Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Proud to be a Strong & Free Canadian

Did you know Canada.. a great gift idea this season is to share some Canadian swag and beautiful plaques with friends as family!!

STRONG & FREE is an emblem designed by Denise Dow of New Brunswick for patriotic Canadians that can be proudly displayed on your home, person or vehicle, check out some of their fantastic products..

Their gorgeous plaques would make a perfect gift to display in a cottage, there are beautiful pewter buckles, pins, keychains & ornaments for every occasion, a fun colouring book for the kids and more.  How great would a Canadian toque be on a cold Canadian winter day displaying the Strong & Free emblem.

We think this is a fantastic way to show how much you love being a Canadian and our proud to be Strong & Free!

Check them out online and in retail stores across Canada today!!


  1. I love this. So great to see Canadian pride

  2. wow thanks for the great blog and feedback !


    Proud to be a Strong & Free Canadian !

  3. Very Cool - I love sending Canadian items to friends that live overseas


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