Holiday Season I can't even imagine, perfect for a texting friend you love. What a talking piece the gloves would be too!!

If you're a knitting fiend yourself you can get the iMitts Kit! Everything you need to make them your self including 100% organic Merino wool, circular bamboo knitting needles, easy to follow pattern and more. If you can handle a variety of stitches and slightly more involved pattern reading, you can make these.

That's not all knit outta the box has either, imagine surprising a knitting friend with this awesome Earbud Cosy Kit - no longer will your ear buds tangle and the kit also comes with a pattern for a pouch to keep the earbuds safely stowed when not in use.

The kit comes in this cute pouch with absolutely everything you need inside - what an awesome gift!!!

Visit knit outta the box right NOW for the awesome iMitts, really cool knit kits and beautiful accessories, just look at these Stoneware Yarn Bowls - gorgeous!! Check them out today!!


  1. that is so amazing that they tell you who made them!

  2. My iMitts just arrived, and I got the super cute knitting kit too!! Whenever I see her site I so want to buy everything!

  3. I love my iMitts! I haven't gotten around to knitting my knit kit, yet, but I loved the packaging!

  4. I think those imitts are so much fun! And almost a necessity now a days for many - great gift idea!

  5. How cool are the yarn bowls? I want one!


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