Sunday, November 13, 2011

LaLa Soap

Did you know Canada.. one perfect gift for this holiday season that I already have picked out for my Mom, my Mother in law, my Sister in Law, my kids and my self (hehe!) is handmade soap.

One of the companies that sells handmade soap that we love is Canadian company LaLa Soap. LaLa (Lather And Love Aromatherapy) Soap is a family-owned and operated business that has been producing quality products since 1997. Their natural ingredients are free of harsh chemical and toxins; yet still provide a luxurious cleansing experience. Every one of their handmade soaps is infused with a unique blend of herbs, spices, clays, butters and pure essential oils, giving their soap blends their characteristic look, feel and smell which we LOVE!

I recently tried one of their soaps that was absolutely heavenly: Muskoka Morning Body Bar. Muskoka has a lot of meaning to my family and this soap truly smells like Muskoka! It's crazy, but one sniff of this soap brings back a rush of great memories. I love it when a smell does that and LaLa Soap has just an amazing array of top quality products that there is something for absolutely everyone. Not only do they have great smells but they are great quality, don't get that slimey quality to them that cheap soap can get and it's fantastic for your body.

LaLa Soap is not just soap either! They have a huge array of misters, bath salts, roll ons, scrubs and more. I love the idea of Cold and Sinus and Headache roll ons, a great natural alternative. And have you seen their BUZZ OFF! Natural Spray? An all natural body spray helps deter bugs - how awesome is that after you hear all the warnings about all the poisonous repellents out there.

It is SO important to pay attention to the ingredients of products going on your body, LaLa Soap provides a fantastic section that tells you about products found in commercially made products vs natural body care, it's an eye opening read and you can really feel good about using LaLa Soaps as gifts for this holiday season.

You saw the big list I have that I'll be gifting naturally made soap to this year, who's on your list?


  1. What a cool idea! I bet my sister would love this.

  2. I absolutely LOVE soap that doesn't come off the shelf from the grocery or drug store. This looks like something I should check out. Thanks for sharing!


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