Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DK Canada First Aid Manual

Did you know Canada.. back in November I co-hosted the Red Cross CPR tweet-up event and it's really opened up my eyes to the fact that something could happen to a family member or friend in an instant and you should always be prepared.

Thankfully there are books like Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual from our favourite book publisher, DK Canada, that can give you the correct information on dealing with the most unexpected situations.

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians make over 14 million visits to emergency rooms each year with close to one out of every two emergency visits in Ontario being made for infants. The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual is a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to treating injuries quickly when they occur, making it easier to determine what can be safely treated at home and what needs a trip to emergency.

I was so impressed not only with the comprehensive information in this book, but the way it was presented made it so easy to understand and follow. I remember some really terrible diagrams in my old school books that really left you wondering how things were done. The photos used in Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual are SO HELPFUL, they make sense and they are real people doing the procedures.

Not only does the book give detailed information on the most important emergencies like CPR, heart attacks, seizures and a choking child, but there is also important information on lesser situations (though still scary!) like nose bleeds, insect stings, how to make an arm sling, sunburns, how to deal with a knocked out tooth and more.  Written specifically for Canadians, I am beyond impressed with this book and have been sharing it with my entire family.

This book should be in absolutely every home, and we are so excited to share one copy with one of our readers! Please enter below for your chance to win a copy of Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual!


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  1. It sounds as if this book would be a great asset to anyone's bookshelf of great reference materials.

  2. You always have great info. I have left you a treat on my blog;)

  3. I subscribe via email.

    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. First Aid & CPR are so important you never know when you might be in a situation where you need it.
    Thanks for participating in SASS, hope to see you again next week

  5. I actually had to give CPR one time would have been nice to be update. I was using my memory from grade 8 CPR class and the help of the 911. I think CPR is most important and first aid right next to it, both should be taught in school from kindergarten until grade 12 that way it will be second nature.


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