Sunday, November 20, 2011

Manitobah Mukluks

Did you know Canada.. have you heard about the boots that I think are THE most popular ones this year? Manitobah Mukluks!! I have seen them EVERYWHERE lately.

Aboriginally owned and hand made in Canada, these gorgeous Mukluks and Moccasins are perfect for everyone on your Holiday list this year!
Across Canada the temperature has REALLY dropped in the past week or so (-24C in Alberta anyone??), with the freezing temperatures I was very excited to try out my new pair of Manitoba Mukluks. These mid-height, classic suede mukluks are so comfortable, warm and stylish!

Don't think these aren't for everyday use either, with Vibram soles, (Vibram is the world leader in high-performance rubber soles) they have designed a sole that can withstand the effects of cold and high-abrasion urban environments.
My favourite place to wear them has been at the rink watching my boys play hockey twice a week. I've gotten so many compliments from other Moms, I've been happy to send them to the website and let them know I've seen them in stores across the board - the mall, free standing shoe stores, and always at the front big display - these are popular!

Not only will you look good and feel great but to have a pair of these Mukluks and Moccasins is to have a piece of Canadian Heritage. You can read about each of their artists here.

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