Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Did you know Canada.. you know how much we love ONS-GEAR, but today we wanted to remind you what an awesome gift their MITT-ONS will make this Holiday Season.

We finally had an occasion to use our last week when it SNOWED!!! At 4 years old the boys are really ready for some fort building, hill sliding and snow balls this year. Many attempts at heading outside last year ended in some tears after they got snow inside their mitts and jackets - but no more!

With ONS-GEAR usual innovation MITT-ONS keep hands warm and dry. Featuring a sleeve to the elbow and a zipper at the wrist for optional wearing of the mitt with or without the sleeve, no more snow will get in with these! Rip-resistant tip, grippy surface on the palm and (this is how you KNOW a Mom made these) a cotton thumb for runny noses!!

I was unsure if my boys would take to them right away as they are different than the old mittens with the long sleeve, but they loved the idea and the colours! Said they are very cozy, and yes, we did try out those cotton thumbs..lol

Available in three colours and sizes, Moms and Dads will appreciate seeing these under the tree this year and kids will love them!


  1. These would be so great for my youngest, stays on and no snow in the sleeves :)

  2. what a great idea... all my daycare kids need them if you ask me.

  3. These are really cool. I wonder if my son would actually keep these one. He just pulls regular mittens off.

  4. These are great!! I could really use them for my youngest

  5. Now this a mom likes! These make so much sense:)

  6. My daughter needs these! Her arms so long no jacket keeps them completely covered, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing.


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