Sunday, November 20, 2011


Did you know Canada.. I've found a fabulous Canadian company to support for our Canadian men this Holiday Season - PicQuic!

Since 1988 PicQuic tools have been built directly in Canada, that in itself is something to be proud of! But my husband can atest, that's not all they have to be proud of. Their Sixpac Plus driver, their most popular product, is a new favourite in my husband's toolbox. Easy to change bits on the fly, it's always ready when you are for any project. With their system, you're storing a bit and ejecting the newly selected bit simultaneously and with the same motion, there is no easier way and perfect for keeping everything together.

Available at many of your favourite retailers such as Rona, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Home Hardware, Reno Depot, Kent Building Supplies, Totem Building Supplies, Irly Bird Stores, and many more - select retailers will also be carrying their special Christmas Edition, perfect for a son or daughter, hubby's stocking and any household, with no moving parts to break (or lose) and anodized aluminum alloy shank for years of use - this is a thoughtful, useful tool that absolutely everyone can use.

PicQuic is a Canadian company I highly recommend you support this Holiday Season.


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