Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pipestone Soaps

Did you know Canada.. Pipestone Soaps makes beautiful and amazing smelling premium hand made soap - COMPLETELY made from scratch. Made in home in Northern Alberta. I've ordered from her a few times and the last order I got she included a perfume stick!

A perfume stick, what's that you ask?? I didn't know either!! She makes these AWESOME perfume sticks in any of her scents that are the absolute most perfect things to have in your purse or pocket.

No more unexpected and yucky leaks, I remember having a small spray in my purse that didn't have a noticeable leak in any way but every time I opened my purse it had that yucky smell of OLD, stale perfume, not nice at all. With the sticks (they look like a chapstick) you just twist them up, rub on, smell beautiful and put them away cleanly and easily.

Already a huge hit with MYSELF, my Mom, my Mama friends, we are rockin' the perfume stick and amazing everyone else with it. I had Sacha, Mama and owner of Pipestone Soaps create me a WHOLE BUNCH of perfume sticks to share with friends, family and my READERS!! I have FIVE perfume sticks to giveaway to you friends. Trust me, as soon as you check these out you will be placing orders with Pipestone Soaps the next day!!



  1. Oh, those perfume sticks look awesome! I never knew they existed either, lol.

  2. ooohhh how cool ! Who knew.. Would love to try
    Thanks :)

  3. I've been wanting to to try her perfume sticks! I ordered a bunch of soaps to include in my gifts this year and have been using her soaps since the spring. It's always a treat to receive my order in the mailbox.

  4. Oh! You should get a US giveaway!!

  5. Never heard of a perfume stick but they sound heavenly, especially being homemade..


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