Monday, November 14, 2011

White-o-Coccoli Kids Cutlery etc

Did you know Canada.. White-o-Coccoli has the BEST product for a stuffer in every little boys and girls stocking this year - a personalized bamboo smiley spoon!

YES, a personalized bamboo smiley spoon, it's so fun, check them out..

My boys think they are the coolest thing, they use them for dinner, for treats, for helping me make dinner and baking, they are SO proud to see their name on the spoon and it makes me so happy as a Mom. :-)
I love their tag line.. Because being unique is awesome! It's so true, and something we need to promote to our little ones. This is so perfect for those with unusal names or spelling, I would often have this problem, staring at the spoons, place-mats or cups with names and find a Stacy instead of a Stacey, it was very heart breaking when I was young. With White-o-Coccoli no one in left out because each name is added by hand - perfect and you know that spoon was made with you or your child in mind - so sweet.

Get your orders in soon for everyone in your life, what a perfect gift idea and one we love!!


  1. Oh I would love to send G to school with one of these. Too cute! And you're right perfect stocking stuffer.

  2. That is sweet--and green! neat.

  3. Those are so cute. My kids would love them

  4. that really is a great stocking stuffer!


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