Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#CanadianCookies: The Cookie Exchange!

Did you know Canada.. This post has been written as part of #CanadianCookies Blog Event. To find out more about the event, please click on the button below. You can even link up your favourite recipes!

This is what both Did You Know Canada and Multi-Testing Mommy have been most excited about during this entire Blog Event called #CanadianCookes: The Cookie Exchange!

Have you ever participated in a Cookie Exchange at work or amongst friends? Well, we have decided to host a Cookie Exchange over the internet AND in real life.

How to participate:
  • You must be Canadian (in order to keep shipping costs as low as possible.
  • You must be willing to bake and put in the mail a small cookie package to the person whom you are assigned to by December 1st, 2011
  • You must include the recipe that you baked in your package
  • You must "e-sign" a waiver at the bottom of the sign up form
  • Have FUN!
  • Watch your email on November 18th to discover who your #CanadianCookies Exchange Buddy is

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