Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giveaway! Eco-Handbags

Did you know Canada.. Eco-Handbags is a one of a kind store based of out Montreal, Quebec that make chic, unique and eco-fashionable handbags made out of recycled and eco-friendly materials. Now how awesome is that??

A perfect selection of gifts for this holiday season, how gorgeous are these Microsuede Rain Handbags??

Or these funky iPod Cases?
I love that you will find handbags, clutch bags and coin pouches made from candy wrappers, movie billboards, chopsticks, sails, soda pop tops, 35 mm slides, bicycle inner tubes, record albums and CD's, and other materials that you can imagine on their site. Your purse, laptop bag and more will have a fantastic story behind it and make an amazing gift.

A great way to support a Canadian company, give a unique gift to your friends, Moms, Sisters, Brothers and Dads and feel great this Holiday Season!!!

We are also so excited to announce that one of our lucky readers will win their very own Eco-Handbags Wine Bottle Bag. Made entirely out of recycled advertising billboards discarded and diverted from local landfills. Waterproof and sturdy, this would make giving a bottle of wine that much sweeter this year.


1 comment:

  1. Those ipod cases are too cute! and I love the colour selection of the rain handbags


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