Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kernels Popcorn

Did you know Canada.. 2011 is Kernels Popcorn's 28th year! Started in 1983, Kernels has changed the face (and taste) of popcorn. This Canadian company pops their extraordinary popcorn fresh in store everyday and will be a huge hit this Holiday Season.

This past weekend we checked out our local Kernels and saw they were getting ready for Christmas - love it!! They have an awesome selection of tins to make a Christmas snack even more special. I can't wait to surprise my hockey loving guys with one of these tins under the tree.

We were having a special day as when we headed home we were going to put up the Christmas lights while the weather was good and set up our Grinch Village, so I thought it was a perfect time to get my guys a Holiday treat to snack on. I LOVE their selection of pails for young children, Toopy & Binoo, Wonder Pets and Spongebob are our absolute favourites. The boys were so surprised and excited!!

A huge arrange of flavours for every personality - like the spicy Jalapeno Jack, tasty Double Butter or holiday Christmas Cheer, you'll be able to treat everyone. How great would their flavour shakers be as stocking stuffers?? Not sure what they like or rather give a card? Grab one of their Gift Cards or their NEW Virtual Gift Cards for that special someone.

What's your favourite Kernels flavour??


  1. I just found out during TGCBB that Kernels was Canadian! lol

  2. I love Kernels. As a teen I always needed to visit when at the mall. Now as a mom, I always get my kids GC for there to put in their stockings :)

  3. *drools* Love Kernels! Double Double Butter baby!

  4. I never knew Kernels was Canadian - that makes them even more awesome! our family LOVES to get SuperKID as a treat! I love the double double butter though myself!!!

  5. Whalin White Cheese is my favorite!!

  6. To be honest, I have never tried this brand but I do love popcorn. We have popcorn movie afternoon on a Friday with my daycare kids and they love it. Thanks for the review.

  7. I love love love this popcorn!!! Double Double Butter is my fav...tastes like HEAVEN!!!!!


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