Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zax Healthcare

Did you know Canada.. a great stocking stuff or thoughtful gift would be one of Zax Healthcare products.

Canadian company, Zax Healthcare, is a family run business with a line of creams that are made in Canada using pharmacist-developed formulas with natural ingredients.

They have a great line of products including Zax's Kid's Bruise Cream, which is the first only natural Cream that has been approved by Health Canada to treat bruising in children - how awesome is that! It's also Parent Tested, Parent Approved, which we love!  I've actually used this one a few times on my rough boys. One of my little guys got a nice bruise on his head last week after running into a watch where you're going is a big lesson around here! Perfect for bruises from sports activities or just plain silliness, this cream has a nice scent, not medicine-y and works quickly - I was surprised and impressed!! Not just for kids either, adults can use this one as well - perfect for my accident prone hubby - hehe!

Another fantastic product that would make a great gift this Holiday Season is Zax's Heelspur Cream. A very soothing cream that relieves foot pain from weight gain, inflammation, activites, aging and more. Another one that smells nice and light and not at all greasy, it's perfect to use multiple times per day.

We recommend Zax's products as very thoughtful gifts this holiday season, be sure to check their list of retailers on where to find them! Look for $2.50 coupons on their website!


  1. I love that you mentioned they have a pleasant scent, I am so much more tempted to try out the bruise cream now.

  2. The bruise cream sounds wonderful! Mrs. shopper@simply shop and


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