Friday, November 18, 2011


Did you know Canada.. Girlnola is, well, it's awesome is what it is!

Gluten free, organic, high fibre + iron, superfood infused granola, trail mixes and truffles - how awesome is THAT?!  Made in Canada, this product is one to be proud to share with friends and family.
Created by Stephanie Bonetta, Girlnola was created to reflect her vision of a healthy, successful lifestyle and she's done it!

With truffles to die for, awesome trailmix for on the go snacks and wholesome granola, this would such a thoughtful and tasty gift this Holiday Season. They have a gorgeous Tasting Basket with berrynana granola, cocorush trail mix and 3 almond kiss truffles that would make an amazing present for only $23.95. Or get a real treat with the Ultimate Basket with ultimate basket 3 granolas, 3 trail mixes and 9 truffles!

I admit I am not a health food expert, but I know what I like and LOVED this. The truffles were amazing, the perfect size and so tasty and the granola and trailmixes are a real treat. Packed with Super Foods that are the quickest and most efficient way to consume the greatest benefits to one's overall health. In fact, Super Foods contain disease preventing properties and one's diet rich in these ingredients can be designed with specific health concerns in mind. Not only do Girlnola products taste great but they are amazing for the health of your body.

They have great products that would make a beautiful gift this Holiday Season.  Not only do they taste great but they look great too, making a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.  Purchase online today or find them in stores.


  1. Sounds like it would be perfect for a friend of mine

  2. So delicious sounding! I am into organics and gluten free~have to check this out!

  3. THanks Ladies....for now you can buy on line and get a FREE box of truffles with $20+ purchase! By new year we will be in stores all over Canada! Follow me on twitter and facebook which you can find on my website! Stay happy + healthy!


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